October Guest Jounal

I have not entered guest journal quotes monthly like I used to but sometimes, one entry will catch my eye. This is part of what Cathy and Dana said this weekend after being here to bird hunt.
“It-s nice to get away from life, take a deep breath of fresh air, and relax.”

January 2012 QUOTES from our Guests

I realize that it is not [i]quite[/i] January but the family who left today may have stayed into January had the cabin been available. They were just lovely and I wanted to share their New Year experience with you. We enjoyed seeing the kids sledding down the hill, even though only about an inch of snow on the ground and their excitement to walk on a frozen lake. SO thank you family for having such a great time in the Northeast and we hope your next visit, we have more snow.

December 28, 2011
We just arrived to a cozy warm cabin (it is 11 degrees outside). My family (hubby and 4 children) and I came all the way from Orlando Florida (75 degrees) to see some snow. We [u]were not[/u] disappointed.
-On our 2nd day here we drove to the Canadian border & the views were breathtaking
-On our 3rd day we drove to Greenville to look for Moose & see the B-52 crash site. The road up the mountain was a little scary but we enjoyed the trip. No Moose 🙁 We ate lunch at Auntie Ms & the burgers were great. Note: Cash only dinner was at BigWood Steakhouse. Amazing.
We loved our visit. We are pulling out in the morning. Maine is a beautiful treasure, we cant wait to come again. We would stay in no other place. Truly a family feel. Our children are thrilled there is snow in the forecast tonight. What a nice end to our trip. Thanks for everything
Most sincerely yours, Randall, Kelly, Savannah, Randy, Andrew, & Kris Cabin #4

MAY 2011 QUOTES from our Guests

This sweet couple came her as part of their honeymoon…she writes almost as a poet or at least tells a nice story plus one of her experiences explains why we need to watch where we walk when exploring:

“May 10-13
We came here on our honeymoon. I was so charmed when we came in-this cabin was perfect, especially with the kitchenette and shower. We went waterfall hunting-we found “the Falls” just off N201, the Herald Stream Falls, & the Moxie Falls (S201). We looked for the COld River Falls but could not find it. “The Falls” was the prettiest but Moxie was impressive.
We also went canoeing, exploring Big Wood lake. The 1st day we went to the southern tip of Hog Island. We saw some MASSIVE birch trees, bigger then I-d ever seen. There was also one part that was like a tree cemetery; more fallen trees then standing, in various states of decay., some only half fallen, their strips of bark hanging from the neighbor tree-s branches. Running back across this tip I startled a Mamma Grouse (dunno if it was a ruffed grouse) Suddenly, she was up in my face flapping frantically & hissing. I looked down & at my feet saw her nest, with perfect pearly white eggs laying in the leaves. The mamma continued to circle me & hiss, her feathers all puffed up. I backed up slowly & made a wide detour around her nest. It was a windy day so hard work getting back to camp-520 paddle strokes on my part. Probably over 1000 for the whole excursion.
2nd day went canoeing down to where Attean Pond flows into Big Wood, to see the bridge (K Truss) Calm day, very nice paddling. Well over 1000 strokes there and back. Saw a bunch of loons.
We-ve also enjoyed playing cribbage in the evenings and having dinner “IN”.
Coming here was a surprise from my husband, & I-ve enjoyed it greatly. Had a wonderful Time. “The Boon Team” from Georgia” in Kona, Cabin #9

JANUARY 2011 QUOTES from our Guests

January 17-21
[u]Monday[/u]-Sunny and 1 degree! ~3 of us visiting from Cape Cod. We have been snowmobiling in Jackman for years but this is our 1st time staying in the Cozy Cove Cabins. Great spot ❗ ~ 60 mile this afternoon ❗

[u]Tuesday[/u]-7am 2 degrees & snowing. Snowed all day about 6 inches in town. Just what the trails needed. Another 60 miles this afternoon.

[u]Wednesday[/u]-24 degrees at 7am. 102 mile ride today-The Birches/Rockwood and back. Great day ❗

[u]Thursday[/u]- 6 degrees at 6:30 am-sunny morning! 105 miles today and another route to Rockwood ❗ * My amazing Boyfriend proposed to me here in Jackman! And we are engaged ❗ ❗ ❗

[u]Friday[/u] 6am. Packing up and headed back to the Cape. We had a great time as always and a wonderful stay at Cozy Cove! Thank You ❗
➡ Jayne, Tyler , and David from Cape Cod MA Cabin #4

January 15th
This is our 2nd stay at Cozy Cove but our 1st in the Eagles Nest. This cabin is PERFECT:!: ❗ Greg and the kiddos took a walk across the ice. Checked our some of the neighbors ice traps. They even got to see someone catch a fish. The sun is shining and it should be a wonderful day.
➡ Greg, Dawn Ethan, Bryan, Elaine, Hayley, and Lauren from Maine-Cabin #4

SEPTEMBER 2010 QUOTES from our Guests

September 20
Day 1. Put about 100 miles on our ATVs on the trails-went to the Canadian border and Coburn Mt. We had an excellent tour guide here named Jim. He and his wife Brenda have been coming here for 15 years ❗ We were awestruck by the amount of beauty surrounding us . At dusk, we came across a moose on the trail”-a large female and a huge male ❗ They were amazing”-it was a first for everyone to see moose. We also saw a red fox! Great Day ❗
Chris, Vickie, Russell, and Judy from NJ in Cabin #4

September 9th
We are so grateful to be here to be away form the rat race and enjoy the wilderness of northern Maine. We absolutely love Jackman and Cozy Cove Cabins. Hiking, Kayaking, rock climbing, 4-wheeling, and bear hunting. All have made for a wonderful experience, all the while getting plenty of rest. This trip has breathed new life into us and for that we thank our God in heaven and we thank you Tami and Steve for making our stay here very enjoyable.
Lee and Lori Cabin #8

September 2nd
we had a great stay: great weather, great trails, great scenery, and great people. SO much to do so little time. Well definitely be back.
Kurt and Heather from Palmyra, Me

AUGUST 2010 QUOTES from our Guests

August 16
Well, as I sit here on the deck the last day before we leave. I am just taking in this beautiful picture that I will hold onto till next summer. We didnt really do much this year. Went to Greenville for dinner, saw a moose, we went on the kayaks around Hog Island and saw an eagle!! Kevin did some fishing and I read a good book, stuff that we dont do at home. Its been a tough year for us, loosing my Mom, a very dear friend that we met our first year up here, Lee and Murphy. But being here made our hearts heal a bit, its so wonderful to have a place to call home and that wouldnt be possible without Tami and Steve. Thanks for everything but most of all, thanks for your friendship. Love you both
Celie & Kevin from NJ Cabin #2

August 7-14
Couldn-t have asked for better hosts or weather. Tami and Steve were great. “The meteor shower was the icing on the cake”
The Dempseys from NY IN Cabin #1

JULY 2010 QUOTES from our Guests

July 31
“One week has flown by. We hope everyone has a laid back relaxing week as we have. Enjoy Tami and Steve-s hospitality. It is great”
Vikki, Mike and Randy Cabin #1 from Massachusetts

July 25
First day we went 4 wheeling to Pittston Farm and the some- did 120 miles-awesome ride. Next day girls were beat so guys went out and us girls hiked Moxie Falls which was beautiful, then went out on paddle boats then the kayaks. Gorgeous day. Also sat up at Bald Mtn for 2.5 hours waiting to see a moose.
Saw 2….”
Lloyd and Tracey from NY

July 18
“I do not think the view could be any more beautiful and seeing that first thing in the morning guaranteed a great day. The paddleboats were a struggle in the whitecaps but a memory we will never forget. SO thank you for a memorable weekend.”
Ryan and family from N. Attleboro Cabin #2

July 8
“Our first time at the cabins and we had found it breath taken. It is so beautiful here and definitely cozy ❗ The sunsets are absolutely beautiful. The best I have ever seen.”
The Dagenair Family Cabin #1

JUNE 2010 QUOTES from our Guests

June 20
Thanks for a lovely stay @ cozy Cove Cabins. The weather was incredible-85 degrees, good fishing, & the children greatly enjoyed the waterfront, paddleboats & fishing for yellow perch off the dock. We look forward to a return visit next spring. 38 brook trout:!:
Cabin #1 The Crocker Family, Maine

APRIL 2010 QUOTES from our Guests

April 22-23
This is our first trip to Maine and had the most memorable weekend. The Cabin is everything we could have hoped for. Thanks for all the tips, we did see 2 moose
❗ ❗
I wish every weekend could be as peaceful as this one was ❗ It was a nice change to not let time have us. We finally werent on a schedule. This was every bit of the way we wanted to spend our first anniversary ❗
Thank you so much!
Cant wait to come back!
Melvin and Joanna Springfield Mass

MARCH 2010 QUOTES from our Guests

March 3
Our first trip to the Jackman Area and Cozy Cove Cabins was a great introduction to the area.
We made a last minute reservation here after finding out that Bingham was snowless. SO glad we did. The snowmobiling was great and on Wednesday morning when our sled didnt start, Steve was right there to give us a hand.
Cozy Cove Cabins is just a nice mom and pop operation which is refreshing to find in this day and age. Thanks for everything
Bob and Mary