Weather in Jackman

On Sunday it seemed everyone in Jackman was on their roof getting off the snow that had accumulated from past storms.

We had a bit of rain last weekend when temps were in the low 30s but as it got colder, we then got snow again. Only some flurries it seed but the wind was blowing so hard, the snow was going sideways around here so chances are that the woods did get some more accumulations from it on top of that very solid base. Should make for some excellent riding.

We are hearing snow on Thursday with another storm coming through on Saturday. The chance of snow is 70% so with a little luck, it will bring in a beginning to a great New Year.

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Border Crossing 2008

Living in a border town, plus many of our guests like to go into Quebec to visit or to snowmobile or ATV, I have been trying to determine what is needed in 2008 to travel into Quebec. I have looked at Homeland security sites and border crossing sites and what I came up with is actually was the officers at the border are saying….I talked with both sides yesterday…

If you plan to drive, snowmobile or ATV into Canada after January 1st, 2008, you can get into Canada with only your drivers license (plus if asked, you will need proof of insurance and registration). BUT you cannot return into the states without a photo ID (Drivers license for example) and proof of citizenship (birth certificate) OR a passport. Sometime in the summer 2008 the passport requirements will hold but for now, please be sure you have at least those 2 documents to return home. (plus again, the normal things needed to drive an auto, sled or ATV)

This is one web site I found to get a copy of your birth certificate on line… or visit your own town government for more information. I have not used this site but it is only an example.

If you have children, you may want to confirm what is needed as a photo ID for them. Do schools now issue something like this?

Have a happy safe New year when you welcome it in!


Geocaching has become a favorite pass time for families, hikers, ATV riders…almost anyone who enjoy the outdoors and love a little adventure, and have a GPS device. This is a world wide adventure game that has hit the internet.

You can go to this site and put in a zip code of an area you want to visit and it will give you the GPS location of any number of caches available in that area. You may find a treasure, (this could be a CD, a map, jewelry, software, tools and on and on) or maybe just learn something new as a standard in a cache is the log book which you can read and see who else found this spot. Remember though, if you take something, its only fair for you to leave something in return.

Honestly, I was surprised to find how many are in the Jackman region although I am not sure why I was. This is fantastic spot to search for treasures using a gps. This address will take you directly to the Jackman caches available.

Where did the name GEOCACHE come from t ❓
GEO- is for geography and CACHE is a term which can be used in hiking/camping as a “”hiding place for concealing and preserving provisions””.

They also list 3 basic rules to geocaching
1. Take something from the cache

2. Leave something in the cache

3. Write about it in the logbook

And I will add


So if you have a GPS and want something fun to do with the family or your friends, be sure to check out the site before arrival so you can begin your adventure


We have been getting calls about when the ATV trails in Jackman will be open. Many people are wanting to ride in April but sadly 🙁 , most ATV trail systems in the New England area do not open access until May. (Memorial weekend is the tentative date for this region)

Since the new laws took affect a few years ago which govern where we can ride: you must ride on designated trails; ATV clubs in New England have worked hard to develop relationships with land owners, put a lot of time and money into developing these trail systems, and had to set limits on their use.

April is “”mud Season”” and although this may be the fun time to ride 😛 , riding the trails now would just tear them up…affecting the whole season!

So if you have an ATV and want to ride, be patient. May is only one month after April ❗

But it is not too soon to make you reservation for your summer-Fall ATV trip! The Jackman region will have almost 400 miles of trails available to you this summer. 8)

See you soon ❗


As most people know, Jackman has it-s own “”weather channel””. It seems that no matter what the forecasters from towns like Bangor or Portland say, they are never quite accurate about the weather conditions here in Jackman.

To offer a more accurate weather report, we had a Cozy Cove Cabins written weather report posted on this Blog. This was helpful to many of our guests but our Golden Retriever wanted to get in on the weather reporting action herself. And for those who know Murphy, Murphy Rules:!:

💡 To do this, we moved this small weather section on the blog to its own Weather Tab on our Website. We will provide videos of Murphy enjoying the beautiful weather here in Jackman plus other activities that might help you see what the weather conditions actually are in Jackman or what people at Cozy Cove Cabins are doing. (If you are a guest with us, let us know if you want to star in one of our videos)

Our weather reports are as we, Steve, Tami, and Murphy see it here at Cozy Cove Cabins. We will write what it really looks like from our deck or the shoreline, what OUR thermometer says, and what we can see. This is not to say that the weather in the whole Jackman region is the same. In the summer, it is always cooler here off the lake then in town and in the winter, the mountains get more snow than we do here near town. Please keep this in mind.

As for weather forecasting….we are not meteorologists…so please do not ask us what we think the weather will be in a week? We can only tell you what we hear on the news. There is one person in town who seems to be able to forecast the weather…we are not sure how she knows but her forecasts do seem to be pretty accurate, so occasionally, we will add in her thoughts.

Below is a photo of Murphy waiting for me to go out to play with her and as you can see, it is a beautiful sunny day and no wind! The temperature at the time of the photo was 12 above.


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This is the last week of Deer Season (firearm) and finally, the weather is as it should be. It was so warm and rainy last week, I was surprised at the number of deer tagged…3 of our guests got theirs 😛
(Do remind me to tell you all later of a story one of our hunter-s shared with us about Moose and their territory.)

Hunters Supper was last Thursday and as always, a great success.

Anyhow, back to the weather. The temperatures are in the low 20-s … could be in the teens tonight ❗
We even had a dusting of snow this week in town. I think there was much more in the mountains though. We went into St. Georges yesterday and at the border, there was more snow and by the time we hit St Georges, they had about an inch. They must be a little higher altitude than us.

Now for the main purpose of this entry ➡


I know we are thankful for the cold weather 😛 and look forward to a snowy December!