Jackman Maine blog is back

We are back.

After many changes and updates to our blog, including mobilization so you can see it from your phones, the Jackman Maine blog is now live. We cannot wait to start sharing what is happening here at Cozy Cove Cabins, in Jackman Maine, as well as throughout our region.

One change we instituted is in regards to comments. We love knowing that our visitors are interested in our blog and write in comments but we had many issues before with those nasty little bots. We are now asking that you register to comment on a post. Once we know you are not a spambot, you will be able to comment anytime.

Most of our old posts were imported so if you are new to the blog, you can still go back and read some posts.

So this is my first test post and learning the new program, uploading images, and reviewing comments may take a few tries. But I will update you as to what is happening as I know.

We hope you enjoy visiting us.

Talk to you soon.