Weather in Jackman

On Sunday it seemed everyone in Jackman was on their roof getting off the snow that had accumulated from past storms.

We had a bit of rain last weekend when temps were in the low 30s but as it got colder, we then got snow again. Only some flurries it seed but the wind was blowing so hard, the snow was going sideways around here so chances are that the woods did get some more accumulations from it on top of that very solid base. Should make for some excellent riding.

We are hearing snow on Thursday with another storm coming through on Saturday. The chance of snow is 70% so with a little luck, it will bring in a beginning to a great New Year.

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Below is a shot of a family who came to Cozy Cove for their Christmas holiday. What fun the kids all had sledding down the hill and everyone being together. This is what Christmas is all about. Being around those you love and sharing the time together. Best wishes to everyone this holiday season!



They are saying that this is going to be the snow storm of the year in New England…but we all know how the weather meteorologists do not get it right all the time.
But, according to Kevin C, this storm was written in the farmer almanac.

Below is a picture I took about 30 minutes ago. On the right of the shot, you can see the snowflakes against the gray of the cabin.
At this moment though as I write this note and upload this shot, the snowflakes are twice the size and I can barely see the cabins across our drive. SO later on I will take and upload another that really shows the snow.

This may be the “”storm of the year”” ❗


Check back later 😉

OK This is the morning of the 17th of December….does not look much different does it? It is, believe me. It is hard (for me) to capture the depth of the snow…all to white you know. I need to play with my filters I think. I-ll get better!


Murphy gets new shoes!

On our weather page, I have been promising a video of Murphy with her new “”mucklucks”” but as of yet, I have not done this. It really is difficult to get her in action as she tends to be a little camera shy. Without a camera, she is very much a ham as most who know her know.

But I did get a quick photo of her with them on and even though this is cute, it is much cuter and funnier to see a dog when they first have shoes put on. I will try to capture that moment next time




This is a busy time for us trying to move all of this snow around but I did want to get a quick shot out to you all as to the amount of snow we did get overnight. It is difficult to measure around here due to some drifting but I would say at least 18 inches here at Cozy Cove…8)

Sorry for the darkness of the shot….I had my white balance wrong on the camera but I think you can get the jest of it. Next couple days when I have a little more time I will take some better ones.

Again, Still….a winter wonderland

Tuesday March 20, 2007
Isn-t tomorrow the 1st day of Spring? I do believe someone who loves me was tired of me complaining about not getting enough snow in January and is trying to keep piling it on!!!!!
It is snowing again today, at times here at Cozy Cove Cabins, SIDEWAYS!
Latest trail reports are still GOOD RIDING in the region so hurry on up, we all know that “”if you like the weather now, give it a minute and it will change”” Check out our WEATHER tab for weather updates.

Saturday March 17, 2007
Well, I did not think I would have any more winter entries but here we are….woke this morning to a winter wonderland. 😕 … not sure how I feel about this ❗

It is a little blowy out but I do believe there is at least a foot of snow on the ground. And it is still snowing pretty hard right now. This winter is definitely going to go out like a lion ❗

Well one more yahoo ❗ for the snowmobilers. It should be a good ride this weekend; lots of power and not a lot of crowds. Come on up if you have not already packed away the winter sleds and gear.

Jackman TRAIL REPORT and ICE FISHING in Jackman

This will probably be our last entry on snowmobiling in Jackman or Ice fishing on Big Wood…..I fear the seasons are coming to an end and spring could be on its way. 😀 😛 🙁
I guess you can tell I have mixed feelings on this 😕 I love winter and all its beauty but I also love spring and all its wonder…..anyhow….

I spoke to one rider yesterday who just came back from Pittston Farms and he said the “”ride was sweet”” so there is still good riding in the region but you may have to go through some rough areas to get to it.

Big Wood Lake is still quite frozen with the season ending on March 31st….so there is still plenty of time to get the big one ❗ Ice fishermen have done great this year on Big Wood so far! Any predictions of Ice Out ❓

Although the weather right now is above 40 and it drizzled rain last night, meteorologist in Bangor say a cold front is coming in tonight with more precipitation expected…and we all know that this could mean SNOW in Jackman this weekend. Only Mother Nature knows. Watch our Weather tab more reports on the weather here at Cozy Cove Cabins.

Winter Fun in Jackman

Wednesday February 21,2007
Since the storm, it has been pretty busy around here so I apologize for not adding any updates until now. They say we had about 30 inches from that storm but around Cozy Cove Cabins, we could not tell. Half of the snow from the lake blew onto our property I think 😆 We were able to get the area plowed but we did need an excavator to help move up and over. Plus all the other snow we had to move: roofs, decks, etc.

Trail reports have been great. Our guests have gone into Canada, over to Pittston Farms, and down to Eusits. The beginning of the weekend had some rough spots but now that the snow had a chance to harden up and groomed again and again, they have been great.

Kids this weekend were building forts in the snow mounds and sliding down the other side. What fun!


Thursday February 15,2007

The wind picked up sometime last night so when we woke….oh wow, what a sight. It was still snowing but the wind was blowing so hard that we believe half of the snow that fell on the lake was on our property!
Steve wondered if he wasted his time plowing last night or thankful that he moved as much as he did.
One of our guests made the mistake of leaving their sleds out all night. Even though they put one behind their trailer, the sled was buried this morning.

It is unsure how much snow we actually got in the region because of the wind. Perhaps someone in town may have an idea.

So we have been plowing and blowing (which using a snow blower when it is windy does not really work well) and shoveling all morning. Now the sun is out and it sure is pretty.

If you are on your way up to the region today or this weekend, drive careful as the winds are blowing much snow onto the roads. The plow trucks are doing a great job with the roads but their still may be drifts. And no matter where you are staying this weekend, be kind to your hosts as they must of all had a busy day today trying to make room for you and your trailers.

I did get pictures this morning and will try to post them later but for now, back to work!

Well finally, here is one picture we took Thursday Morning before we started to plow. Today, it was even worse so we had an Excavator come in to help move some of the snow!

Wednesday February 14, 2007 HAPPY Valentine-s DAY

The winter storm is on it-s way. This morning we had about 4 inches by 9am. At 6pm, I was shoveling off our deck for the second time today, and it began to snow harder so that by the time I was done, there was another inch down where I had cleaned off first. Now at 8pm, I measured a total of 16 + inches on our deck. The wind has not started yet so who knows what tomorrow will bring. Steve is still outside plowing our drive area…his fourth run at the place. It is cold out but luckily, no wind today.
I guess no valentine dinner for us tonight!

Tuesday February 13th 2007

YEAH!!!! A storm is coming. . . Supposed to start tomorrow and continue through Thursday. If you are on your way up, travel safe! I-ll try to update this or the weather tab tomorrow night or Friday. If it is not too windy, I-ll catch a video for those of you not able to enjoy this white stuff we love up here.

Saturday February 10, 2007

Big Wood Lake was alive today with Ice fisherman riding their sleds, their Quads, and their vehicles to find that perfect fishing spot. And they are all doing great…well most. This is the Fishing Derby weekend too so I wonder who will win the big prize.

Snowmobilers were also all over the lake … riding across the lake to access the Northern trails. Reports from riders are that the trails are good. Some areas are not perfect but they are having a great time this weekend ❗

The temperature is 10 above but still a bite in the air as the wind comes off the Lake. Most say “”oh it-s not bad”” but too cold for me to go out there so sorry, no videos this weekend….maybe later today we will cover up and go out there. The sun is still too high for good photography anyhow :wink:[i][/i]

2007 Ice Fishing Begins on Big Wood Pond

January 12th UPDATE
The temperatures are still around 30 but chill factor is about 20ish. Our guests that just left told us that they road all over the lake with their quad and the thinnest is about 8 inches that they found. GREAT FISHING for them this week. Some of their best catch days were right out front of Cozy Cove Cabins….I guess that was why on the 5th, so many were fishing right out front! The salmon are hungry!

January 8th UPDATE
YEAH ❗ SNOW ❗ Temps are staying below 30 since the rain on Saturday? I think Saturday. anyhow, what rain fell then froze over on the lake. Forecasters are saying it will even get colder this week.
Reports from guests today say it is 7 inches thick at about 220 yards out. They caught a salmon and a splake 🙂 So far they are very “”happy campers”” or should I say Happy Fisherman ❗

January 5th Update
A little drizzle of rain today but this did not seem to keep the “”true and dedicated ice fishermen”” off the ice. There was about 20 people out this morning all in front of Cozy Cove and what was Tuckaway Shores. Why is this? Are the fish biting better here or is the ice a little thicker here? …maybe a combination. Most reports say that many of the lakes are not thick enough to go out on but you would not know it by looking out the window today!
If you enjoy fishing stories, go to the essays of David, a man who lived in the camp next to us many years ago. They are enjoyable to read. This site is his story of ice fishing. Enjoy ❗

January 4th Update!
Big Wood continues to freeze. Steve has not gone out yet today to measure the thickness but there is 1 Ice Shack mid lake and 1 near our shore that went out today. Reports that Little Big Wood was 6inches this weekend.

The thermometer on our deck is showing 38 so temperatures are not as warm as they report on the news. That-s a good thing ❗


January 1, 2007
…and the ice fishing season has begun. Some people have ventured out near the island on foot and I even see 2 shacks out there…to the right of this photo…:o and a couple dogs running about. But most are staying near shore on this side of the lake.

As to their luck ❓ No clue as of yet but it is a nice day out, a little overcast but it is not raining and the wind is not blowing. It seems that everyone is having a great day on the ice, even if they do not get the big one. ❗

Big Wood Lake Fishing Derby

Make your plans now for the 3rd Annual Big Wood Lake Close-up Fishing Derby. Lodging is filling up!

This event takes place on the weekend of February 10-11. It will include fishing on Little Big Wood also. Bring your friends and your children and have a great weekend in Jackman…Maine, the way life should be!

Cash prizes plus the Grand prize is a 9″” Jiffy Stealth STX Ice auger. 😀

Registration is required with a fee of $20 for 16 and older and $10 for children under 16.
For more information, contact Hal at 207-668-5291 Ext 16.