JULY 2010 QUOTES from our Guests

July 31
“One week has flown by. We hope everyone has a laid back relaxing week as we have. Enjoy Tami and Steve-s hospitality. It is great”
Vikki, Mike and Randy Cabin #1 from Massachusetts

July 25
First day we went 4 wheeling to Pittston Farm and the some- did 120 miles-awesome ride. Next day girls were beat so guys went out and us girls hiked Moxie Falls which was beautiful, then went out on paddle boats then the kayaks. Gorgeous day. Also sat up at Bald Mtn for 2.5 hours waiting to see a moose.
Saw 2….”
Lloyd and Tracey from NY

July 18
“I do not think the view could be any more beautiful and seeing that first thing in the morning guaranteed a great day. The paddleboats were a struggle in the whitecaps but a memory we will never forget. SO thank you for a memorable weekend.”
Ryan and family from N. Attleboro Cabin #2

July 8
“Our first time at the cabins and we had found it breath taken. It is so beautiful here and definitely cozy ❗ The sunsets are absolutely beautiful. The best I have ever seen.”
The Dagenair Family Cabin #1

Dunlap Farm

New this week, Dunlap Farm will be coming up every Saturday (they came today instead because they had to) hopefully through the fall, to offer us farm fresh produce 🙂 YUMMMM ❗
Fresh corn, carrots, green beans, zucchini, potatoes, cucs are just a few. SO if you live here or are coming up for a visit, remember you can buy home grown vegies right here in town.

July 23rd, 2010

It-s Friday and another beautiful day in Jackman. Warm but a light breeze off the lake. If you are coming up today and you want to plan a lobster feast while you are here, the fish monger is in town this afternoon 🙂

It is also a great day to cut the grass. That is Steve at the bottom of the webcam snapshot. I love the smell of cut grass in the summer!


Have a fantastic weekend ❗

Goldens always welcome


This is Lacey, a guest who is visiting with us this week. And although we do welcome all dogs here at Cozy Cove, goldens will always have a special place in my heart. This little gal has so many similar characteristics of Murphy Girl that I swear they are related. She is curious, a little defiant, always has one eye on her Mom, kicks her leg when her tummy is scratched, retrieves a toy but does not give it up, when she is told to lay down but does not want to, she makes the same grumpy noise like “ok if I have to”, she is social, wanting to say hi to everyone she sees (not as social as Murphy)and basically a good girl.

Now I am sure, most dogs do many of the same things but there truly is something so similar in Lacey that I am really enjoying her visit. Maybe her Mom will forget to take her home . 😉

Moose in Jackman

Perhaps because of the heat lately, the moose and other wildlife are definitely out in plain view and playing. Wanda and Dave saw quite a few during their stay this week. Here is one of them.


Thanks for sharing!

A beautiful sunset on Big Wood


What a beautiful evening last night in Jackman. A little breeze off the lake, comfortable temperatures and the sunset was spectacular. It was even more incredible before I took this picture but I did not want to go get the camera, for fear I would miss it…sorry. I guess you will have to visit us to see it for yourself 😉

Heat wave 2010

This East coast heat wave has even reached Jackman this year. Mind you it is not the heat but the humidity that is not a common occurrence here. Yesterday I believe the temperature was in the high 90s (although in the sun it seemed higher)but the humidity was 90% 😮 Luckily, here by the lake, there was a bit of a breeze and of course, a dip in the lake helped too ❗

This morning, at 7am it is mid 70-s but the humidity is still 90%. Many people in town are missing the cooler temperatures, even as in the picture below shows 😉 (an image a friend of Cozy Cove Cabins posted on facebook from last winter)


Happy Independence Day 2010

Everyone around America is celebrating our Independence day this weekend. Celebrate with family and friends, enjoy picnics, parades and fireworks but do not forget what this is all about. Fly your flags high and proud!


31 American flags have been installed on Main Street power poles this year. This is a result of a joint undertaking between the Town of Jackman and the Jackman-Moose River Chamber of Commerce.
A special thanks needs to go out to the Jackman Chamber of Commerce, the Town of Jackman, CMP & Fairpoint, the Galen Cole Family, and those members of the community who all contributed in some way to make the flag project happen.
God Bless America.


Have a wonderful weekend 🙂