December 1, 2008 SNOW in Jackman

It started snowing last evening and this morning, we are covered with that pretty white stuff. Maybe 2 inches only but it is a beginning.

Come on-you all know the song…”Let is snow let it snow let it snow ❗ “

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

November 4 “ELECTION DAY 2008”

I hope everyone got out to vote today. I hope everyone is taking advantage of our webcam overlooking Big Wood Lake because today was an incredibly beautiful day. Started out a little cool but by noonish, the sun was out and it really warmed up. I did forget to look at the thermometer but it was warm with a touch of cool air.

Winter arrives October 29, 2008

Well I think winter has arrived. BRRR is was cold today. The fact that I had my winter parka on AND gloves has to say something as to the temperature as I am always warm. Those women who are over “39” 😆 will understand this.

The thermometer read about 36 but the chill factor had to be way below that. We also had some snow flurries but not enough to stick.

October 28, 2008

We have had an incredible last couple days in Jackman. It has been about 50, skies were clear and bright, the lake was calm, the sun was out.
This morning, it is drizzling rain and snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. Our hunters coming in for the first week of deer season will like that 😀