New fire pit for Indio

Indio has the best natural firepit of all of our camps.  It sits against a huge monster rock that has been there forever.  Periodically, we have rebuilt it (rocks seem to have a mind of their own) but it was due.

This year, Bill, who is a mason stone wall builder by trade, stayed in that cabin last weekend. He started out on Friday,  complaining about one of the many rocks that grow in our driveway or yard. (I think rocks pop up faster then dandelions sometimes.)  Anyhow, he (with our permission of course) decided to dig up this one rock in particular that he said was in his way.  What was seen on top was about 6 inches in diameter.  Once he finally got it up and out, it was about 2 foot by 3 foot rectangle. According to Bill, perfect for building something with.

As the weekend went by, Mr. ants in his pants could not sit still. He looked at the rock he found and the firepit and decided it would be a perfect flat rock to surround the pit.  SO he began.

Thanks Bill. You did a great job. Happy Fathers Day and Happy anniversary.

Work around Cozy Cove Cabins

Steve and I have both been keeping busy the past month or so.  There always seem to be something to fix around here.

March and April, we completed a few indoor projects. I scraped a couple cabins but I could not repaint until it warmed up at the end of May.   This even delayed any gardening needed.  What is with Mother Nature this year?

By the end of May, Steve also was able to  tackle the roof on INDIO, Cabin #2.      It took him about a day to remove the 2 layers of shingles, all the nails, then clean up and lay the tar paper.  Then he would have to wait for the weather to clear or the wind to stop so he could put up a few panels of the metal roof.

I am in awe watching him.  What an amazing man.



This is one side done.

Today he is finishing removal of the last 3rd section.

As for me, besides my regular work, gardening and painting needed, I have been creative making whimsical characters to put around camp. Hopefully they will make you smile, well, except for the angry deer.  He is there to remind folks to slow down and to pick up their doggy poo.  LOL    Who will find the eagle first?

So that has been our May and June so far.   See you all soon.


4th of July 2020 in Jackman

Even with all of the pandemic issues and guidelines issued, the Town of Jackman has announced that they will offer fireworks at the Town field this year.

Along with that, there will be a parade also starting at 4pm on the 4th.  If anyone is interested in participating in the parade, locals or visitors alike, contact the JMRRCOC,, for more information.  Their email is

Of course,social distancing and/or wearing a facial covering is recommended per Maine CDC guidelines.  Or plan to view the parade or the fireworks from your car.

For those of you staying with us that weekend, we will have our Annual Potluck Picnic after the parade. If you want to participate, bring a dish to share. We will provide hotdogs, condiments, utensils and desert.  You may also want to bring your beach chair so that we can maintain distance with everyone.

Have a safe and fun Fourth of July Celebration