Our Webcam is OK-May 19

For those of you who have noticed that our webcam shot is stuck on Fridays snapshot, not to worry…we are not broken, well at least the webcam is not.
Our Modem is down. A new one was to be sent on Friday but seems that it is coming by [i]pony express [/i]:lol: cause it is not here yet.

Hoping to have us back up by Tuesday, unless the ponies get tired running up Johnson Mountain 😉

SO just let me say, you have not missed anything on the lake all weekend. It was cold, windy and rainy most of the time. But today…it is simply BEAUTIFUL out there. A gentle breeze, blue skies, and the float plains must be doing some training as there are 2 or 3 of them taking off and landing.

Check back later.

NEW WEBCAM snapshot uploads

We have also added another category to our blog labeled,”MAINE WEBCAM”. Occasionally, when we see something incredible from the webcam, we will save a snapshot and upload it to our blog. Here is the first of what I believe will be many.
Now in the Fall, the sun has moved, obviously, and our sunsets are right in front of our cabins, just to the left of the cam. Last night, the sunset was pretty intense as it refl;ected off the crystal clear lake. I waited until it went down a little and took this one. ENJOY ❗