A guests’ appreciation

I really enjoy reading what our guests write in our guest journals in the cabins but I have not gathered one from the cabins for awhile to post. This entry is from a couple who have lived outside the US for many years. Their appreciation for us and the area touched my heart.

July 28-July 30, 2022

“We had never been here before. It is a beautiful area     The only aspect that rivals the natural beauty of the area is the beauty of the spirit invested in these Cozy Cove Cabins.

The literature Tami and Steve have left in the cabin (the information book, the log of renovations, their history of their dedication of work here) is transcendent.

A place is never just a place – it is the people who love it, who work it. It is the history.

This is what I feel gives a particular identity to this place.    Thank you

Lisa and Billy -Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

PS Have yet to see a moose!

PPS Saw a moose last night -right up the road where the information book suggested! “

Moose Draw Jackman 2022

An entry from our guest journal June 11, 2022

“Did not get drawn but had a great time-festival was wonderful-so much to do and see.    Tried axe throwing and she was a wonderful teacher. SO much time with each person.    We sa 4 Moose- thanks for the tip on location of viewing.  Also 6 deer, 1 turkey, 1 racoon, and a turkey vulture.   Caught on world record chub on the lake.   Thank you

Guest Journal entry March 2020

A journal entry from a family who stayed with us this weekend.

“A wonderful family getaway to escape the world and craziness of the covid-19 pandemic. Nothing like the great outdoors of Northern Maine to relax and refresh the soul.

We rode snowmobiles, ice-fished (caught 2 trout), saw 12 deer, sled, ate, drank, smiled a lot, completed the puzzle here in Cabin 4 (took 4 days) and very much enjoyed the sunsets from the Eagle’s Nest.

Just love the good ol’ fashioned Maine hospitality here at Cozy Cove Cabins.

Thanks Steve and Tami!! Be back real soon! Peace and love”
Sami, TJ, Lillian and their dog Hazel

They survived

WOWZER, did we have some wind on November 1st or what?   Crazy.  80,000 people in Maine without power and that included most of Jackman. As of today, the 3rd, there are still some in town without power due to down line. Luckily ours came back on early Saturday morning.  We are still experiencing some power issues in the cabins but a call has gone out to CMP and a local electrician.  We will get it figured out.  And our guests who were here, survived as well.

This is a Zakopane journal entry form Amanda and Russell

“Day one: We arrived around 5pm. The wind was terrible. All of the town was out of power including the cabins. They hooked up the generator to keep us cozy warm. Real feel temp outside was 28 degrees. We went to eat at Mama Bears who had a generator and the food was amazing. Went to bed early to head out in the morning for open day! The power did come back on in the middle of the night. 🙂

Day two: Russell headed out early to hunt. Only saw 1 partridge and 1 red squirrel. Came back and got me. We spent the day on dirt roads, saw 1 more partridge and 3 more red squirrels. But we saw the most amazing views for our first hunt together!

We will certainly be back. As it is our dream to build a log cabin just like this one.”

“PS: So many trees down across the roads from the wind storm”

June Journal post

We say this all the time…one wonderful thing about Jackman and Cozy Cove Cabins is the simple serenity and escape you feel here.  So here is a post from our journal as 2 young ladies agree:

Waking up every morning, having a front row seat to God’s awesome work, listening to the birds and the wind blowing in the trees singing His glory was majestic.  We wanted to get away from life’s daily routine and demands. We wanted to be re-charged and we wanted to just relax and that’s exactly what we did.  When we arrived we were greeted by Tami and Maggie. We even requested an upgrade and Steve and Tami were so helpful. We had to adjust to no cell phone reception but that’s what we needed. A break from the outside.  In spite of a little rain and cloudy days the beauty and peacefulness of Cozy Cove was just magnificent. We will be back. Mavis and Nina    Cabin 5 June 2019


AS it is the end of March, you can see, I am about ready for winter to end.

We do not usually get to read all of the Journal entries during our busy months as we prefer to hear your stories.  Last August, we heard this story from our guest, his name will be protected, but he also wrote a great story in the journal which I have to share.  He must be a writer as it is very entertaining. It is a bit long but so worth the time. I am sorry I did not read it in August but very glad I did now.  PLUS, he offers a lesson and something for all of you to keep in mind as the 2018 ATV season begins.    Enjoy!

August 16-20, 2017

If you are driving by the clubhouse on ATV tires and you see a mud-running trench, just drive on by. Don’t be impulsive! But, if you are…and you find yourself fatefully shutting off the key with your muffler submerged, grab a five dollar bill from your wallet for your hitch back into town. Ensure you face traffic, smile and hold that five over your head so your ride can clearly see it, all the while knowing that you and your mud soaked wife are going to stink up your good Samaritan’s car for the next four miles.

Once you get back to the puzzle palace (Jester) don’t bother cleaning up and changing. Just hop in the Duramax and head up to the clubhouse, drop the trailer, and lock her in 4X4 Low. Stretch out your 20’ tow straps and hop into the waist deep stench muck and then go armpit deep to dig the mud away from your receiver hitch tow shackle.,  Try to keep you face above water.

Here is the fun part: tell your wife she has to hop in the wheeler, submerging herself up to her fun-bags and steer while you pull her out.  *WARNING* Wives really complain at this point (loudly I might add), especially once the water starts draining up on dry land and the frogs start hopping about.

At this point, you will want to unhook your spare tire and yank off the rear left that you tore the valve stem off in your panic R>F>R>F, etc shifting.

Now you will want to unhook the tow straps from both machines and reconfigure to the trailer ball for the D-Max and the winch hook of your formerly submerged buggy. You will be tempted by the mayhem-loving devil on your shoulder to turn the key. “It will probably start” he says, but unless your motor needs replacing, DON’T LISTEN TO HIM! Keep your hands far away from that connecting rod-bending key!

Tow over to trailer and unhook, drop rear ramp and front ramp, then reposition truck facing the front of the trailer and send town straps thru. Trailer wheel chocks are a must. Hook on and have wifey steer again * more grumbling*.  Put the big diesel in reverse and watch your 18’ enclosed trailer spring into the full upright position as you tow your two favorite things (for those of you who are slow on the uptake, that‘d be the wife and buggy) on board.  Do not fear. Your right foot, at this point, is directly related to how fast your trailer tongue comes back down to Terra fir-ma.

You know what to do next, but here’s what you don’t know: take your wheeler straight to Jackman Power Sports and talk to the long white bearded guy with the ashtray next to him (this tale has the end-my wife is griping again)

When he says “Clubhouse?” Hang your head in shame, then nod in the affirmative. When he says “I need to put signs up there.” Nod again In the north south direction and you may want to add a “please” because it sounds like there are countless others who have succumb to impassivity in that neighborhood. When he says “I don’t know if I can get to it, I only have one guy on tomorrow” Tell him your wife is really upset and that it’s her birthday tomorrow (truth) and she only wants to ride.

October Guest Jounal

I have not entered guest journal quotes monthly like I used to but sometimes, one entry will catch my eye. This is part of what Cathy and Dana said this weekend after being here to bird hunt.
“It-s nice to get away from life, take a deep breath of fresh air, and relax.”

January 2012 QUOTES from our Guests

I realize that it is not [i]quite[/i] January but the family who left today may have stayed into January had the cabin been available. They were just lovely and I wanted to share their New Year experience with you. We enjoyed seeing the kids sledding down the hill, even though only about an inch of snow on the ground and their excitement to walk on a frozen lake. SO thank you family for having such a great time in the Northeast and we hope your next visit, we have more snow.

December 28, 2011
We just arrived to a cozy warm cabin (it is 11 degrees outside). My family (hubby and 4 children) and I came all the way from Orlando Florida (75 degrees) to see some snow. We [u]were not[/u] disappointed.
-On our 2nd day here we drove to the Canadian border & the views were breathtaking
-On our 3rd day we drove to Greenville to look for Moose & see the B-52 crash site. The road up the mountain was a little scary but we enjoyed the trip. No Moose 🙁 We ate lunch at Auntie Ms & the burgers were great. Note: Cash only dinner was at BigWood Steakhouse. Amazing.
We loved our visit. We are pulling out in the morning. Maine is a beautiful treasure, we cant wait to come again. We would stay in no other place. Truly a family feel. Our children are thrilled there is snow in the forecast tonight. What a nice end to our trip. Thanks for everything
Most sincerely yours, Randall, Kelly, Savannah, Randy, Andrew, & Kris Cabin #4

MAY 2011 QUOTES from our Guests

This sweet couple came her as part of their honeymoon…she writes almost as a poet or at least tells a nice story plus one of her experiences explains why we need to watch where we walk when exploring:

“May 10-13
We came here on our honeymoon. I was so charmed when we came in-this cabin was perfect, especially with the kitchenette and shower. We went waterfall hunting-we found “the Falls” just off N201, the Herald Stream Falls, & the Moxie Falls (S201). We looked for the COld River Falls but could not find it. “The Falls” was the prettiest but Moxie was impressive.
We also went canoeing, exploring Big Wood lake. The 1st day we went to the southern tip of Hog Island. We saw some MASSIVE birch trees, bigger then I-d ever seen. There was also one part that was like a tree cemetery; more fallen trees then standing, in various states of decay., some only half fallen, their strips of bark hanging from the neighbor tree-s branches. Running back across this tip I startled a Mamma Grouse (dunno if it was a ruffed grouse) Suddenly, she was up in my face flapping frantically & hissing. I looked down & at my feet saw her nest, with perfect pearly white eggs laying in the leaves. The mamma continued to circle me & hiss, her feathers all puffed up. I backed up slowly & made a wide detour around her nest. It was a windy day so hard work getting back to camp-520 paddle strokes on my part. Probably over 1000 for the whole excursion.
2nd day went canoeing down to where Attean Pond flows into Big Wood, to see the bridge (K Truss) Calm day, very nice paddling. Well over 1000 strokes there and back. Saw a bunch of loons.
We-ve also enjoyed playing cribbage in the evenings and having dinner “IN”.
Coming here was a surprise from my husband, & I-ve enjoyed it greatly. Had a wonderful Time. “The Boon Team” from Georgia” in Kona, Cabin #9

JANUARY 2011 QUOTES from our Guests

January 17-21
[u]Monday[/u]-Sunny and 1 degree! ~3 of us visiting from Cape Cod. We have been snowmobiling in Jackman for years but this is our 1st time staying in the Cozy Cove Cabins. Great spot ❗ ~ 60 mile this afternoon ❗

[u]Tuesday[/u]-7am 2 degrees & snowing. Snowed all day about 6 inches in town. Just what the trails needed. Another 60 miles this afternoon.

[u]Wednesday[/u]-24 degrees at 7am. 102 mile ride today-The Birches/Rockwood and back. Great day ❗

[u]Thursday[/u]- 6 degrees at 6:30 am-sunny morning! 105 miles today and another route to Rockwood ❗ * My amazing Boyfriend proposed to me here in Jackman! And we are engaged ❗ ❗ ❗

[u]Friday[/u] 6am. Packing up and headed back to the Cape. We had a great time as always and a wonderful stay at Cozy Cove! Thank You ❗
➡ Jayne, Tyler , and David from Cape Cod MA Cabin #4

January 15th
This is our 2nd stay at Cozy Cove but our 1st in the Eagles Nest. This cabin is PERFECT:!: ❗ Greg and the kiddos took a walk across the ice. Checked our some of the neighbors ice traps. They even got to see someone catch a fish. The sun is shining and it should be a wonderful day.
➡ Greg, Dawn Ethan, Bryan, Elaine, Hayley, and Lauren from Maine-Cabin #4