Trail and Ice Fishing report

Trail report:
Busy weekend and some of our guests said the trails were great with a few areas that were icy but all in all, riding was good. Except for last evening. WOW 😯 The wind storm that blew through the region was incredible. One group who were trying to get home said it was pretty rough seeing the trail. But the made it home safe. I do not have a detailed trail report except to say with all the extreme cold, there is some areas that are icy especially around curves so use caution. Our groomers went out last night and will again this week so riding at least in our region should be good this weekend. More snow due on Friday.
Ice Fishing Report: I think these guys said it best in our guest journal.
“Had a banner day of fishing. Too many flags to count. Limited out on Salmon, Brook Trout and Splake and Perch. All good size, quality fish. Had the best day of Ice Fishing I-ve ever had. PLUS the accommodations are top notch, good people, good place, great fishing. What else does a person need? From Tom, Steve, CHuck and Steve”

Ice fishing 2013 season


The latest ice depth reports as of today are about 10 inches near the eastern shore and 8-10 inches near Gander Brook. Some say there are 2 layers of ice in areas. Most likely because the lake froze, then we got snow, then rain then snow, then very cold temperatures.

Most are doing well so far … at least they say they are 😉 You know how it goes “I caught one THIS BIG”

Ice fisherman reminder

If you want to be able to see your traps from your cabin deck, please ask for a lakeside cabin and tell us this when you make your reservation. You can see the cabin location on our cabins tab with pictures of your lake view from the back side cabins.

Ice fishing in 12 below


Yes, our thermometer says 12 below zero but with the wind, the chill factor out on the lake is about a minus 30. 😯
That does not stop our ice fisherman: These guys set up their portable shack right out in front so if it gets too cold, a quick jot back up to their warm cabin is all that will be needed. Hope they are wearing face masks too! BRRR.

Good luck guys.

Big Wood Webcam 12-28


We had a bit of rain last night but the temperatures are dropping fast and what water was on the frozen lake, froze even more. Ice shacks have already gone out getting ready for the 2012 ice fishing season.

Now bring on the snow! Visit our webcam to see what is happening anytime.

Ice fishing 2011

Although Big Wood is still frozen and quite thick, we saw MANY ice shacks coming off the lake today. It is a beautiful day and perhaps it is easier to take them off today while the ice is so frozen then waiting for it to turn to slush.

Some fisherman this weekend have said they are not getting the big ones but it is “still better then being at work” 🙂 A couple more weeks to go.