ATV trails 2021

Even though we have had a pretty dry spring, the ATV trails will not be open until Memorial day weekend. Landowners plan to be doing a lot of logging this summer and do not want trails or riders anywhere near where they are working. Our trail master met with the landowners and the state a few days ago.

ATV trail update from Jarod on the BRC Facbook page as of May 25th.

1- Canada trail open (this is north trail to the border), no issues. As normal
2- heading to rock wood. On Jackman end, Dave said you can likely get all the way to rock wood. Bare minimum is to demo road. Apparently he said the rock wood reroute is in town rock wood and he hasn’t heard definitely from them if people will be able to access in town or not.
3- towards Pittston farm, Jackman good on their end. Gonna be weekends only for the next 3-4 weeks. But we will be able to ride this coming Friday. Pittston farm has a bit of excavation work to do on their end, but they told him it will be done in time for the holiday weekend. Wasn’t officially done yet as of right now though. Look for a post from them.
4- will be able to make it to the forks. He said If someone wants a guaranteed destination from Jackman over the holiday weekend, it’s the forks.
An added note:  Steve has been out multiple days this week updating signage.  Please only ride where the signs say you can.