Fall colors have begun

Driving back from Skowhegan today I notice the change in fall colors are really starting to begin

Our red maple in front of Zakopane cabin started to turn about a week ago so I knew it was coming but when you drive up 201 to Jackman, you notice the changes more.

.There is very little color in SKowhegan, but just past the Forks, I started to see the reds pop, then as I hit Parlin the orange and yellow colors started.

YAY!   Looking forward to Autumn.

Fall colors at their peak

Had to add in another one from our peak colors this year.


A little bit of rain and some really cold nights made the colors of Fall pop this weekend. 😀 A really windy cold day today but soon, the leaves will fall. Hurry if you want to see some great Fall colors!

Fall sunset


I am not sure why the sunsets in the fall are so spectacular, but this on this night, September 10th, it was so beautiful I have to share.

I expect I will be sharing more either here or on our Facebook page.

Autumn is on its way


The first day of Autumn 2014 is in a couple days and as you can see, we are half way to peak foliage here in Jackman. With the low temperatures we had this week and today, around 70….it is coming on fast.
Come see us in the next 2 weeks to fill your senses with the colors and smells of Fall 😀

Fall Foliage 2013 update


Although the colors are there, we are not quite at peak here in Jackman.

A drive North on 201 from Skowhegan the other day also showed some lovely color, especially as I hit the top of Johnson Mountain. The hills and mountains at higher elevations were beautiful and are closer to peak color then here in town. Maybe another week?

With that being said, if you are taking a drive up this week, enjoy the view and the mountains in the distance and have your camera ready.

Fall colors have begun


We took a ride up US 201 the other day and the colors of fall are in bloom. With the cold nights, it will not be long for peak foliage to appear.

Today the skies are blue again but early morning temperatures around 40.

ATV trails are still open and it is a great time to explore the woods, see the fall colors, and enjoy the scenery. Dress warm.

Windy warm day


It is a beautiful day today.
The temperature is around 80 in the shade and a nice warm wind is blowing off the lake. If I did not see our red maples turning, I would swear this was mid August still.

So despite the warm temperatures, yes indeed, the colors are changing.

Have a great day


I believe peak foliage is past us now and yet, there is still abit of color left. Today we woke to 29 degrees and a hard frost on the ground but with the blue skies and sun shine, it has warmed up to 46. Have a wonderful day!

Fall Foliage 2012 at Cozy Cove


Here it is, almost a week later and that one leaf that I captured that turned is now turning into more color. I looked back at 2011 when the leaves began to change here at Cozy Cove Cabins and on the 19th of September, our red maple by “Indio” was starting. SO it seems we may be on schedule as that tree is still green but the taller ones are changing now. It won-t be long. Get your cameras ready.

Below is a bit of color you can see today on Hog Island, even kinda pretty on the lake reflection.


Just a reminder: Jackman sits a bit down in a valley so you may see more color on the ride up.