JANUARY 2007 QUOTES from our guests

December 31-January 2nd “”NEW YEARS 2007″”
The Larks arrived Sunday Partied NY eve at the NORTHLAND, met some new friends. Woke up a little hung over and cooked a big breakfast. Chad-s fishing. Cabin #2

January 13
“”We love the “”cozy”” cabins. So accommodating. Thank you Steve! Super Comfy Bed 😀 it was nice to relax in after our hard 89 miles of SNOWMOBILING. “” Let-s pray for snow!”” We will certainly be back again before the season is over. By the way, great food at the SCHMOOSES restaurant. Can-t wait to come back ❗
John and Carla from NH Cabin #6

Jan 10
“”BRRR! Very cold outside but in the cabin it-s very “”cozy”” Great winter get-away! We-ll definitely be back””- …Loretta and Shaun in Cabin #1

Jan 18
Came up to ride the sleds had a perfect time aside from the bony trails in and out of town and a couple of sled complications. Great friends, good times, and plenty of booze ❗ Thanks Tami and Steve Hopefully see you again soon ❗
Kevin, Dave, Josh, and Jay Cabin #4

“”This place is amazing. We loved it here. We-ll come back in the summer. Thanks a whole bunches of lots””
Emma & Trafton Cabin #6


As most people know, Jackman has it-s own “”weather channel””. It seems that no matter what the forecasters from towns like Bangor or Portland say, they are never quite accurate about the weather conditions here in Jackman.

To offer a more accurate weather report, we had a Cozy Cove Cabins written weather report posted on this Blog. This was helpful to many of our guests but our Golden Retriever wanted to get in on the weather reporting action herself. And for those who know Murphy, Murphy Rules:!:

💡 To do this, we moved this small weather section on the blog to its own Weather Tab on our Website. We will provide videos of Murphy enjoying the beautiful weather here in Jackman plus other activities that might help you see what the weather conditions actually are in Jackman or what people at Cozy Cove Cabins are doing. (If you are a guest with us, let us know if you want to star in one of our videos)

Our weather reports are as we, Steve, Tami, and Murphy see it here at Cozy Cove Cabins. We will write what it really looks like from our deck or the shoreline, what OUR thermometer says, and what we can see. This is not to say that the weather in the whole Jackman region is the same. In the summer, it is always cooler here off the lake then in town and in the winter, the mountains get more snow than we do here near town. Please keep this in mind.

As for weather forecasting….we are not meteorologists…so please do not ask us what we think the weather will be in a week? We can only tell you what we hear on the news. There is one person in town who seems to be able to forecast the weather…we are not sure how she knows but her forecasts do seem to be pretty accurate, so occasionally, we will add in her thoughts.

Below is a photo of Murphy waiting for me to go out to play with her and as you can see, it is a beautiful sunny day and no wind! The temperature at the time of the photo was 12 above.


Get [url=http://cozycovecabins.com/movies/]Jackman Maine Weather Reports[/url] (designed by our [url=http://www.lagunasites.com]Laguna Niguel Web Design Partner[/url]) by visiting our main site and clicking on the weather tab, or just click on [url=http://cozycovecabins.com/movies/]Jackman weather[/url].


It-s SNOWING in Jackman Maine

January 17th SNOW UPDATE
Trail reports are good. You can go North or northeast to Pittston Farms and south to Red buck. In town trails are ridable and you can also access the northern trail off of Big Wood. SO ride from the cabin is possible. With the next storm due on Friday, should be great riding.
Below is a picture we took yesterday off Holeb road.

January 16th UPDATE
We ended up with about 8 inches here…hard to measure an exact as the wind off the lake cause just a bit of drifting but even still…nice solid SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

January 15th
Our long awaited snow has come…..

It started this morning around 9 and by noon, we had a about 4 1/2 inches of snow here at Cozy Cove ❗ ❗

It is still snowing but perhaps not quite as much. We shall see in the morning what it brings in total.

I recorded the weather and snow on a video but alas, 🙄 having trouble transferring it to the computer…but soon I will have one on this bloggie for you.

Stay tuned ❗

Snowmobile trails are open in Jackman!

We, as forecasted, have continued to get snow about every other day. Although, not measured in feet, it continues to add up and the temperatures are staying cold. Accuweather.com today said 80% chance of more snow in the next 24 hours. SO, I say BRING IT ON!!!!

Reports from the Border Riders Club say that trails north to Canada are open and have a good base as well as some other trails in the area. In town trails do not have enough snow yet to ride out. Also good reports of areas off Spencer road that some have traveled.

Go to the border riders club web site for more details. http://www.borderridersclub.com/home_f1.html


2007 Ice Fishing Begins on Big Wood Pond

January 12th UPDATE
The temperatures are still around 30 but chill factor is about 20ish. Our guests that just left told us that they road all over the lake with their quad and the thinnest is about 8 inches that they found. GREAT FISHING for them this week. Some of their best catch days were right out front of Cozy Cove Cabins….I guess that was why on the 5th, so many were fishing right out front! The salmon are hungry!

January 8th UPDATE
YEAH ❗ SNOW ❗ Temps are staying below 30 since the rain on Saturday? I think Saturday. anyhow, what rain fell then froze over on the lake. Forecasters are saying it will even get colder this week.
Reports from guests today say it is 7 inches thick at about 220 yards out. They caught a salmon and a splake 🙂 So far they are very “”happy campers”” or should I say Happy Fisherman ❗

January 5th Update
A little drizzle of rain today but this did not seem to keep the “”true and dedicated ice fishermen”” off the ice. There was about 20 people out this morning all in front of Cozy Cove and what was Tuckaway Shores. Why is this? Are the fish biting better here or is the ice a little thicker here? …maybe a combination. Most reports say that many of the lakes are not thick enough to go out on but you would not know it by looking out the window today!
If you enjoy fishing stories, go to the essays of David, a man who lived in the camp next to us many years ago. They are enjoyable to read. This site is his story of ice fishing. http://w3.ime.net/~eldorado/is.html Enjoy ❗

January 4th Update!
Big Wood continues to freeze. Steve has not gone out yet today to measure the thickness but there is 1 Ice Shack mid lake and 1 near our shore that went out today. Reports that Little Big Wood was 6inches this weekend.

The thermometer on our deck is showing 38 so temperatures are not as warm as they report on the news. That-s a good thing ❗


January 1, 2007
…and the ice fishing season has begun. Some people have ventured out near the island on foot and I even see 2 shacks out there…to the right of this photo…:o and a couple dogs running about. But most are staying near shore on this side of the lake.

As to their luck ❓ No clue as of yet but it is a nice day out, a little overcast but it is not raining and the wind is not blowing. It seems that everyone is having a great day on the ice, even if they do not get the big one. ❗

Big Wood Lake Fishing Derby

Make your plans now for the 3rd Annual Big Wood Lake Close-up Fishing Derby. Lodging is filling up!

This event takes place on the weekend of February 10-11. It will include fishing on Little Big Wood also. Bring your friends and your children and have a great weekend in Jackman…Maine, the way life should be!

Cash prizes plus the Grand prize is a 9″” Jiffy Stealth STX Ice auger. 😀

Registration is required with a fee of $20 for 16 and older and $10 for children under 16.
For more information, contact Hal at 207-668-5291 Ext 16.