It is snowing again this morning 😀

What a great way to welcome in 2008. Our snowmobilers are already heading out to ride on that fresh powder and enjoy their day.

Trail reports are varied from guests. Most say they have had some great rides this weekend.
…those are the ones that understand that with all the snow we have had this weekend alone, the groomers cannot get to every trail in the region by 9 am each day. Did you know that a Groomer can only go about 5 miles an hour:?: I as well as most think they are doing a great job this season.

I say all of this because we had a few guests that whined that “”none of the trails were even groomed””. They must not have looked at the map or listened to us when we told them about the few areas that are closed or cannot be groomed yet due to bogs or harvesting. Or maybe they just like to whine!

Anyhow, Kudos to the groomers and trail workers in this region. They have done a great job preparing the trails so early in the season. And a majority of snowmobilers are having a great weekend out there.

December 2007 QUOTES from our Guests

Finally I am getting this posted.

Christmas 2006
We came up with the family for 2 nights to start a new family tradition. we had 3 cabins because the family is so big. On the way here we saw mommy mouse and her offspring. It was great to watch. When we arrived it was very cold and extremely windy-if we had a sled at that moment I probably would have gone for a ride. On Christmas day everyone went sledding despite the cold weather but they all had fun.
The Husseys from Lewiston Cabin #2

Jackman Trail report from a snowmobiler

I saw this post by mainesledda at hardcoresledder forum and thought I-d add it here FYI.

“”As i type I am lyin in bed at Bishops. Yesterday we rode over to the farm for lunch. Asked them about the Kerry Brook trail and was told it was not open yet. That is always a good ride down to Rockwood. So we left the farm and headed back the way we came in. At the intersection with 66 took a left and headed to Rockwood that way. Trails were really quite good even though they had not been groomed in a couple of days. Once in Rockwood we fueled up and rode down 88 toward the Forks. i was intending to head down 87 and cut over to 89 and come back into town from the south but this didnt happen. It seeems that the Forks system has been groomed so that once your there you stay there. What i mean is, They have groomed everything but where it connects to other systems. And signage is awful. The Jackman, Pittston farm, Rockwood systems are fine. That loop was about 140 miles. Havin a real good time. 1 minor mishap on Thurs afternoon, wife did some OFF trail ridin!!! Course then she came down with the Jackman flu (margaritas at Schmooses) and missed the ride on Friday. BTW watch out the friggin idiots. There seems to be a bunch of em here this weekend. Ride Safe””

Jackman Maine snowmobile season is here

We are both active members of the Jackman Chamber of Commerce and have been working on some fun stuff at the chamber web site for snowmobilers. We hope you enjoy the new Jackman [url=]Maine snowmobile trail report [/url] with almost daily updates throughout the season. In addition, we, at our chamber site, are in the process of offering a place to get more info about the various trails in the area. You can check out a 3d map with trail markings, leave a comment or ask a question about the trail and area, download or upload gpx of the trail and download and upload geocache coordinates for caches near the trails.

If there is more information, comments, corrections etc. about the offerings on the website, please don-t hesitate to email or call the chamber. We want this to be useful resource for all winter sportsman.

In the future, once we start getting some good gpx files of the trails, we hope to offer the ability to plot the trails on a map and interact with it.

With a lot of snow so far this season, we think this might be a great snowmobile year and we hope everyone comes out and enjoys the trails.

Special thanks to the Borders Riders Club and Maine Snowmobile Association for making Maine and the Jackman Moose River Region a premier snowmobiler-s vacation destination!

Weather in Jackman

On Sunday it seemed everyone in Jackman was on their roof getting off the snow that had accumulated from past storms.

We had a bit of rain last weekend when temps were in the low 30s but as it got colder, we then got snow again. Only some flurries it seed but the wind was blowing so hard, the snow was going sideways around here so chances are that the woods did get some more accumulations from it on top of that very solid base. Should make for some excellent riding.

We are hearing snow on Thursday with another storm coming through on Saturday. The chance of snow is 70% so with a little luck, it will bring in a beginning to a great New Year.

Feel free to visit our weather tab for other updates


Below is a shot of a family who came to Cozy Cove for their Christmas holiday. What fun the kids all had sledding down the hill and everyone being together. This is what Christmas is all about. Being around those you love and sharing the time together. Best wishes to everyone this holiday season!


Border Crossing 2008

Living in a border town, plus many of our guests like to go into Quebec to visit or to snowmobile or ATV, I have been trying to determine what is needed in 2008 to travel into Quebec. I have looked at Homeland security sites and border crossing sites and what I came up with is actually was the officers at the border are saying….I talked with both sides yesterday…

If you plan to drive, snowmobile or ATV into Canada after January 1st, 2008, you can get into Canada with only your drivers license (plus if asked, you will need proof of insurance and registration). BUT you cannot return into the states without a photo ID (Drivers license for example) and proof of citizenship (birth certificate) OR a passport. Sometime in the summer 2008 the passport requirements will hold but for now, please be sure you have at least those 2 documents to return home. (plus again, the normal things needed to drive an auto, sled or ATV)

This is one web site I found to get a copy of your birth certificate on line… or visit your own town government for more information. I have not used this site but it is only an example.

If you have children, you may want to confirm what is needed as a photo ID for them. Do schools now issue something like this?

Have a happy safe New year when you welcome it in!


They are saying that this is going to be the snow storm of the year in New England…but we all know how the weather meteorologists do not get it right all the time.
But, according to Kevin C, this storm was written in the farmer almanac.

Below is a picture I took about 30 minutes ago. On the right of the shot, you can see the snowflakes against the gray of the cabin.
At this moment though as I write this note and upload this shot, the snowflakes are twice the size and I can barely see the cabins across our drive. SO later on I will take and upload another that really shows the snow.

This may be the “”storm of the year”” ❗


Check back later 😉

OK This is the morning of the 17th of December….does not look much different does it? It is, believe me. It is hard (for me) to capture the depth of the snow…all to white you know. I need to play with my filters I think. I-ll get better!


Murphy gets new shoes!

On our weather page, I have been promising a video of Murphy with her new “”mucklucks”” but as of yet, I have not done this. It really is difficult to get her in action as she tends to be a little camera shy. Without a camera, she is very much a ham as most who know her know.

But I did get a quick photo of her with them on and even though this is cute, it is much cuter and funnier to see a dog when they first have shoes put on. I will try to capture that moment next time