2017 Hunting Season

Attention hunters!    I believe this may be a good year for all.

Our guests this summer are seeing more deer, bear and grouse then reported past summers.  A few have told us the Partridge were everywhere!  And Bears,   mamma, babes as well as one quite large one seen just the other day.And a few bucks reported also, which is not often seen so easily.   I think they usually hide behind their women!

They are seeing them out on the ATV trails, hiking and of course, the favorite pastime, just driving around.

Then there are always the Moose, but only if you were lucky to win the lottery.

So make your reservations soon for hunting season 2017.


Bird Season with Father and Son


Peak foliage may be over but bird season is going strong. Father and son did great during their weekend trip. It does my heart good to see Fathers spending time with their sons…or the other way around.

With the rain we had the other night, it should be even better.

Girls Hunt Moose Too

An excerpt from our Cabin Journal, Kona, from October 6, 2012

“Got up later then expected. left here around 5am, fueled up and grabbed a mid day snack at Bishops.
Finally arrived to my hunting spot way up yonder. (Can-t say otherwise it won-t be my lucky spot anymore 🙂 hope you understand) Anyways rode 4 wheeler in, shot a couple birds and turned to return to another good spot. While in route I heard the Big Boy in the bushes. Never saw him but heard him. I shut off the wheeler & continued to hear the bushes smash, crackle, & pop all the way down the hill. I stepped into where I heard it last and caught a glimpse of this big boy-I knew he had to be a good size by the smashing he was doing. So I got a good general direction he was heading so I jumped back out to the road in hopes that he would return to the road because where he was headed was fairly thick. And WAA-HOO he stepped back out-grave mistake by his part…BOOM one shot with my 30-ole dropped him dead in his tracks-shot directly to the lungs ❗ After gutting, tugging, staining, & Swearing a few times in between, my husband helped load which was quite helpful.
My Bull Moose has 22 points, 50 inch spread and weighs est 900+ pounds. WOOHOO ❗ Now the real work begins of breaking him down & slappin bullwinkle in the freezer. But for tonight he will hand here at Cozy Cove & time for me to grab some supper & a large tall frosty Bud ❗
-And they say girls can-t hunt ❗ 😆 Jesse from Millinocket Maine

You can see a picture of Jesse and her Bullwinkle in our “Hunting Season” Album on Facebook www.facebook.com/cozycovecabins/photos_albums

Bird season 2012


Bird season opened last week and so far, our guests have been doing pretty good. Seems though the ones with the dogs have not been so lucky. Dan and his son got 2 this morning and are on their way back out. Good luck!

Deer Season 2011


If you are in town this week, do not forget the Hunter-s Supper, sponsored by the JMRRCOC. Turkey dinner with all the fixins…I will be happy to serve you.

Deer season is coming to an end and so far, none of our guests got their buck but there is still a week and 3 days left! Good luck guys.

First week of hunting Season 2010

The first week of Deer season is coming to a close. Our Deer hunters left without success but it seems others in the region did pretty good according to Bishops Store. 9 Bucks this week 😯 Much better results compared to 2009.

We also had a trapper staying with us this week from West Virginia. He is having a fantastic time in our North Maine Woods. This is his first time in the region and is already looking forward to coming back next year.


Moose season 2010

10-17-2010 update
On the last day of Moose season in Jackman, a regular of ours, Chad, stopped in to show us what he got. Nice job!

Moose season opened yesterday and 2 of our guests came home last night with their prize.


Jordon came in first but they put the bull in the truck head first so a full image was not possible.

Later last night the Beck family arrived with their prize. I took these this morning before they left.

A closeup:

Nice job boys. Both bulls with the first shot! I believe both weighed in over 1000 (with the insides) so about 700-800 without?

Hopefully, we will have a couple more come in today!

Deer Season 2009

I checked out Bishops Store, where all the bucks are tagged, and looks like less tagged this year so far compared to last year but MUCH BIGGER BUCKS. Ray said 12 weighed in over 180#.
They are now in rut though so expect that more to come. Still have some openings if you hunters want to get your Buck for 2009!