Wilderness Of Maine – Snowshoe tracks

While surfing the net, I came across some essays from someone who use to live in the cabin next door to Cozy Cove. It-s about his wilderness experiences here in Jackman. I loved reading them and wanted to share them with you. Here-s an excerpt from one of them:

[quote]The only sounds in this wilderness are a gentle breeze flowing through the branches, murmuring waterfalls slipping through the ice covered steam, and gentle chic-a-dee-dee-dee notes coming from my new feathered forest creatures. I can hear my heartbeat and breathing as I lift each snowshoe above the deep soft snow toward my wilderness destiny.

Experiencing new territory for the first time is breathtaking. The abundant fresh animal tracks in the snow compare to the abundant human tracks on the snow covered city sidewalks.

Approaching Mud Pond, I spot a red fox struggling through the deep soft snow. The blue sky lost it battle against snow clouds, as it begins to snow. The gentle breeze gains strength, as I cross Mud Pond. Following my tracks beside Wood Stream, the forest shields me from icy chill of the wind, and gentle flakes of snow float to the ground, simulating the gentle fall of goose feathers. It is late afternoon. Getting closer to the mouth of Wood Stream at Wood Pond, I hear a strange noise. Picking up my pace, I hurry to see what may be causing it.

Arriving at Wood Pond, I become aware of what is happening. My heart races.

You can read the whole essay and many others at his site:

Northwestern Wilderness Of Maine
Personal Essays


I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!


It has been raining for about a week off and on but finally today it seems to have stopped. The sun poked his head out for a while. As Murphy and I sat on a rock by the shore watching Steve work 😉 , how serene it all looks. The sky still has a darkened hue with puffs of clouds and blue sky. The lake is calm and so mysterious looking. I wish you could see it right now!!! ❗

Memorial Day

First holiday weekend to start the summer….. YEAH, It-s finally here ❗
The following is a quote from a guest this past Memorial Weekend.
[quote]What a great place to spend it with our family. We came here last year for the first time and even though it rained a day, we still had a great time. Sitting by the campfire with everyone, watching a seaplane land, hearing the loons call….this was the best. Can-t wait to come back next year[/quote]

APRIL 2006 QUOTES from our guests

Thanks to our wonderful hosts”” “”Oh, to only have all this beauty and serenity in our back yard. At least we had the privilege of enjoying this amazing piece of heaven on earth for a few days. 3 days of cold brutal mornings, but warm sunny afternoons””
Derek and Heather from Canaan 4/28 Cabin #4

FEBRUARY – MARCH 2006 QUOTES from our guests

It-s our 3rd time back and as always it felt food to come home to cabin #9. “”
Andy 2/10

“”Arrived about 7pm-no power in town….50 mph winds. Came in and bundled up for bed -40Degrees in here. Power came back on 20 min later.
Rode about 50 miles today-lots of shit on the trails from last nights winds. Went to BIG WOOD STEAKHOUSE. Excellent food-ribs are to die for! Go early or you will stand outside waiting. Hey guys: Ribs are a 10-waitress is a 9! The owners are great people, nice place. “”
Doug and Denise from Corinth, Me 2/17-18/06 Cabin #9

“”Lots of rain and warm weather are not good for the trails. … We went about 130 miles today- all in all not too bad for this time of year. Much better than back home where we haven-t had any snow this winter. Enjoyed staying in Cozy Cabin #6…can-t wait to come back. Saw 1 red fox, 2 deer and 1 coyote? “”
Jenn and Dan from Lunenburg, Me 3/11/06 Cabin #6

“”Fished Northwest shore around rock piles. 10-12″” splake and brook trout in 6-12 feet of water, about 20″” down. Had 20 flags-2-3 # chubs and a bucket full of tiger trout. 24 “” ice -drove truck on ice…good day.
Food at FOUR SEASON great, food at BIGWOOD STEAKHOUSE real great.””
From Winthrop Me 3/ 06 Cabin #9

“”Just arrived. Going to FOUR SEASONS to eat some grub and drink some beer…””
Zeb, Mark, Dave Roger and Josh 3/3/06