Our Murphy Girl


It is with a sad and very heavy heart that I must share this with you today.

Our Murphy girl fell last week and hurt her leg. Even though she was not bearing weight on her leg, she did not seem to be in any pain. Our vet said to keep her off the leg and see how she did.
We took her in today and the X-ray showed a fracture on the femur, just above the kneecap. This was related to a bone tumor and the cancer had probably already spread. Our choices were to amputate the leg and hope that the cancer had not spread, or to let her go.

It was a horribly hard choice to make but we chose to let her go. This tumor is something that must of been painful for her for a while and yet, we never knew. At 15ish, we thought arthritis was our only concern. Her energy and playfulness was constant and continued even when she could only get around on 3 paws. Just Saturday, only a few days after the fall, she wanted to run and play with a guest dog, which of course, we would not let her do. It would be hard to imagine her life without playing.

Murphy LIVED to play with people, toys other dogs. She was the most gentle lovable dog I have ever met and we know that she will be missed. We know that if there is a doggy heaven, she is probably wishing she could have taken her frisbee 🙂 with her.

We have taken oodles of pictures and videos of our girl and each one is cuter then the next. I have tried to put together a couple collages of our baby girl but can go no further today. Check back later.

All week after her fall, we knew she needed to be near us so we made a bed for her in the office. As she felt better, she would get herself up and lay next to the door when we were out doing cabins. We got concerned that she may do more harm so we let her come with us to the cabins. Even on 3 paws, she insisted on hopping around to be by our side. This is a few of her last week with us

The 2009 Loons have arrived

When I went outside to let Murphy out this morning, I HEARD THE FIRST LOON of THE SEASON ❗ 🙂 🙂

To hear them call out there when the lake is still white with ice, it simply seems impossible. But I guess the only need enough open water to land.

Mexican Sombrero MIA

I need to do just a little venting… our red Mexican Sombrero was taken from a cabin.

Those of you who have stayed with us before, may know, our cabins have themes usually related to somewhere we have been. One advantage to this is that we can use some things we have collected over the years that otherwise, may sit in a box in the attic never to be seen again 😆

One such item is a Mexican Sombrero that we picked up in Tijuana many years ago. At the time, it was simply a fun thing to have, no real purpose. Now it only had one purpose: to use in our “Baja” cabin.

The sad part is that one of our “guests” literally ripped it off the wall. I can say that because it was held up by 2 screws…the screws are still in place.

People have taken small items from us before: coffee cups, towels, silverware, a little dish we had in Yosemite used for the scrubby, and one group even took a journal from a cabin.(its guest entries are not replaceable)

We have narrowed it down to have been taken mid January but since we are not exactly sure when it happened we are hoping that someone reads this and knows the guys who took it. And returns it! Actually, we do not think that this will happen but one would like to dream…

My last say on this: whether you stay in a cabin, a hotel, a campground or at a friends home, be considerate of the people and the place. They took time to make your stay enjoyable and I think it should be respected.

Merry Christmas 2008

We had a wonderful evening last night with friends. We hope you all did too.

Part of our tradition is sharing of the Christmas wafer (Oplatki) on Christmas Eve with family and friends before dinner. Even Murphy was part of it. Below is a picture of Melissa wishing Murphy a wonderful 2009 full of tennis balls and friends.


Today, Christmas day is a day to spend indoors, at least here in Jackman. Although our thermometer says 20, it is very windy and blustery out there.

So we hope all of you are warm and spending time with family and friends and that Santa brings you everything you asked for.

Melissa took some group shots last night which I will post when I get a copy. SO check back in a couple days for an update.

Wesoly Swiat 2008

Today is Christmas Eve and being Polish, we celebrate Wigilia tonight. It is one of the most beloved and cherished traditions of the Poles. It is the feast to commemorate the birth of Christ. (If you would like to know more about this, let me know.)
We have some dear friends coming over to share in this but we will also be thinking of our families and friends who live elsewhere and of those who are not with us anymore. We always set an extra setting for any wanderer or extra person who may need food or shelter this evening. This is a time of love, sharing, and forgiveness.

So we wanted to say to you all, Wesoly Swiat (Merry Christmas) and may you all have joy, peace and good health in the new year.

Vacation 2008

Last week, I took a little vacation away from Jackman and thought I would share. Steve could not go as we had reservations here. Maybe for the next wedding.

I first flew first into Pittsburgh and rented a car to drive to Ohio where my nephew/Godson was to be married. BUT ALSO, on that same day I was in the air, my nephew David had a son, well his wife did all the work but you know what I mean.

So I am now in Canton and before the big day, I spent some time with my sister, hubby and my one niece. This is me and my sis before the rehearsal dinner.


The wedding service and reception were just beautiful. And it even snowed that day making for some incredible outdoor photo shots.


After the wedding I drove back to Pa to spend a couple nights with my brother in Canonsburg. My great niece., Katie, that would be my brothers granddaughter celebreated a birthday that weekend too. She got way to many presents for a 4 year old and just as it usually is, the picture below of her and the little barking dog shows the pure happiness of a child. All of the other presents were merely something to open.


Of course, before I left PA, I went by the house I grew up in and took one last picture. I loved this house and the neighborhood growing up. Sure seems different now!


So that was my time away. It was a little rough having to deal with shopping malls and traffic but I did fine. Sure glad to be home though.

I think Winter has arrived 11-17-08

WOW ❗ The winds last night were incredible. (We really need to get a wind gauge around here – Christmas is coming 😉 )

Anyhow, I was sitting in the living room watching the Steelers – San Diego game in Pittsburgh, (It was snowing there ❗ ), being very disappointed in the Steelers by half time. Then 2nd half began and they stated to show their true self and wouldn-t you know it, there went the power. I should have counted on that happening as it was really blowing hard.I was the first call to notify CMP but thee were already about 20 towns out of power by 6:15. The power came back on about 8ish but the game was over. I had to call a friend to find out the score-the lat few minutes were really good they said Sorry I missed it 🙁

So today although the sun is out, there is still a brisk breeze and it is about 20 outside. BURRR ❗

Gas prices

I was talking to my nephew the other night who lives in Arizona. This summer, when the gas prices were so high, he and his wife (who work at the same place) worked out a schedule so that they could drive to and from work together to save on gas.
Well now the the gas prices are lower, they are not working as hard at the carpool idea. Why is that? Why can-t they, as well as everyone, work a little harder to conserve energy, produce less pollution, and in fact, spend more time with each other? I-d like to get on my soap box too about spending time with another instead of playing games on a computer or watching TV but that is another entry.

With all that is going on, not only with financial stuff and wars, but also in the world…we cannot have that wasteful attitude anymore.

I gave my nephew my piece of mind but I doubt he listened to me. But I hope someone does. If 1 out of maybe 5 persons carpools with someone or tries to do something to conserve a little energy, what a better world it could be for the next generation at least. This soapbox has ended!