Jackman Weather 1-4-11


What a beautiful image I got from our webcam this morning. The skies are blue and the sun is shining but do not let that fool you. It is about 16 degrees and a little bit of a breeze. BBBRRR ❗

The lake had a chance to freeze even more with the cold spell that hit Sunday night and on. Now all we need is more snow!

Webcam down 12-4-10

We truly apologize but the webcam is not showing an image. Please do not panic:!: We got about 4 inches + of snow overnight so either the cam is covered with snow or we need to reset it. We will get it all happy and working soon. Plus I have already taken some snow images…it is very pretty out and the lake is skimmed over from the shore out.

July 23rd, 2010

It-s Friday and another beautiful day in Jackman. Warm but a light breeze off the lake. If you are coming up today and you want to plan a lobster feast while you are here, the fish monger is in town this afternoon 🙂

It is also a great day to cut the grass. That is Steve at the bottom of the webcam snapshot. I love the smell of cut grass in the summer!


Have a fantastic weekend ❗

A wonderful Memorial Day Weekend

After a couple rain showers yesterday, today is turning out to be a beautiful day 🙂 A gentle breeze and blue skies, the smell of campfires and the sounds of kids playing…life is good.


Enjoy your weekend and remember those who have given so much to our country.

Is the Ice out yet for 2010?

NO 🙁 it is not.
When you view the webcam, it may seem we have some open water but ice is not out yet and y 🙁 u still have a few more days to choose your date.

Temps at night are still well below freezing so if it warms a little or we get some big winds….

Webcam April 1st

Due to a technical issue, the webcam at cozycovecabins.com may or may not upload correctly. We are waiting for a part so in the meantime, we do apologize for you lack of consistent viewing pleasure. (I sound like an airline stewardess 😆 ) Thanks for your patience.

For those of you wanting to cast a vote for ICE OUT, when the cam is not uploading, I will try to post what we see. Today, the ice along shore is getting a dark color; means it is getting thin. But the rest of lake still is solid.