MARCH 2007 QUOTES from our Guests

March 13-17
“”Stayed here in #4 just for the PEACE ❗ We didn-t snow mobile or fish, we just relaxed. There were no sirens, horns, boom boxes, or idiots. We dread going back to Salem Mass. But we-ll be back. THANKS ❗ “”
…Carol, Larry, and Charlie, the dog Cabin #4

March 9-12
“”Saturday we went snowmobiling to Rockwood-trails around town were very bumpy-went to MOOSEPOINT TAVERN for supper-always great. Sunday very tired and sore from riding so decided to go for a shorter ride. We-ll be back””
Carrie and Mike from Sandwich, Ma Cabin #2

March 23
“”Arrived Friday night for a retreat away from day to day stuff. This is the 1st time we have stayed at Cozy Cove Cabins. It is beautiful ad very comfortable. My parents stayed in #8 and enjoyed their cabin as well. We went ice fishing…didn-t catch much but enjoyed the 50 degree weather. My kids are 6 &7 and they just love it here. We will definitely come back here this summer.””
Kirby, Sherri, CJ, and Autumn from Sidney Cabin #4

Again, Still….a winter wonderland

Tuesday March 20, 2007
Isn-t tomorrow the 1st day of Spring? I do believe someone who loves me was tired of me complaining about not getting enough snow in January and is trying to keep piling it on!!!!!
It is snowing again today, at times here at Cozy Cove Cabins, SIDEWAYS!
Latest trail reports are still GOOD RIDING in the region so hurry on up, we all know that “”if you like the weather now, give it a minute and it will change”” Check out our WEATHER tab for weather updates.

Saturday March 17, 2007
Well, I did not think I would have any more winter entries but here we are….woke this morning to a winter wonderland. 😕 … not sure how I feel about this ❗

It is a little blowy out but I do believe there is at least a foot of snow on the ground. And it is still snowing pretty hard right now. This winter is definitely going to go out like a lion ❗

Well one more yahoo ❗ for the snowmobilers. It should be a good ride this weekend; lots of power and not a lot of crowds. Come on up if you have not already packed away the winter sleds and gear.

Jackman TRAIL REPORT and ICE FISHING in Jackman

This will probably be our last entry on snowmobiling in Jackman or Ice fishing on Big Wood…..I fear the seasons are coming to an end and spring could be on its way. 😀 😛 🙁
I guess you can tell I have mixed feelings on this 😕 I love winter and all its beauty but I also love spring and all its wonder…..anyhow….

I spoke to one rider yesterday who just came back from Pittston Farms and he said the “”ride was sweet”” so there is still good riding in the region but you may have to go through some rough areas to get to it.

Big Wood Lake is still quite frozen with the season ending on March 31st….so there is still plenty of time to get the big one ❗ Ice fishermen have done great this year on Big Wood so far! Any predictions of Ice Out ❓

Although the weather right now is above 40 and it drizzled rain last night, meteorologist in Bangor say a cold front is coming in tonight with more precipitation expected…and we all know that this could mean SNOW in Jackman this weekend. Only Mother Nature knows. Watch our Weather tab more reports on the weather here at Cozy Cove Cabins.


Father and son have been here fishing all week. When the temperatures were in the single numbers and the wind was blowing, they built themselves a snow wall right on shore to watch for their flags. These are ice fisherman!!!!

They have done great all week right off shore here at Cozy Cove but I think this was their best catch…of course by Corey, the son, was this big Salmon ❗ 8)


I think on this second picture, Dad is hiding his Splake a little…or maybe the salmon is just too big to see Dads catch 😉