Ice out 2014 help


I took this picture this morning to help those of you who have not posted your entry for our Big Wood Ice Out Contest.

But please, do not let what looks like water be deceiving. We had 3-4 feet of ice just last weekend although I am not willing to go out there now to test it. SO what looks like water could be a result of the rain we had or from the melting snow we had.

Cast your vote soon. Deadline for entries is April 15th.

Happy SPring 2014


I took this picture a couple days ago…then we got another few inches. It is amazing me that the snow is not going anywhere. The trail riding the past week or so has been incredible.

I hear others talk about mud season as they are also beginning their gardens. They post images of dirt, mud, green grass. And they only live a few hour south of us. I am a bit jealous I think. 😕

I was told that the ice on Little Big Wood was just thicker then the auger length. Another told us that Big Wood was still over 4 feet thick.

So what do you all think? Will we still have snow in May? June? July? 😯 I think not because when the warm hits, it will probably go fast. Rain expected tomorrow so we will see what happens this week.

Remember to cast your vote on our Ice Out Contest. I am surprised at some of the late May dates but we shall see.

Happy Spring.

A storm is coming


Mother nature has no idea what she is bringing us day to day. It rained this morning, then the sun came out and now, in the Northwest skies, you can see the dark clouds and hear the thunder.

Hope the kids get that boat in soon.

Weather update for May 2013


We had a hard frost last night but today, the sun is shining but there is still a bit of a breeze. I am hopeful that it will be warming up.

The forecast calls for possibility of showers next couple days but the weekend looks promising.

The good news for you fisherman: the rain and cooler temps has helped to get a bite.

It is cold out there


The webcam shot showing blue skies but don-t let it fool you. The temperature is about a Minus 8 but the chill factor is about a minus 25 in ton. Can-t say what the chill factor is on the lake though. BRRRR 😯 still pretty darn cold out.

Dress warm and have fun!

And the wind blows

The wind has been gusting all night but when I first took a picture of this snowy mountain, it was calm on the ice. Then the wind picked up (#1) and as you can see by #4, the blowing snow made a misty view of my beautiful snowy sun touched mountain. Still beautiful though don-t you agree?


Welcome Mr Snow


A lovely day today of snowy wonder. It looks like maybe an inch or more on the ground and we are hoping that the rest of the storm remains snow and not rain. Let-s start singing for the 2012-2013 winter season….Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ❗

First Snow for 2013 season


We woke this morning to a lovely little coating of snow on the grass, roofs and cars. Big fluffy flakes at first but it will probably rain later and it will be gone. We still have leaves on some of the trees:!:

None-the-less, first snow on October 14th seems early and may be what is to come for the 2013 winter season. Tune up your sleds, pull out the ice fishing gear and snow suits.