Jackman Maine snowmobile season is here

We are both active members of the Jackman Chamber of Commerce and have been working on some fun stuff at the chamber web site for snowmobilers. We hope you enjoy the new Jackman [url=http://jackmanmaine.org]Maine snowmobile trail report [/url] with almost daily updates throughout the season. In addition, we, at our chamber site, are in the process of offering a place to get more info about the various trails in the area. You can check out a 3d map with trail markings, leave a comment or ask a question about the trail and area, download or upload gpx of the trail and download and upload geocache coordinates for caches near the trails.

If there is more information, comments, corrections etc. about the offerings on the website, please don-t hesitate to email or call the chamber. We want this to be useful resource for all winter sportsman.

In the future, once we start getting some good gpx files of the trails, we hope to offer the ability to plot the trails on a map and interact with it.

With a lot of snow so far this season, we think this might be a great snowmobile year and we hope everyone comes out and enjoys the trails.

Special thanks to the Borders Riders Club and Maine Snowmobile Association for making Maine and the Jackman Moose River Region a premier snowmobiler-s vacation destination!


Even though I think I last reported that trails are not to open until the 15th, there are many riders up here having a great time. I believe most are off trail riding but it is hard to say. The snow we received packed down great and since it has stayed so cold, it is a great base.

I will let you know when I hear more about the trails…

This is going to be a fantastic winter season so make your reservations soon…cabins are filling up! And remember, make 2 reservations at Cozy Cove Cabins in a 30 day period, and store your sleds here. 😀 May as well try to save a little $ on the towing back and forth cost. Space is limited



Even though I will always try to keep you all informed about the snow conditions and trail conditions
on this bloggie, the JMRRCOC now has a trail report that will be updated daily. You can access it from
the Jackman Chamber of Commerce homepage at www.jackmanmaine.org.

The Border Riders Club is always in need of help to get the trails ready, put up signage, etc…if you have the time, give them a call or email to see what you can do to help. The sooner this all gets done, the sooner they can open the trails. Date planned is for December 15th but the work needs to be done first!

Check back later today for a picture or two of WHAT-S HAPPENING AT COZY COVE CABINS ❗


We cannot give true trail reports yet as the trails are not even open but some are taking advantage of the snow that has already fallen in the hills and doing some off trail riding 🙂

It will be a great snow season this year…so I just wanted you all to know that I will be updating this bloggie with snow reports and of course ice conditions….as for the ice, it is not yet ice but as cold as it has been, should not be long.

This morning though, Big Wood was pretty calm still and there were sheetings of ice atop …then as the wind began to pick up a little, small movement in the lake made a “”crackling”” sound as the ice close to shore cracked and broke up. I wish I had the umph to go down to the shore at that time (6am) with my video camera so you could hear the sounds being made. It was pretty cool. Maybe next time.

See you all soon! THINK SNOW ❗


Now that the hunting seasons are ending….time to start to concentrate on SNOW 🙂

Do I need to start singing again this year?????
I think, I would have to look back for the date….but I think last year I said we should start thinking snow and singing “”let it snow let it snow let it snow”” earlier than January….well I did my part. I began in late September by saying it would snow on November 20th…and to my surprise….it did ❗ Not as much as I thought it would but it did snow that day. (as well as the week before)

We do have a nice little base already. The hunters told me that in some areas there is about a foot and a half …some said it was up to their waist…others said it was over their boots. The point is, there is snow already and this is all good. Now let-s keep it and add to it.



We went away a few days and 2 snow storms hit Jackman ❗ Last week we got about 16 inches and last night, we got over a foot here at Cozy Cove Cabins.

If you have not tucked away that snowmobile, get on up here for some fantastic spring sledding. Give us a call and spend the weekend or even just the night.

It is about 40 today and a little overcast but the weather this weekend should be nice.

Reports form the Border Riders Club are as long as we have snow, they will groom the trails.

Another storm due on Monday…will it bring us rain or more snow ❓ Check back later.

I guess someone forgot to turn off the snow machine after we all did the snow dances in January. Please remind them to shut it off 😉

Long Snowmobile Season in Jackman????

I think so 😀

I just looked at the 15 day forecast with accuweather and the temperatures will average in the 20-s the next 15 days and actually, I did not see any days that it will go above 30.

Although it does not say any snow amounts, they are calling for snow at least 5 out of those 15 days…that will take us well beyond the middle of March with great snow and trail riding.

I do believe we will have a very long snowmobiling season this year in Jackman…
….””we get snow first and have it last ❗

So if you missed riding in early January, come on up to Jackman for some great snowmobiling this March. The days are already getting longer and the sun is getting warmer….great time to ride.

This is a photo of our guest, Jim, making a trail off the lake to his cabin here, 2 days after our storm last week.


Snowmobile trails are open in Jackman!

We, as forecasted, have continued to get snow about every other day. Although, not measured in feet, it continues to add up and the temperatures are staying cold. Accuweather.com today said 80% chance of more snow in the next 24 hours. SO, I say BRING IT ON!!!!

Reports from the Border Riders Club say that trails north to Canada are open and have a good base as well as some other trails in the area. In town trails do not have enough snow yet to ride out. Also good reports of areas off Spencer road that some have traveled.

Go to the border riders club web site for more details. http://www.borderridersclub.com/home_f1.html


Jackman Snowmobile Trail

The [url=http://cozycovecabins.com/maine-outdoor-winter.php]Jackman Snowmobile[/url] club (et al) have been working on the trails…getting ready for a great winter season in Jackman Maine.

Steve went out went with a few others this weekend to build, I think 6 bridges out on the trails.

There are many streams in the area that the trails pass over and these bridges will help not only the sleds and ATV-s (some of these trails are part of the ATV system into Canada) but also maintian the natural flow of water throughout the winter.

If you want to help prepare the trails for the snowmobile season, please contact the Border Riders Club at
or you can visit their web site for more information. http://www.borderridersclub.com/home_f1.html