Campfire and sunsets

I have always said that we get the best sunsets here at Cozy Cove Cabins.  The changing skies, clouds and many times, just the colors that reflect off the lake are awesome. Cindy and her friends captured a perfect moment. An incredible sky with a warm cozy fire in our common pit by the lake. What could be better?

4th of July in Jackman 2019

Another great 4th of July celebration in Jackman.   The parade seemed a bit smaller then usual but still fun.

I captured a couple of our guests waiting for the parade to start

After the parade, our guests and some friends all gathered on our shore for our annual 4th of July potluck.  Good food, good conversation, new friends.

Then the fireworks at the town field which as always, the best in Maine.

Snapping turtle nesting 2019

When I looked at our webcam yesterday I saw these three bumps.  Went down and saw momma turtle planting her eggs in the hole closest to the firepit.

We are not sure if she dropped her eggs in all three holes or not so we will put up some marker around the one and hope we can protest at least some of them.

The eggs will hatch anywhere from 60-90 days they say.  We’ll keep an eye out at the end of September.


June Journal post

We say this all the time…one wonderful thing about Jackman and Cozy Cove Cabins is the simple serenity and escape you feel here.  So here is a post from our journal as 2 young ladies agree:

Waking up every morning, having a front row seat to God’s awesome work, listening to the birds and the wind blowing in the trees singing His glory was majestic.  We wanted to get away from life’s daily routine and demands. We wanted to be re-charged and we wanted to just relax and that’s exactly what we did.  When we arrived we were greeted by Tami and Maggie. We even requested an upgrade and Steve and Tami were so helpful. We had to adjust to no cell phone reception but that’s what we needed. A break from the outside.  In spite of a little rain and cloudy days the beauty and peacefulness of Cozy Cove was just magnificent. We will be back. Mavis and Nina    Cabin 5 June 2019

ATV trails in Jackman

Finally, all trails in our region are open.  Pittston Farm areas are still too wet but we will post when we know more. Still plenty of areas to ride from here to the Forks, over to Rockwood, and up to the border.

We have had a very wet spring with all the colder temps and snow melt and rain. Now that the temperatures are finally over 60, the land has had a chance to dry out. Land owners opened some areas last week but we still had to re-route a new trail south due to logging.

It would be nice to have set trails and not depend on land owners but without them, we would not have anything to ride. So thank you.  Please respect their land as we all do.


May seems to bring out all the mating rituals of birds, especially my beloved tree swallow. Steve even saw a couple chasing each other then they landed right in front of him and did the dirty. He was shocked.

We have many houses all around the property just for them.  They frolic, mate, and nest all month.  Once they choose a house, they settle down except to fly around to protect that house.

These two were pretty funny to watch.   They flew from this house, a very old one, over to Cabin 3, a new build, for about an hour.  Then they settled on this house, chirping at each other.  It was if to say, she wants to old house with character and he wants the new house that needs no work.   I think she won.