Sunset on October 29th

It was a bit overcast most of the day yesterday but by evening, the sky tried to clear so that by sunset, I looked out over the lake and saw 2 suns- reflecting on the lake. The real sun was still hiding behind a cloud just above the mountain. It was pretty cool then to watch as the sun lowered in the sky, peaking from behind the cloud, and then there were 3…2 of course were just reflections on the water. It was almost blinding. One of those moments that I guess you had to be there.

I thought maybe someone may have seen it on the webcam but I think we may need to move it a little to the left. Perhaps before it gets too snowy out there, we can because you should not have to miss these sunsets.

Have a great day!

October 2009 QUOTES from our Guests

October 18
Couldn-t have asked for a better fall weekend. Canoeing to Hog Island and exploring for hours was incredible. The views are breathtaking. Suggest if you drive a 4wd to find a dirt road-look for bald mountain and take a drive. THe whole trip made me remember the beauty of Maine-See you at Thanksgiving ❗
Your friends from Portland Cabin #1

October 10
After we unloaded all our food and clothes, we went 4 wheeling and froze our butts off. It was so cool. We absolutely love our cabin. It-s nice and comfy, feels like home. Right now we are playing dice…Before we ate supper, we went bird hunting in the truck. Our beds were so comfy. We love this cabin. Perfect for 4….
Shelly and family from Jay, Me Cabin #1

Fuddy Buddies move to Jackman

Back in July, around the 11th, Nancy and Bob came to visit Jackman and brought the boys. Jesse, Amos, and Al Capone which are “FuddyBuddies”. Creations that Nancy makes. We had lots of fun with them: took them on the paddle boats, jet skis, ATVs, and even had them roasting marshmallows around a campfire. Murphy became very attached to Jesse one evening…I think she thought he would really pet her 😆


So the news is, the Fuddy Buddies now live in Jackman. Nancy & Bob are now the new owners of the Moose River Campground.

“Our Best Western” gets re-roofed



We had hoped to put up this roof earlier in the month but thanks to mother nature (rain or wind) or it being occupied, this project was delayed. Finally, Saturday, Steve was able to get it started. Finished it yesterday and now he is fine tuning the overhang part. Just in time too. The wind kicked up this afternoon and maybe a storm tonight.

Last fall foliage 2009

As mentioned in the previous entry, the hard frost this morning I think did it for the foliage this year. In this picture, you can how baron the trees are on the other side of the lake plus the snow on the mountain in the distance.


Our red maple (which is on the right side of this photo) dropped over half its leaves in about 2 seconds … once the sun hit it.It was the coolest to watch though. Instead of “raining men” 😉 it was a downpour of leaves. 😯

Sorry I could not capture that moment for you.

Jackman Weather 10-16-09

COOOOLLLLDDDD this morning ❗ Weather watcher in town reported in at 16 but it is now about 20. Heavy frost here and you can see snow on Bald Mountain. The good news, the sun is coming out and there is no wind 🙂

Get your snow mobiles tuned up ❗