Effects of Covid-19 in Jackman

First, let me say that we truly hope you are all doing well and that neither you or yours have become ill with the virus. If you have, again, hope you fought back and are now ok.

This is an awful thing happening to the world on so many levels.  But as there have been other catastrophes, epidemics, and life altering events in our histories, we will get through this one too.

Mid March or so, social distancing was ordered and of course, all of our restaurants, bars and many lodging place closed or began to limit activity. Around that time, the landowners in the region also closed snowmobile trails on their land. It could have been because the snow was getting soft and did not offer good riding anyhow, but it also was related to the virus.

Hotels and cabins in the region, although were not restricted at that time, began refusing guests or limiting to essential workers only. I know we did also for the month except for a weekend mid march for 3 guys from Madison who wanted to ice fish. They were very considerate of the town, brought food and supplies from home, stayed on the ice all day and in the cabin at night, never venturing out to town at all.    After they left, we let the cabin sit quiet for a day before entering it with a can of Lysol.

Our Governor of Maine then issued a mandate to close everything until April 31  except essential businesses. This included lodging.   Luckily for us and others in the region, this is a normal downtime. Trails are closed, there is no open water fishing yet, and mountains are too wet for hiking or ATV trails to open.  But our bars and restaurants usually would stay open for locals or travelers passing through.

Bishops Store jumped in (in March) and chose to supply dinners for seniors and kids at a fair price, even delivering to those who could not leave their homes. They received over $4000.00 in cash donations from the community which allowed them to keep the prices low.  I think Ray said they had enough donations to keep the program going until the end of April.  They also offer take out and discourage people from roaming inside the store.

Our grocery store, hardware stores, town hall, doctors office, and post office are all open (limiting hours) and using precautions also. A couple other restaurants have offered take out on weekends. I think everyone that can have tried to offer support to each other as able.

SO what will happen in the future?

The Moose Lottery event at Sky Lodge planned for June is cancelled. They will do the drawings virtually.   They did promise though that Jackman will be the location of 2021 Moose Lottery Drawing.

As for other events and activities for the summe5r, this is all an unknown. We will have to see what our Governor chooses to mandate or if the town of Jackman chooses to issue any town wide mandates.

As for us, we are working on redoing the insides of a couple cabins, spending as little as possible just in case.   We have 3 big expenses coming up in the next 2 months and hope we can get them done. Not only financially but with the weather permitting.

We are still taking reservations for the upcoming months with the understanding on both sides that things may change. We have set up some basic standards that any guest who makes or has a reservation should keep in mind. First and foremost, if a guest becomes ill and their doctor recommends they isolate (within 2 weeks of a reservation) we expect that reservation to be cancelled. We are also asking future guests to be considerate of this small safe town. Bring you own food and supplies from home, bring a mask to wear (I may try to make some for you all to use if needed) if you have to go into any stores, and practice social distancing except with your immediate family in your cabin. This should probably be common practice throughout the summer and maybe into Fall, no matter where you are.

Personally, I think people can enjoy some summer vacations in these remote areas especially when keeping these things in mind. There are hiking trails, lakes and streams to fish, ATV trails to ride (when open), yard games or swimming in the lake, all activities as these do maintain physical distancing from others.

SO be safe, be kind, be healthy.  We hope to see you soon.

Sadly, there will be no hugs of welcome from me this year. For those of you who no me, no this will be a hard task.


Blue Moon March 2018

March 28, 2018

As I typed the title to this post, it almost had me singing “Blue moon, you saw me standin’ alone Without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own”    There have been many who have sang this song but I am not sure which one is in my head.

OK, enough of that.  My point to this post is that this Saturday, thee will be a Blue Moon.  No, it will not be blue although in doing research once, there is a phenomenon whereby the moon appears bluish owing to smoke or dust particles in the atmosphere.

This blue moon will be the 2nd full moon in the month of March.   Be sure to look up this weekend and enjoy.  I hope I can catch it on film as it sets.   Our western skies offers us the most incredible moon sets and sunsets.

March 31, 2018.

Well I did capture the blue moon this morning as it set over Big Woods frozen waters.




When the sun is out, I, as most people, where our sunglasses.  Do you ever notice how beautiful the sky and clouds look through polarized glasses?    Then you take the picture, and it is just not the same.  The clouds are not as white or sky not as blue.   You all know what I mean.

And yes, I could have gone up and attached a polarized filter to my lens but I took the chance to see what my camera would do.    It came out almost as I could see it. Crystal clear blue skies and many white puffy clouds.    What a day!

Christmas gifts

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They are located in Laguna Niguel and have some wonderful treatment options also!

Tragedy in Jackman

As some of you may have heard via the news or on our Facebook page, a terrible tragedy happened in Jackman in the early hours Tuesday morning: the driver of a tractor-trailer truck coming from Quebec, fully loaded with tree-length logs “fell asleep at the wheel” and flipped over, spilling the logs into the bottom floor of a family home, demolishing the ground floor, causing the second story to collapse upon it. While it is devastating to lose your home, this pales in comparison to the most important thing that was lost… and that is the life of one of their four children, their 5-year-old son. “Watching people come together in such a horrific time of sadness has been deeply gratifying and has truly exposed the goodness that exists in our community” as written by Becky Felker.
There will be a [u]Candlelight Vigil this Saturday, July 23rd at 9pm to Sunday 12AM for Liam. [/u] If you are in town, you are welcome to attend. Or you can post a comment below that you will be attending from your own home. More information can be found on Facebook at www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=251020274910014

Becky also posted:
“Many people want to express their care and concern or offer help, but aren-t sure how to best go about it, so if I may share some things with those on Facebook who may not have received the information in any other way, it may be of some help to some. An account has been established at Skowhegan Savings Bank to receive donations which may be mailed directly to the local branch-s address, which is PO Box 141, Jackman, Maine 04945 or monetary donations may be dropped off at any Skowhegan Savings Bank location. Please designate Mahaney Benefit Fund. For those who would like to send condolences and/or donations directly to the family, please use PO Box 772, Jackman, Maine 04945. If you would like to make a donation of bottled water, milk, juice or paper goods to assist The Mahaney-s and those folks who are caring for them through these next few difficult days, or if you would like to bring food (lunch or dinner), please call Francine Moore or myself (or drop either one of us an e-mail or give a call). Francine has an ongoing sign-up sheet covering the next two weeks of meals. When the family feels ready and when the time is right, a benefit dinner will be organized where we as a community can help the Mahaneys financially and also thank the tireless local Jackman Region Health Center Staff, Volunteer EMS, Volunteer Fire Department, US Border Patrol and Office of Field Operations as well as countless, selfless individuals whom I cannot begin to name nor properly pay homage to in this limited space. Please feel free to re post this note to reach those with whom I may not have Facebook contact. Thank you very much.” Becky Felkner

Happy Anniversary!

Today, May 5th, 2011, begins our 8th year 😯 here at Cozy Cove Cabins ❗ We have been so blessed to have met so many new friends during the past 7 years and to live in this beautiful place 😀 so we will take this opportunity to thank you to those of you who keep coming back and to welcome the new.

Happy Cinco De Mayo also….

Goldens always welcome


This is Lacey, a guest who is visiting with us this week. And although we do welcome all dogs here at Cozy Cove, goldens will always have a special place in my heart. This little gal has so many similar characteristics of Murphy Girl that I swear they are related. She is curious, a little defiant, always has one eye on her Mom, kicks her leg when her tummy is scratched, retrieves a toy but does not give it up, when she is told to lay down but does not want to, she makes the same grumpy noise like “ok if I have to”, she is social, wanting to say hi to everyone she sees (not as social as Murphy)and basically a good girl.

Now I am sure, most dogs do many of the same things but there truly is something so similar in Lacey that I am really enjoying her visit. Maybe her Mom will forget to take her home . 😉

Remember when we did not have cell service

Remember when you could only get cell service at Attean lookout? When the running joke around Cozy Cove was that if you went to the end of the dock, raised one arm and one leg, you might get cell service? (watch the video link below)


I miss those days 🙁 as I see cell phones attached to people-s ears around town and around camp or when guests call us from their cabin instead coming over and talking to us in person or when a guests talks on his cell phone more then he talks to his S.O. here while on vacation. What-s up with that ❓

Don-t get me wrong. It really is good that there is the option to use a cell phone when needed but I think using it or a computer while on holiday in Jackman kinda defeats the purpose of getting away from it all doesn-t it ❓