Need a Get Away?

Most of the leaves have fallen, ATV trails will close in a couple weeks, and unless you like to hunt, there is not much to do in Jackman at this time of year.

You do not have to be an outdoor enthusiast of any kind to enjoy the Jackman Region or your stay at Cozy Cove Cabins now or any time of the year.

When I ask what someone plans to do when staying with us, many of them simply say:  “get out of dodge” or “get away from our hectic pace” or ” reconnect with each other”.  Or some just say “absolutely nothing”

These are common statements all year long but even now, when the leaves are almost all off the trees, there is a certain beauty to be seen at Cozy Cove Cabins, with just an echo of fall that is left.

Of course there are view of the water and blue skies

Campfires and sunsets

Or maybe just turn off the TV, shut down your cell and play a game of cribbage or monopoly, or sit and talk with your S.O. or the kids.

 We hope you take the time to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, any time of the year.

Sunset on the first day of Fall

Not only is Autumn the season for beautiful colors as the leaves change from green to red, orange, and gold, but it is also a time for colors in the sky.

I am not sure if it is because of where the sun now sets over the lake or if another reason but some of my best pictures are of sunsets in the fall.   I cannot help it. Every night is different and just incredible colors.   Please do not tire of me sharing sunsets pictures.

The other night, we got home from dinner around 730 and the sky was perfect.   I took 2 pictures. This one is real.   What I mean to say is that this is what the sky really looked like. I did not use any filters or enhancements.

This one is the same e moment but using a sunset filter. I think ithe is still pretty enough to share but I prefer the real thing.

More sunset pictures to come.

Fall clean up


After the beautiful colors fall, it is time for clean up. Steve and I spent the day blowing leaves into areas that his “Leaf Dude” can then go around, mulch and pick up. Maybe one more clean up day before the snow really starts to fall.

Cabin rate adjustment

It is hard to believe that in the 12 years since we bought Cozy Cove Cabins, our per person rate has only increased $7.00.
But as the cost of life continues to climb, we have made an adjustment to our cabin base rates, although the per person rate of $35.00/night will remain the same. The rate change is effective as of September 1, 2015. For those of you who booked for next year prior to this date, we will honor our previous rates.

The good news is that is you have 4 or more people in your cabin the per person rate ends up being less then most other places in town.

Plus keep an eye on this blog as we plan to offer various discounts besides our weekly discount. But remember, you have to tell us you saw the discount here on our blog to receive it and are not valid with other discounts offered..

There are 2 discounts planned for this November. Veterans can receive a 10% discount on November 11th. The 2nd one is for our Small Business day in Jackman on November 28th. If you make a reservation for 2016 on this day, we will take $10.00 off your stay.


Football season has arrived and most may know, I am a die hard Steelers fan. Sorry but when you are born and raised in Steelers country; you pretty much have no other choice. It simply does not matter where you move to or who else you might like.

My nephew and his friends were visiting last week and as per Canonsburg protocol, on football Sunday, they all wore their favorite Steelers shirt. It warmed my heart a bit as it brought back memories of home and of the football spirit. The Little Steelers fan in the front is my niece. I told you they start us young!