July 2008 QUOTES from our Guests

July 6
WOW What a wonderful time we had here again ❗ We love this place ❗ And wish our stay was longer ❗ We saw 4 moose, 6 partridge, lots of birds and a UWO-that-s an Unidentified Walking Object ❗ 😆 God bless and thank you ❗
Mark & Kathy from WIndsor Cabin #6

July 6
Enjoyed our stay-peaceful, quiet restful. Just what we needed ❗ Tami & Steve are perfect innkeepers-very patient ❗ Spent time looking for moose-saw the most on 6-15 at dawn and dusk. Enjoyed SCHMOOSES & BIGWOOD STEAKHOUSE and the ability to sit and watch the traffic on Main street at JACKMAN JAVA. Went to Quebec City-well worth the trip. I felt like I was back in Europe.
Christine & Jim from Pittsburgh, PA Cabin #4

July 11
This was perhaps one of the best cottages/cabins ever had the pleasure of staying at. Peaceful-everything you need is on premise which is a ++++. Tami & Steve are so laid back, informative and everything you want when in a strange place. Other facilities could learn from their customer skills. Will certainly be back again. Thanks , thanks, thanks ❗ ❗ ❗
Becky, Megan, Dave, & Jessica from Winthrop Cabin #4

July 20
Enjoyed cabin, great location ❗ ❗ Weather good (It-s Jackman-wait a minute and it will change) Rode ATV-s, saw small cow moose in trail to Parlin Pond. Caught and released lost of small brook trout. Saw cow moose on trail behind airport. Saw 3 bulls (one old monster) on Rt 6/15 to Rockwood along with 2 cows. Trails to club house-well-you-ll see. Like the water ❗ Great time-Steve Tami and Murphy great hosts ❗ Jim in Cabin #8


The Border Riders Sportsman Club has an ATV RODEO planned for August 16th at the clubhouse. Activities and contests are planned for the whole day.

So load up your quad nd come join in the fun. Don-t forget, if you do not have a quad of your own, you can rent them in town ❗

ATV TRAIL REPORT for July 2008

ATV trails in Jackman are still providing our guests with hours of fun. Last weekend, Celie and Kevin rented ATV from Maxx-s in town and rode for the first time. They had a great time although Kevin learned that to wear goggles would have made it even better.

Dana and friends who left today also said that they had a great time riding the trails in the region. They rode about 100 miles yesterday over to Rockwood. The trails toward Rockwood though are “very rough, many steep climbs and a lot of rocks and water”. ” I think next time, we-ll stay on the Jackman trails”

The Border Riders Club has 3 ATV events coming up so be sure and visit there site for more information ❗

Sunsets 2008

Last night I took this sunset shot from our deck. I was more interested in the way the clouds looked though as the sun was way gone. But, what more can I say ❓ The sky and the sunsets here at Cozy Cove Cabins are always amazing.


View from Big Wood Lake

The other evening, around 6:30, we and our friends Mike and Diane went for a little boat ride on the lake. It was a bit choppy at first but at a slow pace, it was nice. The colors of the water, sky and shadows on the mountains was incredible. So, these are a few of the snapshots I took. ENJOY:!:
This first picture I took from the lake of our shoreline. We look so small! The second is taken from out in the middle somewhere. Incredible how the sky, mountains and water seem to make their own portrait.


Our first stop was of course, Wood Stream. As we came up to the stream, the lily pads were popping up on the top of the water and just beautiful.


We paddled (well Steve and Mike did, Diane and I just supervised 😆 )into the stream. It is soooo quiet and serene, that you can almost hear your heart beat 😉 This first shot is just as you are entering the stream. From here, you can see the tree that the nest is in. “SHHH, be very quiet” so as to not disturb nature. The second shot is just because I liked the view: the colors, and reflections.


We sat in the stream about 20 minutes quietly just watching the baby eagle in its nest. A missed kodak moment was to see him take a poo 😯 😆 ❗
Paddling out of the stream we turned once more to see the young eagle and to our surprise, 😯 there were 2 of them in the nest ❗ Below is a bad shot of the 2 of them. But we have proof!


I have quite a few more shots from our ride on Big Wood but I do not think my server will appreciate this. Or maybe I should just say that it is best that you come see it for yourself 😉

An aerial view of Jackman

Last week, our friends (& repeat guests of Cozy Cove Cabins) asked me to join them on a scenic plane ride at sunset. I could not pass this up. This was my first tour of the region from the air and OH MY GOD 😯 was it incredible.

It was actually a bit difficult to get any great photos with the camera but below are a few I did get that you may enjoy.


#1 This I believe is the Moose River that leads into Attean. I think 😕 But look how lush the trees are and this river just meandering through it all 🙂
#2 This is the beginning of Jackman before you cross the tracks. You can see the Catholic church and the town hall plus Big Wood Lake with Attean in the background.


#3 is a shot of sunset as we came up from Rockwood. I believe this is Long Pond in the distance.
#4 is Celie and Kevin and our pilot Jim.

Until you see this region from the air you have no idea how incredible it is. Next time though, I will take a map, not only to get a perspective of where we are but also to mark what I am taking a picture of. 😆

4th of July 2008 in Jackman Maine

Remember the good old fashioned 4th of July celebrations we had as kids? That-s what it is like in Jackman this year. There were about 47 entries in the parade, including guests of Cozy Cove Cabins.


Kevin, Celie and the Bissell family got together using whatever they could find to make a float and participate in the parade. The theme ended up being about summer fun including fishing, swimming, seashells, and ATVing. They even had a swimming pool on it. Plans are already being made for the float for next year.

Then after the parade, the community enjoyed sitting at the town yard where there were games for kids, hot dogs, and popcorn and then the “family amazing race” sponsored by the Live to Learn Program. Family teams had to run a course they and the best time won. It looked really hard but all seemed to have a great time.


To end up the day was of course, FIREWORKS 🙂 Happy Independence day America:!: