Jackman Kayaking and Float Planes

Steve-s sister (and her husband) is here this week visiting form California. What fun we have had. Great to share this place with family.

Anyhow, today was a gorgeous day. Steve and Jim went somewhere to get wood so Linda and I went out on the Kayaks. Her second time (1st time was a couple days ago), and she did really well.

Our first attempt was around 11, it was a little choppy out but we were both feeling daring. Even Murphy wanted to go “”for a ride”” and jumped in the Kayak with me. But as we rode the small swells, she got a little antsy so we came back in, tied up the dog and waited about an hour.

Our 2nd run was great. The water was calm and clear and Murphy, relunctantly stayed on shore.
I think Linda would love living here and doing this every day.

We were near our shore, looking at the bottom of the lake…the water was that clear…just relaxing and talking and a float plane was getting ready to take off.
She said “”Oh no, is he going to be able to see us? Will he run into us?””
I said, Laughing 😆 “”Yes Linda, you better duck””
( #1, he was still by Moose river taxying, and #2, we were right next to the shore. )
After I said that and laughed more she said, “”what was I even thinking”” ❗ :redface:

It may have been one of those moments that you had to be there but we had a good laugh out of it all.

And just so you never get that embarrassed…the float plane pilots do see you on the lake, even if you are in a little kayak….


WOW!!!!! What a storm last night. 😛 It was like our own 4th Of July Light show….. And as usual in Jackman, today the day after a storm, the sun is out and beautiful again!
This is Alumni weekend in Jackman so we hope the weather stays perfect for them.


It has been raining for about a week off and on but finally today it seems to have stopped. The sun poked his head out for a while. As Murphy and I sat on a rock by the shore watching Steve work 😉 , how serene it all looks. The sky still has a darkened hue with puffs of clouds and blue sky. The lake is calm and so mysterious looking. I wish you could see it right now!!! ❗