September 2009 QUOTES from our Guests

September 5-8
This was our second trip to Cozy COve in about a month. Our first in Cabin 1. We had a great time once again, still waiting for our first moose sighting. My 11 year old created a word “hamoosination” which is moose + hallucination. She said she was having hamoosinations on this trip ❗
We caught a couple junk fish off the dock and also tried the paddle boats. We caught another small one about 150 yards off shore. Nicky loves Murphy and like feeding the ducks (Don-t tell Tami).
This place is “THE WAY LIFE SHOULD BE”. It-s nice to hear the kids say “Let-s go for a walk” or ” let-s go fishing” instead of talking on cell phones or playing on the computer.
Moxie Falls is worth the 30 min drive. Very easy for little kids. My five year old made it on his own. Matt, Haley and Nick from MA Cabin #1

Steeler Fan 2009 blog discount

As most may know, I am a die-hard Steeler fan…growing up near Pittsburgh and going to college in Pittsburgh, I had no choice! Even though we do not usually get to see the game, I wear my colors on every game day.


Last year, we offered a discount for anyone wearing a Steeler shirt on Superbowl weekend. Of course, no one did so we thought we would offer this for the whole 2009 football season. It is not a huge discount but every penny helps. Plus it is fun to see who else is a fan.

Here-s the offer: for anyone wearing a Steeler shirt or jacket [u]on arrival[/u], they will receive $5.00 off their stay with us. No credit cards can be accepted for this to be valid. This offer will run from now until the end of the regular season. Unless, of course, the Steelers make it to the Superbowl again, then we may need to offer something even better. 💡

And yes I am a fan of the Patriots also, that is unless the Steelers are playing. 😉

Motorcycle ride to Jackman

What an incredible weekend to explore the north west mountain of Maine by Motorcycle


Kevin and friends enjoyed their one night stay, “south of the border” in Baja. From here, they are headed east to the Greenville Sea Plane Fly in. Maybe they will meet Jimmy Buffet 😮

First time ATV to Pittston

Mark and Laurie have been snowmobiling in Jackman for years and always make the ride up to Pittston Farm. This year, they discovered Jackman in July and are hooked on all the other fun things to do in the region when there is no snow. The ATV trail opened to Pittston Farm in late July so they had to come back a second time this summer. They wanted to see Pittston Farm without the snow and of course, have lunch on the porch. “What a difference”


Autumn 2009

The nights are cool and the days are hot and sunny…The leaves in Jackman have begun to change. The tips of our red maples here at Cozy Cove Cabins went from green to red and yellow, overnight. If you want to know when peak fall foliage is occurring, visit the Jackman-Moose River Chamber of Commerce website to watch the leaf indicator change as the colors get richer. Winter is on its way ❗

ATV Jamboree In Jackman

Usually, at this time of year, everyone is talking about the ATV Jamboree sponsored by the Border Riders Club. This year, they are not having a full on Jamboree but will sponsor a full day ride to Pittston Farm on September 19th starting at 9am from the clubhouse. Contact the Club for details.

Snowmobilers have benefited from having a trail to Pittston Farm for years Great stopping place to have lunch and fill up. Incredible scenery along the way too. This summer, a state gate was moved allowing us to connect our ATV trails to Pitts6ton farm. By ATV, this is about a 60 mile ride so come prepared. Should be lots of fun for all!