Jackman weather 2011


At 7:30 this morning, our Cam shows some blue skies and a gentle breeze. It is going to be a beautiful day.

You can always visit out webcam to see what the weather is doing but if you want to know what the temperatures are doing in town, the Northland now has a weather station at www.weatherlink.com/user/jackman/ .

Big Wood Lake 8-31-11


Big Wood Lake has risen ❗ thanks to the tropical storm. Not even a week ago, the dock was sitting on the floor of the lake. Now it is floating so high, we may need to disconnect it.

Below is a picture taken on August 20th of our guests from England. The rock they are sitting on is now just peaking out of the water.


Mother Nature!

Moose Babe


Although seeing Moose along the road or out on the trails is not uncommon in the area, to see Mom and her baby is a real treat. Keep your distance though when Babes are involved as these Moms get real protective.

May Day 2011



➡ The lake water has risen-our boat shack now sits in about 2 feet of water,
➡ I hear the tractor and Steve raking instead of the plow truck or snow blower noises and seeing him shoveling,
➡ The loons are calling and persistently,
➡ My Chives in the Herb Garden are sprouting as well as
➡ The Hostas are starting to poke out their heads,
➡ We saw a Pontoon Boat touring the lake today.

I am sure there are other signs of spring popping up around here but these are all I can think of right now. The sun is shining and a beautiful day so I want to be outside enjoying this.
We would like to wish you all a Happy May Day ❗

Ice out contest 2011 Reminder

Thanks to those of you who “LIKE US” on Facebook and saw today-s reminder. But for those of you not on Facebook…today is the last day to post your guess in the comment section. Go to the March 16th entry for details.
SO far we have April 21,22,23,24,25,26,27 and May 1,3,4,5,10,13,15. WONDER WHO WILL WIN!

Jackman Survey

Taking a survey on what best describes Jackman:
For those of you who come to Jackman often or those who may have only been here once, I ask: what brought you here, and why do you keep coming back.

With that in mind, which of the following lines best describes the region?

1.Explore, Dream, Discover-LIVE
2.Adventure is our MAINE Attraction
3.Come Play, you-ll want to Stay
4.Maine-s HIDDEN Playground
5.Naturally Wild
6.The Switzerland of Maine
7.Leave the CROWDS behind

Presidents Day 2011


Another beautiful day in Jackman…a day to celebrate Abe Lincoln and George Washington. In their honor and to freshen your knowledge of history, I had to share this poem with you.

Back in Seventeen ninety-six
Is when this Holiday began
For the birthday of ol George
At least that was the plan.
It was his last full year
Of his Presidency
Born February twenty-second
Or the Eleventh, cause you see
The old calendar was different
Than the one we use today
And some celebrated one
Some people on the other day.
By the early Nineteenth Century
Celebrated every year
Birthnight Balls were held
Taverns reveled in good cheer.
Public figures gave their speeches
And Receptions given by a few
Then along came ol Abe Lincoln
His Birthday in February too.
In Eighteen and sixty-five
The year after Booths fatal shot
Both Houses of Congress gathered
For a Memorial and solemn thought.
Not a Federal Holiday like Georges
But legal in more than one State
And then a Resolution was enacted
Back in Nineteen sixty-eight.
They made the third Monday of the month
To make for a three day weekend
To honor Washington and Lincoln
And this story comes to its end.

~Del “Abe” Jones~