Happy Spring 2015


Winter is going out like a lion here in Jackman. The temp is about 2 degrees and the wind 😯 Bitter cold out there!

There were so many people out on the trails this past weekend…everyone thinking it would be their last ride but alas, winter is still here even though they say it is spring. 😆

SO do not put those sleds away yet. Plenty more riding opportunities.

Jackman has snow


It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday with lots of fresh snow covering everything so I had to share this image with you.

There is probably about 20 inches out on the trails. The trails have all been panned and most have been groomed. Big Wood is frozen and ready for the ice fishing season to begin. A great start to our winter season.

BTW…snowing again today so no blue sky but it is still pretty.

2014 WInter season is on its way


This weekend, a couple of our guests enjoyed a fire to keep warm while they enjoyed a sunny but cold day at Cozy Cove Cabins.

The lake has frozen over, there is a bit of snow on the ground. It will not be long before the winter season will be here in full force. SO get the sleds and ice fishing gear ready!

The end of the winter 2012


Yesterday, most of the ice shacks on Big Wood were coming off the ice. This one was the last one I saw standing but within 30 minutes, it was also gone. It was a perfect morning and a beautiful day.

Today it is raining so whatever snow was on the trails, will be gone. Warmer weather due in next week also.

It was an interesting winter and we here at Cozy Cove would like to thank you all for visiting us this year.

Get ready for Spring fishing and summer fun 😀 and watch for the ice out contest that will be posted soon.

Snowman fun


Special thanks to Aaron and his family for building this wonderful snowman over the weekend. He is huge 😯
I tried to put a nose and mouth in him but the snow is packed pretty hard and I could not get anything to stay. I added the scarf for color.
He may be the last snowman of the year but I have a feeling he will be around for weeks. Even though the sun is shining, it is only around 15 degrees.
Our snowmobile guests over the weekend all said the trails are awesome north of town and of course, ice fishing options the rest of March. Come on up!

Jackman Trail Report 2-21-12


Snapshot from our webcam today. The sun is shining and the skies are blue but still, only about 20 out.
Trail reports from our guests who went out yesterday say that the trails to the border and over to Pittston Farm are good. They also say that in town are really bad but have been able to access via the lake trail. A few said the Border trail is “fantastic”. None have tried to go south but the club reports that way say that many of the trails are good but getting there may be rough.
If it stays cold, the weekend should still offer some good riding.

Ice fisherman on the other hand are doing great. Dan said this past weekend, their group did the best they have done up here in years.

Cozy Cove Lane


We call our driveway Cozy Cove Lane which can be accessed from Elm Street or at the end of Forest Street.

During the winter months, we usually get so much snow that keeping our front entrance clear and safe, is not always possible. Snow is always falling off our roof.


SO, in the winter, our front entrance on Elm will be blocked and we ask our guests to use our back entrance to the office and lobby. Besides, it always seems that, as the quote goes, back door guests are best:!: