March Trail Report

Wow what a windy day we had on Tuesday.  We had gusts of 60mph.  I do not think there was any actual snow falling from above but any snow on the lake or on the trails sure was blowing.

Our guests who came to ride said that the trails are holding up.  Trails around Jackman though are a bit icy in areas and simply have not much snow on them to groom.  BUT going North and East, trails are “excellent”.  Scott said there just seems to be more snow on the trails to work with.

Starting Monday March 1st, due to logging, the trails north of Arnold’s Farm, marked in red on the map below, will be closed Monday through Friday.  Please respect our landowners who offer us the use for our trail system

February 4 Trail report

We finally got some good snow to add to our base.

Last week, our riders found plenty of un-plowed roads to ride for the week plus some trail riding. Most trails they said were “decent” but had a lot of rough areas dues to lack of snow and over use.  In town trails are alnmost always going to be abused.

Tuesday night, here in town, we did get about 8 inches. Pittston Farm is reporting 10-14 inches of the white gold. But just like here by the lake, they also had the winds.  Last night they groomed toward us and to Rockwood. They hope to head toward Kokajo and NE Carry tonight.

Rockwood have not posted trail report but they did state “staked the lake from Rockwood cottages to Kineo, and from the landing to Kineo. We will be staking today from Kineo to the birches as long as it is safe. ”  Please do not ride Moosehead if you do not see trail markings.

South of town, Summit riders state they got 8-12 but as all of us experienced a lot of wind, some areas will be rough and lacking.

There will be a lot of riders out this weekend so please use caution, slow it down and respect each other.

Another option is to take advantage of our mid week discount and get away from the crowded weekends. Our FB discount is 3 nights, arrival on Monday and we take $10 off per night.  Our Website mid week discount is still 3 nights and $10 off per night but arrival can be Sunday or Tuesday. Be sure to mention where you saw the discount to get it. And as always any cabin specials, we will accept a check of cash only.

Trail report for Mid January 2021

It is good to finally see snow on the mountains.

Over the weekend, we got some decent snowfall.  In town, maybe 6-8 inches but in the higher elevations, there was more.  Club trails around us say they started to groom or pan the trails on Monday.

After the snow on Saturday, some of our guests decided to try a ride out to Pittston.   Mind you, the groomers had not been out yet so they had a bit of a rough ride.  And when they got there, they found that Pittston Farm was closed. SO the moral of this tidbit is, if you plan a destination, hoping to get food or fuel, make sure they are open. Not only because of the weather but also because of Covid and Maine guidelines.

The latest from Pittston is that they will open this weekend.

We also heard from rockwood club that Moosehead is not safe to cross.   PLEASE do not go if a trail is not marked.

Our club posted that our trails are now open. The groomers have been trying to do their magic.   Some areas may still be showing some signs of “early riding conditions”  More snow would be appreciated.

So continue doing that snow dance.  With the way the season started so late, consider making a reservation for some March riding.   I think winter is going to go out “Like A Lion”

Jackman trail report 2021

Sadly, we do not have a trail report to offer.

We had snow in December, the trails were rolled and packed giving us a good base. Then it rained for Christmas and “all gone”.   Last week we did get about 8 inches total around town. The club has rolled this too but there is not enough to actually groom.

SO our trails are still closed.   We have seen some riders heading up north and riding unplowed roads but please, stay off any of our trails.   We need to keep what we have so when that storm does come, the groomers can make it right.

In the mean time…


Jackman trail report for March 2020

Do not put away those sleds yet.  There is still some good riding up here in Jackman country!

It is almost mid March and you all probably have green grass by now.  Not so in Jackman.  We are still covered in snow and ice.

This image was from Jenn at Pittston Farm last eve.

We did have some warmer temperatures last week but the nights temperatures dropped down pretty quick, keep the trail conditions solid. Even with the bit of rain we had the other day, no trails were lost, especially north and east of us.

I have reports, mostly from our guests, that the border loop is still an awesome ride as well as to Pittston Farm. One group went over to Kokajo on Friday and they said for the most part, still in good shape.

Another guest went up Coburn Mt yesterday and said it was a bit bumpy but a good amount of snow and the view at the top was worth the ride.

We also heard that there is little snow left in the Forks.

The latest forecast is for snow on Tuesday which will sweeten the trails even more, giving the groomers more to work with.

Big storm, lots of snow


Sounds funny to be excited for a big snowstorm but this week, I think we had the most snow fall in one day then we had all season.  We had high winds most of the day so the snow was blowing sideways.  Toward evening, the winds calmed down and these huge fluffy flakes fell.  At that moment, it was simply beautiful.

By morning, the groomers went through the trail system for some of the best riding options all season.

We heard the temperatures will increase next week with the possibility of rain but have no fear, our trails are not in danger of going away.

Call now for your March reservation.  If you do not have a snowmobile, no worries. You can rent them in town or maybe try snowshoeing or X-country skiing.

Best riding in Maine

There are so many people trying to come to Jackman this weekend to ride and I believe town is full.   What I hope you all realize is that March offers some of the best riding options so make those reservations now. Don’t wait until the Wednesday before to try and get a place to stay.

Trails are in excellent condition. With the snow we are getting today and more in the forecast for next week, no one is complaining.

Denise and Bill who have come up school vacation week for many years rode every day, something that has not always happened. They said riding was the best they have ever seen.

So call us now if you want to ride a weekend in March. We have openings the third weekend. Talk to you soon.

Trail report for February 16th

After that last storm, we, as well as the clubs around Jackman are all reporting excellent trail conditions.

From those who ride, our guests, have all said the trails are in awesome condition and the best rising all season. Even route 66 to the Birches is now “pristine”.   Note: The Rockwood Club posted that there is a young moose hanging around the trail near Rockwood so please use extra caution.

Today it is sunny with blue skies but very cold.  Bundle up.

More snow in the forecast for Tuesday.

Plan on riding in Jackman well into March.

This is a photo shared to the Jackman-Moose RIver Chamber of Commerce of the coburn summit trail.  This trail is not for the timid but the views we have seen are incredible.  Perfect shot we wanted to share.

Jackman Trail report Jan 30, 2020

What a crazy winter we are all having.   Where is all the snow?  Luckily, I think Jackman is the only place to find any decent riding.  No it is not perfect and thee are some areas south and east of us getting a bit rough but there is still plenty of trails to enjoy.We have a pretty solid base so any snow the higher elevations did get, has helped. The groomers went out Monday and will go out again tonight to do areas needed.

Reports from our guests say that once you are out of town, the trails are holding up.  The ride to Pittston is good as well as to the border.  We had a few who went to the first clubhouse in Quebec and said that area was awesome.

Another option is off trail or on un plowed roads.  Since there has not been a lot of snow, you will not get stuck as easy and yet plenty to ride on.

From other clubs:  Pittston has been grooming and went up toward Kokajo also.  They say the trails are in great shape.  Many have said Rockwood and Greenville riding is pretty rough but the club said they groomed on the 28th.  Parlin area is holding up.  They said to watch for some rocks around Coburn Mtn and some bare spots in the woods. They say most bad spots are passable but rough.

SO simply, yes you can find some good riding but be aware of some rough areas, icy curves and all the clubs are recommending scratchers.  There will be a lot of people out there this weekend so ride to the right and stay safe!