This is March Madness in Jackman


First day of Spring and we got another 15 + inches of fresh fluffy snow. Phil never gets it right 😉

The groomers will be going out tonight and the trails riding should be AWESOME this weekend. It has stayed cold and the forecast is for that cold to continue with maybe more snow this weekend so the riding options are going to continue. Spring riding is the best ❗

Big Wood is still close to 3 feet thick so if the in town trails get worn down, the lake trail is open and lots of snow to cool your jets!

Eating out in Jackman 2013

One advantage of staying here at Cozy Cove Cabins is that you can save a few dollars by bringing food and cooking in the cabin. BUT going out to eat for at least one meal is also a nice break. SO here are some of your options that are new for 2013.
Bigwood Steakhouse is offering a 2/$25 on Thursdays and Sundays. They are also a BYOB and you can walk there from here.

Bishops Store is now on Facebook and post specials on their page. Be sure to Like them to take advantage of the specials.

Mike-s Moose Crossing is a new place that opened this year on US 201 just north of Sky Lodge. Although they also offer tips and steaks, their menu offer more fish and lobster options. They also offer a wonderful Breakfast buffet on the weekends.

Of course we also have Mamma Bears Den (always a winner), Four Season, and Schmooses Pub and Grill. Great variety for such a small town. Enjoy:!:

ATV Rentals in Jackman

One of the best ways to see Mother Nature in the summer or the fall in the Jackman region is via ATV. We have over 300 miles of trails to enjoy for the novice or the experienced.

If you do not have an ATV but wonder if it is right for you, you can rent one here in town. We now have 2 options: Jackman ATV at 207-668-9090 or Moose River ATV at 207-668-9014. Give them a call for details.

Jackman weather 2011


At 7:30 this morning, our Cam shows some blue skies and a gentle breeze. It is going to be a beautiful day.

You can always visit out webcam to see what the weather is doing but if you want to know what the temperatures are doing in town, the Northland now has a weather station at .

Big Wood Lake 8-31-11


Big Wood Lake has risen ❗ thanks to the tropical storm. Not even a week ago, the dock was sitting on the floor of the lake. Now it is floating so high, we may need to disconnect it.

Below is a picture taken on August 20th of our guests from England. The rock they are sitting on is now just peaking out of the water.


Mother Nature!

Moose Babe


Although seeing Moose along the road or out on the trails is not uncommon in the area, to see Mom and her baby is a real treat. Keep your distance though when Babes are involved as these Moms get real protective.