Big storm, lots of snow


Sounds funny to be excited for a big snowstorm but this week, I think we had the most snow fall in one day then we had all season.  We had high winds most of the day so the snow was blowing sideways.  Toward evening, the winds calmed down and these huge fluffy flakes fell.  At that moment, it was simply beautiful.

By morning, the groomers went through the trail system for some of the best riding options all season.

We heard the temperatures will increase next week with the possibility of rain but have no fear, our trails are not in danger of going away.

Call now for your March reservation.  If you do not have a snowmobile, no worries. You can rent them in town or maybe try snowshoeing or X-country skiing.

Best riding in Maine

There are so many people trying to come to Jackman this weekend to ride and I believe town is full.   What I hope you all realize is that March offers some of the best riding options so make those reservations now. Don’t wait until the Wednesday before to try and get a place to stay.

Trails are in excellent condition. With the snow we are getting today and more in the forecast for next week, no one is complaining.

Denise and Bill who have come up school vacation week for many years rode every day, something that has not always happened. They said riding was the best they have ever seen.

So call us now if you want to ride a weekend in March. We have openings the third weekend. Talk to you soon.

Trail report for February 16th

After that last storm, we, as well as the clubs around Jackman are all reporting excellent trail conditions.

From those who ride, our guests, have all said the trails are in awesome condition and the best rising all season. Even route 66 to the Birches is now “pristine”.   Note: The Rockwood Club posted that there is a young moose hanging around the trail near Rockwood so please use extra caution.

Today it is sunny with blue skies but very cold.  Bundle up.

More snow in the forecast for Tuesday.

Plan on riding in Jackman well into March.

This is a photo shared to the Jackman-Moose RIver Chamber of Commerce of the coburn summit trail.  This trail is not for the timid but the views we have seen are incredible.  Perfect shot we wanted to share.