Family Reunion 2017

What a great day by the water today.   This is a webcam shot of a family reunion, I think 4 generations out there.  Sunbathing, tubing, boating, fishing….what a day!

When the group first arrived a few days ago, Russ moved the picnic table seen in the foreground.  I had to remind him that he was in direct line with the webcam, so no funny business on the table.  I hope he knew what I meant.

SO just good to see a family enjoying each other and all that Jackman has to offer.

Happy Memorial Day weekend.

What a beautiful day today. The lake water is finally receding and we almost have a lawn agajn. We are still not able to put out the dock but soon.

Our quests this weekend are boating and fishing (one caught a nice 17 inch trout last night) and since our trails opened yesterday, many are out enjoying the ATV trails.

Of course, we are also remembering those lost while serving our country. God bless.


The dock is in


Another lovely view from our webcam but finally, we got the dock in. Then of course we got rain and the water rose quite a bit.

But at least it is in, attached and ready to hook your boat on to. Come on up.

2015 Ice out entries

Deadline for our 2015 Ice Out contest has ended. Good luck to those of you who entered. Now we wait and see what that ice does.

The temperatures have been in the high 50s this week with blue sunny skies. The snow is melting but we are not sure what the ice is doing.

End of summer sunset


We have had a great summer here at Cozy Cove and for all 9of you that visited, we hope you enjoyed your stay. But sadly, it is almost over.
But that also means Fall is on it-s way. I am looking forward to the incredible sunsets that we seem to have in the fall. Last night was beautiful but the colors in the sky was incredible.