Quick peak color

Last week, the fall colors blossomed, seemingly overnight. This past weekend we were in full peak color. It was a perfect Indian summer weekend too.  Beautiful blue skies, little wind, warm sunny days.

Here are some of the photos taken around town during the week.

The fist one is of course, the eastern shore of Big Wood near the river outlet. The second is of the hillside along 201 in Moose River and the third is from the park

These are from the ATV trails over the weekend

Sadly, with the bit of wind that has started, the leaves are falling quick. Peak has come and going fast.   If you did not make it up this weekend, you missed it.  There is always next year.

Cozy Cove Cabins Hoodies

In case you, our guests were not aware, we do have Cozy Cove Cabins hoodies for you to wear.

We have a basic Maroon one that simply has Cozy Cove Cabins on the front.

We have sizes small-3XL

New this year is a really pretty charcoal gray color with our name in the front left as well as our logo design on the back. Currently we only have a limited amount available of sizes M-2X.  We wanted to see if there was an interest first.

We can do the logo in full color or plain darker color also so we are hoping we can get some fun things made for next summer.  Any ideas what you might like?

Fall sunset

As always, fall offers the best sunsets from Cozy Cove Cabins. Last night was no exception.  Adding in a bit of smoke haze still from the fires on the west coast, the color was intense.   I caught the photo above between cabins 4 and 5.

The following I took next to Cabin 3. I expected more color in the skies but I think the sun was just too huge and bright.

Fall colors have begun

Our red maples here at Cozy Cove started to turn about 2 weeks ago.  The odd thing is that they do not seem as vibrant.  I cannot help but wonder if it is because of the dry dry summer.  And wondered how the season would be.

The other day though I went down river and on the way home, I saw so much color in the hills around Jackman. (higher elevation)   My faith in Fall beauty was restored.

Last night we had a hard frost so bring it on.    It is going to happen fast.   I cannot wait to see the reflections of color from Hog Island on Big Wood.

Stay tuned.