Jackman maine weather winter has arrived

This past week, winter in Jackman Maine has arrived. Our night time temperatures have been below 20 degrees. Β This is not only helping the snow we are getting already to stay but providing us with a good base.

We even had a skim of ice on Big Wood the other day but then the wind picked up and it broke up. But the water temperature was down to 38 and dropping daily. Soon we will see a solid frozen lake from our cabins.

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Big Wood Ice Out Contest 2016


With the crazy winter we have had this year, good luck trying to figure out this years Ice Out Date on Big Wood. Ice was not even in until well after January 1st. The last ice depth read was only about 2 feet thick.

SO let the guessing begin.

So how this will work:
Choose your date, then add a comment to this post with your guess as to the date the ice will go out this year. We can only accept one date per person. If you post the same date that is already posted, your post will not be recognized. (If more then one person chooses a date before I can post their comment, I will go by who posted the comment first.)

The winning date will be what the Town of Jackman records as the ice out date for 2016.
The winner will get 50% off one night when they stay with us 2 or more days or 1 full night free if they stay 4 or more days. This discount will expire January 31, 2017.

The deadline to post your vote this year is 8am on April 10th, 2016.

Please Note: Only one discount permitted per stay at Cozy Cove Cabins and our same discount rules apply. (payment by check or cash, cabin minimum must be met)

Watch our webcam for signs of change.


Jackman Trail Report 2016

WOW 😯 What wacky winter weather. Snow then rain then snow…minus zero then up to 38 then back to 10. Mother Nature is sure confused this year.

That being said, it seems that the Jackman area still has the best trails to ride. We even made a new trail for you all this past weekend of Rt 88 to get past a bad spot on your way to Pittston Farm. Through this all, our base has stayed solid. Some have had the “opportunity” πŸ™„ to ride on ice while some have hit it when they had snow.

As of today, we still have a good strong smooth base. The new trail off 88 is good as are most north and east of us. Even the in town trail, although hard, is falt and rideable. Lake trail is also good and you can get to it from our cabins. Most need picks and scratchers though. Corners may be icy so please use extra caution. Also, remember that there are miles of unplowed logging roads and excellent for off trail riding.

The meteorologists are saying snow this week, then maybe a bit of rain then snow again on Friday. Don-t put away your sled yet as March is usually the best month to ride!

Great Fishing in January


This image is our fisherman trying to set his traps in the incredible winds we had… gusts of up to 100 we were told. BRRRR

The ice froze to about 6 inches this week and after the rain, it is now a more solid 8 inches.

This father and daughter team did fantastic right off our shore. She seemed to get the trout and he seemed to get the salmon. I keep telling our guests that ice fishing in January is the best right out front.


First snow of the 2016 season


Yesterday, after the rain we got about 4-5 inches of snow here in town. In this picture, you can see the snow on the cabin roofs, the snow sticking to our birch tree and the snow in the mountains beyond.

Is everyone singing? “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Happy Spring 2015


Winter is going out like a lion here in Jackman. The temp is about 2 degrees and the wind 😯 Bitter cold out there!

There were so many people out on the trails this past weekend…everyone thinking it would be their last ride but alas, winter is still here even though they say it is spring. πŸ˜†

SO do not put those sleds away yet. Plenty more riding opportunities.

Jackman has snow


It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday with lots of fresh snow covering everything so I had to share this image with you.

There is probably about 20 inches out on the trails. The trails have all been panned and most have been groomed. Big Wood is frozen and ready for the ice fishing season to begin. A great start to our winter season.

BTW…snowing again today so no blue sky but it is still pretty.

2014 WInter season is on its way


This weekend, a couple of our guests enjoyed a fire to keep warm while they enjoyed a sunny but cold day at Cozy Cove Cabins.

The lake has frozen over, there is a bit of snow on the ground. It will not be long before the winter season will be here in full force. SO get the sleds and ice fishing gear ready!