Are those real eagles?

Lisa, Joe and their children spent their summer vacation here last week and one day, took a tour of the lake on a boat. What an incredible sight they saw.


Lisa thought these were mom and dad eagles but they almost look brown to me. Either way, beautiful!

July 2007 QUOTES from our Guests

July 2
…the first annual 4th of July weekend picnic was awesome. All of the food was great…especially loved the garlic dip w/ the beer bread.I am sop pleased that everyone enjoyed my pie. (recipe in the journal)
Sue Cabin #5

July 8
…It is so peaceful here. Relaxation is so easy to do. Went to Quebec for a day trip. Jackman is a nice laid back mountain town. Tami was wonderful. She made us feel we were at home. Dani & I had a chance to totally unplug and chill out….not much wildlife was seen but we didn-t make an effort to see any either.
Dani & Dani Cabin #5

July 13
Came here to celebrate Jake-s 29th BDay. Thanks for the champagne and cheese basket. …Love the cabin and glad we found you on the internet. …..more
Brandi, Jake & Spanky (dog) Cabin #5

July 29
Thanks again for the warm hospitality and comfy cabin ❗ Less bunks, and a few comfy chairs ❓ See ya again ❗
Joanna & Steve from Wiscasset Cabin #5

Canadian Geese

As most of our usual guests know, we enjoy wildlife and really do appreciate the waterfowl that enjoy the waters and the shoreline of Big Wood Lake. Geese are one of those birds.

Canadian geese are very interesting to watch especially now when they have their young with them. The babies are small…maybe 3 weeks old and it looks to me like there is 2 families around with grandma and grandpap in tow …that-s what I think at least. The adults hover and keep watch whenever the kids are playing or feeding or pooping. They are really fun and interesting to watch the family dynamics when they are on the neighbors lawn. 🙂

When the geese come up on our lawn to make their “” mess”” :x, we get a little bummed as No one likes having to step in that. So, we usually send Murphy out and tell her to “”get the geese”” and she runs down to shore, barks a few times, and they go back in the water. No harm ever comes to them and Murphy gets to bark 😉

So today, Steve heard them out there squawking so he and Murphy went out to check it out. Murphy ran down and barked but the adults would not move…they just kept squawking. Then Steve saw that 2 of the babies were caught in the rocks 🙁 He help them out of their predicament and sent them on their way ❗

The geese family are now happy and out on the lake enjoying the rainy day.


Good news ❗

Many of our guests have asked about renting a pontoon boat to cruise Bid Wood Lake. You now have that opportunity.

A member of the community is now offering daily sunset cruises to set sail from the public landing down the road. Enjoy the fantastic sunsets, hear the loons, visit the eagles nest and see what wonder lies beyond our shores. I do not believe she will rent it out to you but offers not only the sunset tours but also private trips for special occasions or groups.

Another option may be available for our guests for pick up here from our dock at Cozy Cove Cabins. (Of course, prior arrangements need to be made.)

What a great opportunity now for the visitors to Jackman ❗

When you make your reservation, you can ask us for more information.

Have a great day 😉

Big Wood Lake

Big wood Lake water is still very high. In the past, by this week, we have had most of our yard and were able to put the dock out. Not this year.

We cannot even find the rocks yet to secure our dock ❗

Good news though, it has receded enough to play horseshoes and yesterday, we found our beach side firepit 🙂

Hopefully, there will not be any rain in the near future so the water has time to go down a little more.

Spring – when life renews itself

The ice has been gone for over a week and the fishing so far has been good. The lake level has dropped about 6 feet or so and we are beginning to see our lawn again. 🙂

We seemed to have gone from winter to spring in a matter of days and yet isn-t this almost summer?
The birds are flitting around making their nests and preparing for the young; the yellow finch have found our feeder- it is amazing how many can hover around that feeder; the song of the loons has been echoing across the lake; and last week, we got some great clips of a woodpecker on an old birch tree (check out the video on Murphy-s weather report). LOVE this time of year!

We are looking forward to a great summer in Jackman. We hope to see you soon.

Memorial Day

First holiday weekend to start the summer….. YEAH, It-s finally here ❗
The following is a quote from a guest this past Memorial Weekend.
[quote]What a great place to spend it with our family. We came here last year for the first time and even though it rained a day, we still had a great time. Sitting by the campfire with everyone, watching a seaplane land, hearing the loons call….this was the best. Can-t wait to come back next year[/quote]