September 2007 QUOTES from our Guests

September 15 (“I think”)
“We are hunters of a different kind. Plants and mushrooms (medicinal purposes) not moose. We found this place by accident and couldn-t be more pleased. This kind of place is rare these days. Protect its wildness with everything you have got. I hope we get to come back again. Best of luck “
Sara & Scott from North Carolina Cabin #8

September 22
“The riding (ATV RIDING) up here is glorious:!: We are so glad we celebrated our seven year anniversary here. It is beautiful and we couldn-t have asked for better hosts, Tami & Steve, oh and of course, Murphy. (we fell in live with Murphy ❗ ❗ ) Thanks so much”
Libby & Jeff from Sabattus Cabin #8



Today ends another successful Jamboree sponsored by the Border Riders Club. The mud Pitt, as you can see in the shot above, was a lot of fun to watch as well as a lot of fun to do if you like to get muddy. A few somehow managed to go head first in the mud (check out the BRSClub site as I am sure they will post those shots) and some made it through the whole run in something like 11 seconds 😮

They also had blind man rodeo (driver is blind-folded and another person has to guide him through an obstacle course) drag races, and a relay race, and of course, great food!

Our guests this weekend are having a great time riding. Most have said that they cannot believe they did not come up earlier in the year. So spread the word and do not wait until late September next year to take your first ride in Jackman ❗


This week the leaves have really started to turn. When I was young, I was always told that they change color after the first frost. I do not believe we had a hard frost yet, although in the mountains they may have. But also, I read that the green goes away in relation to the amount of daylight. SO what is the facts?. I guess I need to “”google”” that!

Whatever the facts are, it is still a beautiful time of year. Everyday, I see more and more shades of reds and oranges popping all over. This shot was taken overlooking Big Wood Lake with I believe Bald Mountain in the background.
We took a ride too today to explore the color and they are definitely out there but I think this is a prettier shot but then again, I am a little partial to the lake view.


Football season has arrived and most may know, I am a die hard Steelers fan. Sorry but when you are born and raised in Steelers country; you pretty much have no other choice. It simply does not matter where you move to or who else you might like.

My nephew and his friends were visiting last week and as per Canonsburg protocol, on football Sunday, they all wore their favorite Steelers shirt. It warmed my heart a bit as it brought back memories of home and of the football spirit. The Little Steelers fan in the front is my niece. I told you they start us young!