Windy warm day


It is a beautiful day today.
The temperature is around 80 in the shade and a nice warm wind is blowing off the lake. If I did not see our red maples turning, I would swear this was mid August still.

So despite the warm temperatures, yes indeed, the colors are changing.

Have a great day


I believe peak foliage is past us now and yet, there is still abit of color left. Today we woke to 29 degrees and a hard frost on the ground but with the blue skies and sun shine, it has warmed up to 46. Have a wonderful day!

Fall Foliage 2012 at Cozy Cove


Here it is, almost a week later and that one leaf that I captured that turned is now turning into more color. I looked back at 2011 when the leaves began to change here at Cozy Cove Cabins and on the 19th of September, our red maple by “Indio” was starting. SO it seems we may be on schedule as that tree is still green but the taller ones are changing now. It won-t be long. Get your cameras ready.

Below is a bit of color you can see today on Hog Island, even kinda pretty on the lake reflection.


Just a reminder: Jackman sits a bit down in a valley so you may see more color on the ride up.

Fall 2012 is starting


I took this picture of one of our Elm trees here at Cozy Cove Cabins on August 27th. The leaves have begun to change and more so in the higher elevations around town. Today, September 6th, the tips of my red maple leaves are starting to show their color too. It will not be long before we are in peak! Come on up and enjoy!

The end of fall foliage 2011

We had perfect [i]Indian Summer[/i] weather these past few days But alas, this may be the last chance for the fall colors to shine. I thought I would share some of the images we see here at Cozy Cove Cabins. The first one above is Hog Island reflecting off the lake.

This one below is looking north of us along the eastern shore of Big Wood.


This is Moose Point Tavern which ALWAYS shows beautifully this time of year.


Happy October


I sat on the porch this afternoon seeing this red maple and the glistening waters beyond and had to share it with you. 😀 We are in full color and soon, they will be all gone. Hope you have a wonderful October

Fall Foliage 2011 has arrived


As you can see, one of the red maples we have here is turning nicely. There is still green on the leaves but it won-t be long before we have full color. Our birch trees, which we have many, are turning yellow and already falling. First leaf clean up should be gin by next week.

Of course, as we sit down in the valley a bit, there is less color then th higher elevations of Johnson Mtn. and near the border.

Summer 2011 is over


After the storms, the lake water rose. We kept the dock attached hoping it would go down again, which it did but alas, it came back up. SO today, Steve took the dock out.

The leaves have already begun to change and soon the snow will fly ❗
SO, I guess summer is over 🙁

Autumn must end

I took these images this morning and I think they may be the last possible shots of the fall colors for this year.This first one is of Moose Point Tavern.

They are no longer open and yet still shows a beautiful presence on the lake.

This second one was taken from our yard-pond 😆 of Hog Island and the mountains beyond. As you can see, the rains we had a couple weeks ago, cause the lake water to rise significantly.

Now I am ready for the leaves to be gone and the snow to fall 🙂
Have a great day to all ❗

Winter is on its way

I think this image says it all ❗


The colors are almost gone, the leaves are falling, the skies are gray (sounds like a song I know 😉 ) but there is still so much beauty around here. When the sun did peak out, it was gorgeous.

But alas, fall must come to an end and winter is to come. Get ready to start singing my “let it snow” song ❗