Open water fishing 2018

After intense winds that started Friday, the ice on Big Wood finally went out, except for in our yard, Saturday morning May 5th. As for our ice out contest, I will wait to announce the winner as the official day may be the evening of the 4th.

With the snow melt and a couple big storms, the lake water is very high right now. It is almost touching the steps we have between cabins 3 and 4.  With that being said, we may not get our dock out until the 4th of July. We hope someone opens the gates soon.

This, in my humble opinion, is the best time for spring fishing.   The salmon are hungry and they seems to bit more. You do have to be a little more cautious boating though as it is harder to determine the shoreline.

Hope to see you soon.

Happy Memorial Day weekend.

What a beautiful day today. The lake water is finally receding and we almost have a lawn agajn. We are still not able to put out the dock but soon.

Our quests this weekend are boating and fishing (one caught a nice 17 inch trout last night) and since our trails opened yesterday, many are out enjoying the ATV trails.

Of course, we are also remembering those lost while serving our country. God bless.


1st 2016 Jackman trail report

We did get 8 inches of snow in town this weekend. BUT trails are not open yet. This was our first good snow followed by very cold temps so trail opening depends on how much snow we get this week (12″ plus in the forecast) and the temperatures.

The club has started some panning of trails but they will not post open trails until after this next storm. Please be patient just as we need to be. We will not tell you that riding is great unless it is.

The sad part for you ice fisherman; Big Wood is still open water. I do not know if the lake has ever not been frozen for opening day of ice fishing.

Think cold and snow. It will happen.

2015 Webcam view of Big Wood Lake


YEAH 😀 We got our webcam moved back to the old location. And since it is a better webcam then we had last year, you can see Hog Island, the Mountains surrounding Jackman as well as some AWESOME ❗ sunsets and sky.

We did a test on it last night and even though sunset was at 8:25, we were getting great sky color at 9:30. We also tried it using the IR for night vision. That did not work so we will have to keep that option turned off.

SO enjoy the view. See you soon.

First 2015 Trail Report in Jackman

Before Christmas, there was some decent riding in town, then we got a bit of rain but we had enough to keep our base. Riders this past week said that the trails were bumpy in some areas but really good considering. This weekend we got about 5-6 inches here in town. And the flurries continue Groomers went east and south last night.

The Pittston Bully groomer needed major repairs and has been in the shop a few weeks now waiting for parts. Without going into detail, they hope to have it up and running by the end of the week. I mention this as this is the only groomer that can truly work the terrain of the border loop and 89 north. This weekend, they did get a tractor up that way and one of our other groomers was going to try but until the Bully is up and running, norhtern loops are not going to be their best.

Have no fear, riding east and south should be great. Pittston Farm reports good condition as well as southern clubs around Parlin. Parlin reports an ice jam on ITS 87 that they will have signed.

The trail master has not reported that Big Wood or other lakes are safe but there are ice shacks, sleds and trucks out there this weekend. Just use caution out there, around curves on the trails and a bit of common sense. Watch for signage.