Big Wood January 2016


Finally, we believe that Big Wood has frozen enough to be safe….at least safer as I do not know how much ice out there yet. BUT I did see and ice shack get pulled to the other side today and it did not fall in ❗ This is a good thing.

We have a lovely man and his daughter out fishing now. They have stayed fairly close to shore and have done well. I wish they set up their portable shack a little to the right so we could see them on the webcam. 🙁

Happy St Pats Day 2014


A sunny day to celebrate St Pats Day but do not let it fool you. It is 3 degrees out there with a wind chill of minus 2.

Enjoy your day.

For you wee Irish folk…”May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light. May good luck pursue you each morning and night.”

Big Wood Rising


With the snow melting, all the runoff has the lake level rising as our yard is once again flooded up past the Fire pit. I am still thinking May 5th for Ice out….wonder who will win our contest ❓

It is very pretty out today though with blue skies, slight breeze and very brisk air. Have a great day.

Jackman Trail Conditions 1-18-12

After last night snow, the trail-master has stated that the trail conditions to most areas are now “very Good”. Going South from town, there are still some rough areas but are still “fair to good” conditions.

There are a few changes to the trails this year: Near the border, the trail now stays on the western side of 201. Follow signs and stay clear of the windmills; Going south, there is a change to a section near Parlin; and 88 east, a section has been changed near Church Hill Stream. Just follow signage in these areas.

In town trails are good also but I fear after this weekend, it could get rough. The Lake trail is your other alternative to get out there.

The trails in Canada are open but limited. I drove up there yesterday and the ones I could see from the road, looked decent.

Hope to see you soon 🙂

Webcam Morning shot


Again, our webcam seems to be going away at times…could be the humidity. So I thought I would post an image from this morning. Steve is there at the dock now, setting up for some guests to go out on the lake.
The skies are blue, the temps are already in the 80s but there is a gentle breeze. Stay cool everyone.

Webcam OK again


Here is a snapshot from our webcam from this morning. We think we fixed our technical problem with the webcam upload 🙂 that we had yesterday so you will be able to see our shoreline as usual on the homepage of our website. ENJOY ❗