Could autumn be on it-s way

A beautiful morning today as you can see from the webcam shot from 9am.


And it only got better. It is almost hot out except the breeze off the lake is wonderful. Now mind you it is still August but I am also seeing leaves falling off the trees today 🙁 I have noticed some color changes in the higher elevations but it is just too soon to think about fall ❗

AUGUST 2010 QUOTES from our Guests

August 16
Well, as I sit here on the deck the last day before we leave. I am just taking in this beautiful picture that I will hold onto till next summer. We didnt really do much this year. Went to Greenville for dinner, saw a moose, we went on the kayaks around Hog Island and saw an eagle!! Kevin did some fishing and I read a good book, stuff that we dont do at home. Its been a tough year for us, loosing my Mom, a very dear friend that we met our first year up here, Lee and Murphy. But being here made our hearts heal a bit, its so wonderful to have a place to call home and that wouldnt be possible without Tami and Steve. Thanks for everything but most of all, thanks for your friendship. Love you both
Celie & Kevin from NJ Cabin #2

August 7-14
Couldn-t have asked for better hosts or weather. Tami and Steve were great. “The meteor shower was the icing on the cake”
The Dempseys from NY IN Cabin #1


Riding in Jackman is always a lot of fun. Sometimes you come home covered in DUST and wishing you did not forget your goggles (when it has not rained) and sometimes you come home covered in Mud, wishing you wore rain gear (after a rain).
Wonder which is better ❓



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