SEPTEMBER2006 QUOTES from our guests

Here, visiting our daughter who lives in Jackman. Cabin is very nice, just needs a reading light by the bed. We will stay here again on our next visit north.””
Sally and Mike from Enfieild, Ct 9/1 Cabin #6

“”Wow! Amazing! Breathtaking! Add any other descriptive word you want.
Cozy Cove Cabins is the most relaxing and enjoyable place I have ever been. Being here with family makes it all the more special. Murphy is one of the best welcoming committees around. …
This is a great place to come to if you want to get away from it all but a very difficult place to leave…””
Sharon from Strabane, Pa 9/9 Cabin #4

“”Enjoyed our stay a lot. Jackman is a really cool laid back town and the area is the kind I like-open space and open road, The cabin was clean and cozy and well stocked and the views across the pond breathtaking.””
Tim and Donna 9/17-20 Cabin #5

“”The peace you feel at this place is worth any price…..””
Colleen and Mike from Derry, NH 9/9 Cabin #4

“”Once again, thank you so much! The cabin was adorable!! May be making another trip up in a couple weeks to check out the foliage-we-ll get in touch. “”
Robin and Howdy from Bass Harbor 9/10 Cabin #1

“”We enjoyed our visit to Maine and relaxing after 1900 miles on the road. I was re-untied with my daughter. Wonderful memories and history made at #6″”
John from Little Rock, Arkansas 9/11 Cabin #6

“”Had a great time Found a great place to hang out and watch the race and football games…SCHMOOSES. Food is great as well. Nice cabin/clean/rustic.””
Angela and Craig 9/8-10 Cabin #5

“”We came to go 4-wheeling and check out the Jamboree. We rode north Friday with great weather. Saturday we rode south headed for the Forks but got caught in a downpour. Cabin #9 was very cozy and Steve and Tami were very nice. Yogi (their Golden) had a great time 4 wheeling and playing with Murphy(our golden). Hope to be back soon.””
Daryn, Christy and Drake from Bristol 9/23 Cabin #9

“”Thanks so much for the stay in Cabin #6. We had a great time. It was real homey. Hope to visit again someday. Enjoy the season and hope the winter is good to you.
Conway, NH 9/17 Cabin #6

AUGUST 2006 QUOTES from our guests

…took the boat across the lake to find the eagle-s nest. Couldn-t find it but found a
young Bull Moose in another cove ❗ ❗ He was in the water eating. We stayed with him until it got too dark. We have seen many moose before, but we never seen one in the water! It was incredible ❗ “”
Ann, Mike and Brad from Veazie 8/20-24 Cabin #1

“”What a wonderful spot ❗ This is our last few days in Me before we start the 2 day drive back to Michigan. We have enjoyed our Cozy Cove Cabin; it has lived up to its name….””
Rob and Melissa from Grand Blanc, Mi 8/18 Cabin #6

“”Traveled over 400 miles to celebrate our 47th anniversary at the best dinner spot for a special event, MOOSE POINT TAVERN. Tami and STeve, we-ll be back! Love it here!””
Joyce and Dave-August 17 Cabin #1

“”I-m sorry that we were only able to stay one night. The cabin is quite “”cozy”” and the bed is the best we-ve slept in, in a week. Can-t wait to come back.
Joe and Diane from Brookville, Ohio 8/28 Cabin #6

“” …This is our second summer at this cozy corner and we were pleased to see the changes the camp has gone through ❗ “”
Baxter, Lori, Katie, Audrey and Abby from Searsport 8/28 Cabin #1

“”Bald Mountainclimb was perfect. Vista-s a-plenty. 1st night our group saw 5 moose. Quiet, peaceful, pleasant. Thanks for a great stay and well run “”sporting camps””
Jim and Diane from Chaffee, NY 8/3-9 Cabin#9

“” I stayed her 24 years ago on a vacation and had fond memories of Cozy Cove and staying just one day in this lovely new cabin was delightful and refreshing “”
Paddy from NY 8/3 Cabin #4

“”We came up for the weekend and today is our 6th anniversary. We took our boat and went out and ate at MOOSE POINT TAVERN (food was great). The sunset on the water was beautiful. The cozy cabin was great and bed was very soft and cozy. This is our first time in these cabins and glad we came up.””
Patty and Ed from Windham, Me 8/19 Cabin #6

“”We”” had an awesome time ❗ Ted and his buddy spent their time fishin- and of course, I spent my time with the girls on the beach! We could not have asked for a better weekend or a better location with our friends. Tami and Steve (and of course, Murphy) made of vacation weekend the best ❗ I can definitely see us coming back whether snowmobiling, fishing or whatever…. “”
Tammy and Ted from Searsport.8/25-27 Cabin#9

JULY 2006 QUOTES from our guests

“”We ate breakfast at the 4 SEASON RESTAURANT. We recommend it. Good food, fast service, and a great price.”” Issac and Heather Cabin #4

“”…It took very little time to relax-the cabin, the people, and the place were so welcoming.””
“”Tami and Steve are great people and love what they do. They were so helpful with all our needs.””
Lisa J. from Rhode Island – 7/7 Cabin #3

“”Great time. Went 4-wheeling. Saw hawks, deer, moose, rabbits, snakes….
BIGWOOD STEAKHOUSE (BYOB) great but very big dinners.
Skip the appetizers if you want to finish your meal. We-ll return again. Wonderful hosts ❗ “”
Brian and Kathy from Northfield, NH 7/28 Cabin #6

“”We saw 19 Moose, 14 Deer, 2 Bald Eagles, 3 skunk, 4 Chipmunks and a few Loons.””
Dolores and family – July 2006

“”Wonderful welcome from Tami, STeve and Murphy-arrived at 10:30 -beer thirty-. Came to enjoy the woods, peace and quiet, and the ATV trails. Great improvement on the cabins! Just beautiful”” –
Sue, Ken, Jordyn – July 1-4 Cabin #1

We-re here from Woolwich, Me. We-ll be back””
Gary and Madeline 7/2-4 Cabin #9

“”….We saw 6 deer and 10 moose. It was great. We also ate at MOOSE POINT TAVERN which overlooks the lake and the food was great. Hope we can come back again. Thanks for the experience. “”
Kurt and Kory from Adamstown, Pa 7/4 Cabin #6

“”Arrived on our Harley-92 degrees- Went for a ride…saw 16 moose, 8 deer, 1 Bobcat-WOW ❗ “”
Zebo and Jan- 7/17-18 Cabin #1

“”No fireworks – it rained! But no complaints from us. We love CC and Steve, Tami and Murphy-we try to come several times a year-if for nothing more than a “”hello and a hey””
Jane and Bob from Fairfield, Me 7/4 Cabin #4

“”As I am sitting here…looking out the window, I see a GORGEOUS view. The lake is spectacular with its natural beauty… We had a great day. My husband, 3 children and our dog took 2 canoes across the lake where we went swimming in a secluded cove…Yesterday we hiked up Sally Mtn. The day before yesterday we canoed around Hog island between 2 thunderstorms. “” “”July 29th-Today is our last day. On the 27th we drove to Greenvilee, saw Moosehead lake, Kokadjo, the B-52 crash site, 6 moose, & the 20 mile check pt. of the North Main Woods. On the 28th, we hiked up Bald Mtn. “” (They made one more canoe trip on the 29th and 5 hrs later, the wind picked up and the water became very rough…Steve went out to “”save”” them…)
“”Steve-s cheerful assistance made a somewhat frustrating situation fun and not that serious.””
The H. Family from W Islip, NY 7/23-30 Cabin #1

“”I-ve been coming to Jackman since I was a youngster with my Dad-Man has it changed….. I just met Tammi and Steve and Murphy but feel like I-m at a B&B-they are so hospitable. (and how do I pay back their hospitality-I steal their pen from this book!) Joe and Pat from Norwich, Ct 7/21 Cabin #4

“”Wonderful, just wonderful. Such a beautiful lake. STEAK HOUSE food was delicious. Nice walk up to town. Enjoyed the whole community. Very comfortable cozy cabin. Thanks “”
Marty and Verna 7/30 Cabin #6

JUNE 2006 QUOTES from our guests

This past weekend, we had a small family group stay with us in 3 seperate cabins. Even though the sun only came out about 40 minutes each day, they had a great time.
What I want to share with you is what the young 8 year old wrote in the Journal in the Eagle- s Nest (where she stayed with her parents and bro) My first thought when I read it was Who needs a website! Anyhow it is her exact words, a few spelling corrections only and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
[quote]June 9, 2006
“”It would be cool if you put out a Warf. It would give you something to swim out to. Everything else is really nice. I am starting to get settled in already. I like the top bunks. I am going to sleep on one.
By the way, my name is S.T. (she gave her name) and I am eight years old. I am here with my mom and dad, my brother, my aunt, and my uncle Keith and Lora and Lora-s friend and her dog.
Tonight we went fishing.
A fish stole a worm. I found two and a quarter worms. This place is actually better than I thought.
It actually has working toilets, a working sink, ship shape stuff, a TV, it has boats, fans, windows with curtains, towels, good beds, a lamp in the wall bedside the bed, a porch and a coat rack.
It actually is cozy in Cozy Cove Cabins. It-s a good place to hide my stash of candy food and drinks.
It-s cool. The whole cabin is made of wood. Even the roof. (I think she meant ceiling).
If you wanted to relax, you should come to Cozy Cove Cabins. I like the color of the wood.
Cozy Cove Cabins is terrific. It is better than we thought. I like the fact that the water is clear. We caught 3 June bugs. The June bugs were huge. They tickle when you close them in your hand.
For some reason, bugs are attracted to lights. That-s why they come inside. Good thing I brought my own pencils. Did you make some of the cabins yourself?
June 10,2006
I am going to play horseshoe with the boys against the girls today. I think it will be fun. You give us a lot of things to do. Good thing I am a tomboy. My dad brought the 4 wheeler. Maybe he can take me for a ride on it. Make that 4 June bugs. We had a great time! Thank you for letting us stay.
Hope we can come again soon. Bye. Thanks for the restaurant tips. BYE!
And then she left a drawing of her hand for us!


“”What could be better than falling asleep listening to the loons on the lake””
Ruth and Grant from Elliot -June Cabin #4

“”Came to fish-got a few trout. Rain, Rain, Rain. Cooked out. Roasted marshmellows and enjoyed company.””
Chet and Betty from Maine 6/6-11 Cabin #1

APRIL 2006 QUOTES from our guests

Thanks to our wonderful hosts”” “”Oh, to only have all this beauty and serenity in our back yard. At least we had the privilege of enjoying this amazing piece of heaven on earth for a few days. 3 days of cold brutal mornings, but warm sunny afternoons””
Derek and Heather from Canaan 4/28 Cabin #4

FEBRUARY – MARCH 2006 QUOTES from our guests

It-s our 3rd time back and as always it felt food to come home to cabin #9. “”
Andy 2/10

“”Arrived about 7pm-no power in town….50 mph winds. Came in and bundled up for bed -40Degrees in here. Power came back on 20 min later.
Rode about 50 miles today-lots of shit on the trails from last nights winds. Went to BIG WOOD STEAKHOUSE. Excellent food-ribs are to die for! Go early or you will stand outside waiting. Hey guys: Ribs are a 10-waitress is a 9! The owners are great people, nice place. “”
Doug and Denise from Corinth, Me 2/17-18/06 Cabin #9

“”Lots of rain and warm weather are not good for the trails. … We went about 130 miles today- all in all not too bad for this time of year. Much better than back home where we haven-t had any snow this winter. Enjoyed staying in Cozy Cabin #6…can-t wait to come back. Saw 1 red fox, 2 deer and 1 coyote? “”
Jenn and Dan from Lunenburg, Me 3/11/06 Cabin #6

“”Fished Northwest shore around rock piles. 10-12″” splake and brook trout in 6-12 feet of water, about 20″” down. Had 20 flags-2-3 # chubs and a bucket full of tiger trout. 24 “” ice -drove truck on ice…good day.
Food at FOUR SEASON great, food at BIGWOOD STEAKHOUSE real great.””
From Winthrop Me 3/ 06 Cabin #9

“”Just arrived. Going to FOUR SEASONS to eat some grub and drink some beer…””
Zeb, Mark, Dave Roger and Josh 3/3/06