We had a guest this week who came up to ride the ATV trails….they had a great time but one ATV was a little rough riding so after 3 days of her back “”killing her”” she went to Jackman Powersports in town…and got a great deal on a new one.
She loves it…much smoother ride and very happy they did it.

JP has been having sales on their ATV-s so check them out on line at or stop in when you are in town.

Leaves are falling

I think I can officially say the peak fall foliage is over….Well Over half the leaves on our trees have fallen.

The yellow and orange colors are still strong and even yesterday, when the lake was crystal calm, the color reflections off the lake were still intense. But the reds seems to be gone. 🙁

Today, Steve, Linda and myself, started the task of raking and picking up the leaves. Oh JOY! ❗ We know this is the first of many days of raking but are taking advantage of having his sister around to help.

SEPTEMBER2006 QUOTES from our guests

Here, visiting our daughter who lives in Jackman. Cabin is very nice, just needs a reading light by the bed. We will stay here again on our next visit north.””
Sally and Mike from Enfieild, Ct 9/1 Cabin #6

“”Wow! Amazing! Breathtaking! Add any other descriptive word you want.
Cozy Cove Cabins is the most relaxing and enjoyable place I have ever been. Being here with family makes it all the more special. Murphy is one of the best welcoming committees around. …
This is a great place to come to if you want to get away from it all but a very difficult place to leave…””
Sharon from Strabane, Pa 9/9 Cabin #4

“”Enjoyed our stay a lot. Jackman is a really cool laid back town and the area is the kind I like-open space and open road, The cabin was clean and cozy and well stocked and the views across the pond breathtaking.””
Tim and Donna 9/17-20 Cabin #5

“”The peace you feel at this place is worth any price…..””
Colleen and Mike from Derry, NH 9/9 Cabin #4

“”Once again, thank you so much! The cabin was adorable!! May be making another trip up in a couple weeks to check out the foliage-we-ll get in touch. “”
Robin and Howdy from Bass Harbor 9/10 Cabin #1

“”We enjoyed our visit to Maine and relaxing after 1900 miles on the road. I was re-untied with my daughter. Wonderful memories and history made at #6″”
John from Little Rock, Arkansas 9/11 Cabin #6

“”Had a great time Found a great place to hang out and watch the race and football games…SCHMOOSES. Food is great as well. Nice cabin/clean/rustic.””
Angela and Craig 9/8-10 Cabin #5

“”We came to go 4-wheeling and check out the Jamboree. We rode north Friday with great weather. Saturday we rode south headed for the Forks but got caught in a downpour. Cabin #9 was very cozy and Steve and Tami were very nice. Yogi (their Golden) had a great time 4 wheeling and playing with Murphy(our golden). Hope to be back soon.””
Daryn, Christy and Drake from Bristol 9/23 Cabin #9

“”Thanks so much for the stay in Cabin #6. We had a great time. It was real homey. Hope to visit again someday. Enjoy the season and hope the winter is good to you.
Conway, NH 9/17 Cabin #6

Jackman Fall Fun! The Enduro Car Race and John-s BBQ

Border Riders Club is planning their annual Enduro Car race the weekend of October 7th (rain date the 8th) at the Border Riders Club. Watch old cars race around a track. Come enjoy the fun.
Plus John B. has his annual Pig, Beef and Chicken roast BBQ on the 7th betwwen 4-9pm. This will be held at Johns Four Seasons Campground. Should be a fun weekend with lots of good food.

ATV JAMBOREE in progress

Guests had a great time today at the ATV Jamboree:!: Great riding, great fun and “”it wasn-t dusty””….we had some light rain off and on today which did not seem to stop anyone from having a good time.

Fun to continue through tonight with a bonfire and tomorrow.

I-ll update this tomorrow if anything else comes in.


Many great reports on the ATV trails in the area…but lots of fun to be had at the Border RIders Club ATV JAMBOREE September 23rd! There will be races and many opportunities to ride in the mud. Don-t miss a good time!
You can visit their site for more information at


Peak foliage here in the region is usually the 1st week in October, but it may be sooner this year!

I cannot believe that some leaves are beginning to change already, especially the red maples.

Pretty soon, the colors of orange and yellow and red will be mixed into the ever green of the pines.
All this against the blue clear skies.

I CAN-T WAIT 😛 as this is my favorite time of year.

AUGUST 2006 QUOTES from our guests

…took the boat across the lake to find the eagle-s nest. Couldn-t find it but found a
young Bull Moose in another cove ❗ ❗ He was in the water eating. We stayed with him until it got too dark. We have seen many moose before, but we never seen one in the water! It was incredible ❗ “”
Ann, Mike and Brad from Veazie 8/20-24 Cabin #1

“”What a wonderful spot ❗ This is our last few days in Me before we start the 2 day drive back to Michigan. We have enjoyed our Cozy Cove Cabin; it has lived up to its name….””
Rob and Melissa from Grand Blanc, Mi 8/18 Cabin #6

“”Traveled over 400 miles to celebrate our 47th anniversary at the best dinner spot for a special event, MOOSE POINT TAVERN. Tami and STeve, we-ll be back! Love it here!””
Joyce and Dave-August 17 Cabin #1

“”I-m sorry that we were only able to stay one night. The cabin is quite “”cozy”” and the bed is the best we-ve slept in, in a week. Can-t wait to come back.
Joe and Diane from Brookville, Ohio 8/28 Cabin #6

“” …This is our second summer at this cozy corner and we were pleased to see the changes the camp has gone through ❗ “”
Baxter, Lori, Katie, Audrey and Abby from Searsport 8/28 Cabin #1

“”Bald Mountainclimb was perfect. Vista-s a-plenty. 1st night our group saw 5 moose. Quiet, peaceful, pleasant. Thanks for a great stay and well run “”sporting camps””
Jim and Diane from Chaffee, NY 8/3-9 Cabin#9

“” I stayed her 24 years ago on a vacation and had fond memories of Cozy Cove and staying just one day in this lovely new cabin was delightful and refreshing “”
Paddy from NY 8/3 Cabin #4

“”We came up for the weekend and today is our 6th anniversary. We took our boat and went out and ate at MOOSE POINT TAVERN (food was great). The sunset on the water was beautiful. The cozy cabin was great and bed was very soft and cozy. This is our first time in these cabins and glad we came up.””
Patty and Ed from Windham, Me 8/19 Cabin #6

“”We”” had an awesome time ❗ Ted and his buddy spent their time fishin- and of course, I spent my time with the girls on the beach! We could not have asked for a better weekend or a better location with our friends. Tami and Steve (and of course, Murphy) made of vacation weekend the best ❗ I can definitely see us coming back whether snowmobiling, fishing or whatever…. “”
Tammy and Ted from Searsport.8/25-27 Cabin#9


Summer is almost to an end 🙁 .

But we have one more long weekend coming up before school begins….LABOR DAY WEEKEND.

Load up the kids and the ATV-s and come up and ride. Reports from guests say the trails have been great. Just enough rain to add a little mud and to cut down on the dust.

Hunting season is fast approaching in the Jackman region.

Grouse season starts October 1st and this year should be a good year…

Moose season also promises to be good as there have been so many sitings this summer….even during the day. Mike saw a beautiful Bull up on Bald Mountain Monday. Can-t wait to see his picture!

Deer season starts October 28th!

Visit [url=][/url] for specific dates and limits.

😛 Lots of good eats for the hunters in Jackman. You will not go hungry!
Johns BBQ on October 7th, Boyscouts Hunters Breakfast early November and the Jackman Chamber of Commerce Hunters Supper the 3rd week of November.
Plus all of our great restaurants, pubs and diners for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

If you need more information or a place to stay,
visit Cozy Cove Cabin-s [url=] Jackman Maine Fall Outdoor and Hunting Guide[/url].

See you then!