Jackman Trail Report January 24th

A quick summary of the trail as after Wednesday, the only reports should be EXCELLENT ❗ Snowfall predicted is from 17-20 inches. We have such a solid base that even 6 inches would make our trail great.

SO yes, as I said, we have a solid base throughout our area. The trail are all flat and fast and hard. Riders have been using picks and scrapers which have churned it up a bit but they have all been happy with the riding in this area, to Pittston Farm, to the Birches and even up to the Coburn Summit.

As seems to always happen, February starts our true snowmobile season and remember, it always extends well into March.

Ice Auger dilemma


This poor guy…he is out on the ice in temperatures around 10 but with wind gusts up to about 25mph so the chill factor has to be well below zero.
I saw him make one hole to ice fish, set up his trap, then moved to make another. He tried and pulled on that puppy for about 5 minutes and the auger would not start. 🙁
Right after I took this shot, he “threw” down the auger. Kudos to him for even being out there. Hope he catches something ❗

By the way, even though there is about 2 feet of ice out there, our guys fishing off our shoreline have done very well for Brookies.

What is the temp at Cozy Cove


Now you can see the ever changing temperature here at Cozy Cove Cabins when you look at our webcam. This morning at 8am it was 20 and already, 4 hours later, we are down 10 degrees. The chill factor, on the other hand is about a minus 5. Temperatures are expected to get colder still. 😯

Coming up to play? Better plan to bundle up this week.

First 2015 Trail Report in Jackman

Before Christmas, there was some decent riding in town, then we got a bit of rain but we had enough to keep our base. Riders this past week said that the trails were bumpy in some areas but really good considering. This weekend we got about 5-6 inches here in town. And the flurries continue Groomers went east and south last night.

The Pittston Bully groomer needed major repairs and has been in the shop a few weeks now waiting for parts. Without going into detail, they hope to have it up and running by the end of the week. I mention this as this is the only groomer that can truly work the terrain of the border loop and 89 north. This weekend, they did get a tractor up that way and one of our other groomers was going to try but until the Bully is up and running, norhtern loops are not going to be their best.

Have no fear, riding east and south should be great. Pittston Farm reports good condition as well as southern clubs around Parlin. Parlin reports an ice jam on ITS 87 that they will have signed.

The trail master has not reported that Big Wood or other lakes are safe but there are ice shacks, sleds and trucks out there this weekend. Just use caution out there, around curves on the trails and a bit of common sense. Watch for signage.