Trail report for Mid January 2021

It is good to finally see snow on the mountains.

Over the weekend, we got some decent snowfall.  In town, maybe 6-8 inches but in the higher elevations, there was more.  Club trails around us say they started to groom or pan the trails on Monday.

After the snow on Saturday, some of our guests decided to try a ride out to Pittston.   Mind you, the groomers had not been out yet so they had a bit of a rough ride.  And when they got there, they found that Pittston Farm was closed. SO the moral of this tidbit is, if you plan a destination, hoping to get food or fuel, make sure they are open. Not only because of the weather but also because of Covid and Maine guidelines.

The latest from Pittston is that they will open this weekend.

We also heard from rockwood club that Moosehead is not safe to cross.   PLEASE do not go if a trail is not marked.

Our club posted that our trails are now open. The groomers have been trying to do their magic.   Some areas may still be showing some signs of “early riding conditions”  More snow would be appreciated.

So continue doing that snow dance.  With the way the season started so late, consider making a reservation for some March riding.   I think winter is going to go out “Like A Lion”

Ice Fishing on Big Wood

Big Wood has been alive the past couple weekends with Ice Fisherman, both local and from away.  The snow we had on Saturday put a hamper on it a bit but there were still many who roughed it out.

One group of 3 families set up their shack close to shore and even had a campfire going in our lakeside firepit on Friday.  The kids had a great time.

Jackman trail report 2021

Sadly, we do not have a trail report to offer.

We had snow in December, the trails were rolled and packed giving us a good base. Then it rained for Christmas and “all gone”.   Last week we did get about 8 inches total around town. The club has rolled this too but there is not enough to actually groom.

SO our trails are still closed.   We have seen some riders heading up north and riding unplowed roads but please, stay off any of our trails.   We need to keep what we have so when that storm does come, the groomers can make it right.

In the mean time…


Winter fun in Jackman

The new year started out with not enough snow to ride but there are other things to do if you need a get away.

The first thought is Ice Fishing!  Big wood has at least 7 inches.  There was so much activity out there on the 1st, you would think it was party time!

How about snow shoeing or cross country skiing? There is enough snow on the ice to do this or utilize the trails at Sky Lodge.  If you do not have your own, you can rent them at Unity College: Sky Lodge.

Or maybe build a snowman or have a snowball fight?    Just get outside and enjoy some fresh air.