Still snowing

It is simply beautiful out there and I had to share this with you.   I took this photo about 10AM, and it is still snowing.   I estimate that the total amount at that time was about 9 inches but we have started to get a little wind. Some snow blew off the deck and maybe some snow added to it.  They say our totals should be over a foot after all said and done.

Hopefully, trails will open early this year.

Spring brings new life

About this time every year, we get to watch our Tree Swallows fight and flurry to get the best house and begin their nesting.

And it has begun!  We have about 11 houses and it seems they all know to come back to play here at Cozy Cove Cabins.

How much fun it is to watch them making nests, fighting over the house, and then playing, I assume.

This one, I think they are having a discussion about who has to watch the nest and who gets to play.

And although they have not arrived yet, soon my finches will arrive too.   Can’t wait.

This is the season to find birds in our region.  I hear many calls and hoots just around here but I cannot see them.  And the only sound I recognize is the chickadees.

We do have a few ducks already but I have not heard the loons yet.  Of course, the lake is still ice but it won’t be long now.

Jackman trail report April 2015

Yes we still can have a trail report. We have not lost anything on the trails so riding is still really good in our area although there is not much snow left south of Parlin. Pittston area reporting good conditions also.

Temperatures have been in the 30s and below. It is actually snowing now 😯

This may be the last good weekend to ride.

Wintery sunset


BRRR it is getting cold out there. 😯 But as the winter season approaches, we get the most incredible sunsets here at Cozy Cove Cabins.

Last night the wind was howling and the sky was full of fast moving clouds. Just as the sun was setting I captured this image. Enjoy

Ice Out 2013 confirmed


I posted a picture yesterday on our Facebook page around 10 am of Big Wood and by 6pm…it really looked like yesterday was the Ice Out date. It was not. I just confirmed it with the town of Jackman and Ice Out is recorded as being today, May 1st at 3AM.

What crazy people go out at 3 AM to confirm that? I guess someone has to do it.

As for the winner of our contest, no one chose this date but I am thinking maybe Harry, who chose April 30th may still get the win. What do you say ❓

This is March Madness in Jackman


First day of Spring and we got another 15 + inches of fresh fluffy snow. Phil never gets it right 😉

The groomers will be going out tonight and the trails riding should be AWESOME this weekend. It has stayed cold and the forecast is for that cold to continue with maybe more snow this weekend so the riding options are going to continue. Spring riding is the best ❗

Big Wood is still close to 3 feet thick so if the in town trails get worn down, the lake trail is open and lots of snow to cool your jets!

Eating out in Jackman 2013

One advantage of staying here at Cozy Cove Cabins is that you can save a few dollars by bringing food and cooking in the cabin. BUT going out to eat for at least one meal is also a nice break. SO here are some of your options that are new for 2013.
Bigwood Steakhouse is offering a 2/$25 on Thursdays and Sundays. They are also a BYOB and you can walk there from here.

Bishops Store is now on Facebook and post specials on their page. Be sure to Like them to take advantage of the specials.

Mike-s Moose Crossing is a new place that opened this year on US 201 just north of Sky Lodge. Although they also offer tips and steaks, their menu offer more fish and lobster options. They also offer a wonderful Breakfast buffet on the weekends.

Of course we also have Mamma Bears Den (always a winner), Four Season, and Schmooses Pub and Grill. Great variety for such a small town. Enjoy:!: