MARCH 2010 QUOTES from our Guests

March 3
Our first trip to the Jackman Area and Cozy Cove Cabins was a great introduction to the area.
We made a last minute reservation here after finding out that Bingham was snowless. SO glad we did. The snowmobiling was great and on Wednesday morning when our sled didnt start, Steve was right there to give us a hand.
Cozy Cove Cabins is just a nice mom and pop operation which is refreshing to find in this day and age. Thanks for everything
Bob and Mary

FEBRUARY 2010 QUOTES from our Guests

February 24
Trailer-ed from The Gateway in Bingham to 15 mile stream to find snow. Sledded to Bulldog Camp to attend the summit rider winter fest. Great day. Chicken barBQ, the works. Did 74 mph on radar run!
Sunday-moved to Cozy Cove Cabins – went to 1st club house in Canada Lake trail to the Border Riders trail to Canada to the first club house. Monday to Pittston farm. Trail pretty bare close to farm. Tuesday trailer-ed to Spencer road, mile 2 then sledded toward the forks over colburn then to the top. Smooth trails down ITS89 to shut down loop
Great trails good snow cover and scenery.
Ray and Merry NY Cabin #8

Feb 12-15
Arrived around 6:45 Friday. Great to be back at the Cozy Cove Cabins ❗ Jackman Maine has been one of my favorite places to visit. First ride we headed to the Canadian Border. Conditions were good despite all the skeptics back home. Nice 40 mile loop ❗ Heard conditions south were shabby. Canadian Border ride with some really nice side trails. Awesome at one spot where everything was covered wonderfully in a blanket of snow. Great to see friends Mark and Laurie here again ❗ Of course, had a great time here and look forward to being here again. I like all the nice touches around the cabins. Keep up the good work Steve and Tami. Thanks Rob and Matt from Mass. Cabin #8

Feb 7-8
Nice Cabin. Better than a hotel room. Nice riding all weekend. Thanks for the great place. Mary & Larry from Smithfield Cabin #8

January 2010 QUOTES from our Guests

It is early in the month yet to be posting Journal entries for January but this entry from Laurie says a few volumes as to what most are saying about their time riding in Jackman. I will update this at the end of the month also.

Cabin #8 January 15
Arrived at 2pm, cloudy 29 degrees mist ended by 3, snowmobiles were unloaded and ready to go as well as all supplies stocked. We decided to ride the Canadian Border Riders Loop and took a side loop as well for a 52 mile ride. Good decision ❗ ! 20 miles into the ride we enjoyed a WINTER WONDERLAND with several inches of snow covering the trees. It was worth the stop at Sandy Stream Mountain (BR North). All trails were excellent with the exception of 100 yards on the town trail, smooth but bare ground. No problem..turn around and fill your track with snow. Returned to the Cozy Beaches at 5:30ish. Cheese, crackers pepperoni wine and relaxation before heading to supper…we-ll let you know more when we return. What a great afternoon ❗ ! Decided to cook at home, a few beers, talked with Steve. Went to Pittston Farm Saturday. Trail was great to excellent going and returning. Stopped at the Northland pub for some sharing of the days stories with locals and New Englanders. Great steak and Veal at Schmooses. Hit the sack early to rise and pack, check out so we can hit the trails before returning home to beat the storm.
Dean and Laurie from Sanford, Me

October 2009 QUOTES from our Guests

October 18
Couldn-t have asked for a better fall weekend. Canoeing to Hog Island and exploring for hours was incredible. The views are breathtaking. Suggest if you drive a 4wd to find a dirt road-look for bald mountain and take a drive. THe whole trip made me remember the beauty of Maine-See you at Thanksgiving ❗
Your friends from Portland Cabin #1

October 10
After we unloaded all our food and clothes, we went 4 wheeling and froze our butts off. It was so cool. We absolutely love our cabin. It-s nice and comfy, feels like home. Right now we are playing dice…Before we ate supper, we went bird hunting in the truck. Our beds were so comfy. We love this cabin. Perfect for 4….
Shelly and family from Jay, Me Cabin #1

September 2009 QUOTES from our Guests

September 5-8
This was our second trip to Cozy COve in about a month. Our first in Cabin 1. We had a great time once again, still waiting for our first moose sighting. My 11 year old created a word “hamoosination” which is moose + hallucination. She said she was having hamoosinations on this trip ❗
We caught a couple junk fish off the dock and also tried the paddle boats. We caught another small one about 150 yards off shore. Nicky loves Murphy and like feeding the ducks (Don-t tell Tami).
This place is “THE WAY LIFE SHOULD BE”. It-s nice to hear the kids say “Let-s go for a walk” or ” let-s go fishing” instead of talking on cell phones or playing on the computer.
Moxie Falls is worth the 30 min drive. Very easy for little kids. My five year old made it on his own. Matt, Haley and Nick from MA Cabin #1

August 2009 QUOTES from our Guests

August 1
On our arrival, we were welcomed whole heartily by Tami & Murphy. Our stay here was wonderful. The Jester is very quiet and cozy. We rented a boat for a day. Only a few small fish 🙁 but was well worth the sightseeing. Randy & Mike fished next to the trestle. One day we traveled to Greenville. Went to the B-52 site. Two moose spotted ❗ ❗ Unfortunately we did try to make our way to Pittston Farm-the middle of 20 mile road is in bad shape. Almost impassible. Our last day we took a ride to St Georges Canada. Beautiful scenery and another moose just outside of Jackman. Randy, Miky and myself just want to say Thanks to Tammi Steve and Murphy for being gracious host and we sincerely thank you. Randy-s favorite saying this week. “I LOVE THIS PLACE, I DON-T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING ❗ ❗ “
Thanks from Mike Vikki and Randy from Hubbardston MA Cabin #1
PS The SCHMOOSES was a great place to eat great food, great hospitality. Give them a try.

Poem written by a guest

Today, I found this poem in our “Baja” Guest journal. I believe it was written this weekend by one of the 6 men in there but they did not sign it.
SO to whomever wrote it, thank you and good job ❗

“The half moon hovers
over Sally-s southern slope
Clouds of white-lovely lunar light
Shimmers on the surface of the peaceful pond.

At Cozy Cove your cares don-t keep
The waters shallow – the thoughts are deep.
The campfire laughter fills the night
Discussions flow of the fisherman-s plight.
The fish don-t bite but the bugs do
I guess it-s something you get used to.”

July 2009 QUOTES from our Guests

July 3-12
Well once again, I wait till the last day to write in the Journal! We had a wonderful time. We did so much this trip. Quebec City for a day, on the way home we saw at least 8 moose ❗ ❗ Went white water rafting, Kayaks, dinner, dancing, the pot luck picnic which is always great. Tami Steve and Murphy – thanks so much for everything. You always make us feel like part of your family. We will miss you guys so much until next year. Love ya.
Celia and Kevin from NJ

July 18
Arrived after a long drive form Cape Cod and found the Jacuzzi the ideal way to relax. The week began very cool temps and rain. While not the weather we hoped for it was great for animal spotting. Hummingbirds, loons deer, grouse, red fox, and of course moose. Barry and Sasha liked Moxie Trail-great falls ❗ Visited the German POW memorial. Explored and walked a dozen dirt roads and picked tiny strawberries, delicious ❗ Saw several waterfalls and cedar waxwings. Our dog Sasha was in doggy heaven with walks and smells. Drove to Greenville explored, ate and Auntie Ms. Visited Lilly Bay. Had supper at Big wood steakhouse. Snuck in naps, ad reading. Lovely well cared for place. Thanks Tami and Steve for making us welcome 🙂
Kathy, Barry and Sasha from Cape Cod MA

June 2009 QUOTES from our Guests

June 27th
“Thank you for the great hospitality. Your best western is the perfect get away for busy moms and dads to get some peace and quiet We haven-t had this much fun since our honeymoon ❗ The canoe ride was awesome. Maybe getting stranded on the island during the thunderstorm wasn-t an accident but [i]what happens in Jackman stays in Jackman [/i] ❗ “
Kurt and Jen from Manchester Cabin 5

June 25-28 (I needed to shorten the entry)
…”Paddle boats this am-fun ❗ Now the thunder is starting back up so we will just head off to the grocery store and pick up more good food. …We did find a fairly big snapping turtle down by the dock in the early morning and took some photos. …Sun has returned ❗ 6-27 We drove toward Rockwood and Greenville yesterday and saw a moose on our rainy drive. As we passed all the cabins in Rockwood I remembered how loud and shaky they are at night with the logging trucks passed by ❗ Much more peaceful here in Jackman 🙂 Greenville was full of tourist shopping in the rain, including us. We returned to dinner at BIGWOOD-Great ribs ❗ …Our dog Clementine had an awesome vacation here, She found several friendly dogs to swim and run with. …Sammy (9yo)found new friends up here to swim and explore with. These cabins are really family friendly ❗ ” Joan, Dave, Rachel and Sam Cabin #1

June 29
The best place to stay in Jackman Maine. I found these great cabins by word of mouth through my parents when me and my wonderful wife got married we came for our honeymoon in 07 in cabin #6. This year, we just had to come back. Had a baby in between so couldnt come in 08. Cabin #5 this year was great in the Best Western. Water nice and hot, sweet porch, nice wood finish, and the hot tub was great to soak in before bed-very relaxing. Best place to eat in town MaMa Bear for breakfast and Big Wood Steak house both right at the top of the road. We greatly appreciate everything up here at Cozy Cove. Always a good time no matter what. Thank you so much for the great hospitality! It was such an honor and a pleasure to spend our Mommy & Daddy time away here at Cozy Cove. We will me making many more trips back.
Derek and Lisa from Leeds Maine

May 2009 QUOTES from our Guests

May 26-28
“Arrived in -the unit-. Unloaded supplies then tried to fix broken intersection blue LEDs on -the unit-aka Tahoe. Built fire in firepit. ..standby with 2 ABC dry chem fire extinguishers, structure gloves, turnout pants.” “ATVing from 0800-1500 hrs on Polaris and BRP ATVs. BRP had winch. Mud was fun. Rain/cold was not. Dinner at close restaurant. Returned home to construct another fire. Did some PT (Physical training). Sleep. Leaving in the morning ➡ 7 hour drive. I hope you enjoyed reading this.
Tango Cabin #2 Is this all in code? 🙂