2015 Ice out entries

Deadline for our 2015 Ice Out contest has ended. Good luck to those of you who entered. Now we wait and see what that ice does.

The temperatures have been in the high 50s this week with blue sunny skies. The snow is melting but we are not sure what the ice is doing.

Happy Easter weekend


Yes it is snowing, big heavy flakes, in Jackman. Even though it warmed up to 56 yesterday, the trails are holding and with the extra bit of fluff, one could be riding all week. We have reports that the trails have been groomed up to Pittston and beyond this week.

We hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend, enjoying family and friends, but remembering what Easter is really about.

Jackman trail report April 2015

Yes we still can have a trail report. We have not lost anything on the trails so riding is still really good in our area although there is not much snow left south of Parlin. Pittston area reporting good conditions also.

Temperatures have been in the 30s and below. It is actually snowing now 😯

This may be the last good weekend to ride.