Fall foliage

Driving around Jackman, the colors are really starting to pop.  At least in a bit higher elevations.  Here in town, the red maples are not quite in full color yet.  Take a drive though, you will be surprised what you see.   Our ATV guests have also shared some great photos.

Quick peak color

Last week, the fall colors blossomed, seemingly overnight. This past weekend we were in full peak color. It was a perfect Indian summer weekend too.  Beautiful blue skies, little wind, warm sunny days.

Here are some of the photos taken around town during the week.

The fist one is of course, the eastern shore of Big Wood near the river outlet. The second is of the hillside along 201 in Moose River and the third is from the park

These are from the ATV trails over the weekend

Sadly, with the bit of wind that has started, the leaves are falling quick. Peak has come and going fast.   If you did not make it up this weekend, you missed it.  There is always next year.

Fall colors have begun

Our red maples here at Cozy Cove started to turn about 2 weeks ago.  The odd thing is that they do not seem as vibrant.  I cannot help but wonder if it is because of the dry dry summer.  And wondered how the season would be.

The other day though I went down river and on the way home, I saw so much color in the hills around Jackman. (higher elevation)   My faith in Fall beauty was restored.

Last night we had a hard frost so bring it on.    It is going to happen fast.   I cannot wait to see the reflections of color from Hog Island on Big Wood.

Stay tuned.


Colors of Autumn

It seemed like it was a slow start then all at once, the fall colors started to show. We are at peak right now. Soon the reds will go away then more of the orange and then the yellow.  |

This was taken last week at “The Falls”

And this one at Attean Lookout.

And here is one from the lookout looking over Attean Pond during the day.

And then at sunset.

Thank you Karla and Kim for sharing these beautiful photos.

End of October note:

As you can tell from my post title, I do not know what to call this!  It is October 21st, and I just wanted to post a not about the month.

We started out pretty warm this month, making peak foliage come a bit late, which in turn, did not help our bird hunters.  Then we had a freeze and things started to rapidly change.

We have had mega rains and wind changing peak into past peak in about a weeks time, barely able to enjoy the colors this year.  We went for reds, oranges and yellow to mustard and brown.

As for our bird hunters!  Once it got cold and the leaves fell, they, well those who were here this past week, said this has been the best bird season for them!

We have had temps in the low 30s this weekend and chill factor of about 28.  Even some snow flurries.

What an odd autumn.  Well, it has been an odd year for weather in general.

Hopefully, we will have a snowy winter.  Get those sleds ready!

Favorite Fall photo

As I look to the right of our cabins in the Fall, I wait to see the peak colors, blue skies and crystal still waters just to capture this image.

Finally got it this morning.

On the right of the image is the old Moose Point Tavern. On the left side of the image is the beginning of the outlet to the Moose River.

We hit peak this weekend I think and already, many of the orange maple trees have dropped their leaves so it won’t be long now to see browns and then white.

Winter is on its way!

Peak foliage 2018

I chose to update this post as I believe now, October 5th, we are at Peak color.   The drive up 201 has to be incredible right now. Here are a couple photos of our cabins and one of the mountains across the lake from us.

September 29th

It has been a slow start to the colors of Fall this year.  Of course driving up US route 201, I believe the changes started a bit sooner since it is a higher elevation.

Then earlier this week, we had a couple hard frosts and then rain and wallah! It started changing seemingly overnight.

Our favorite red maple in front of Zakopane is almost full bloom as are the oranges and yellows that I can see along the shoreline.

I estimate peak foliage to be by the end of next week.

If you are looking for some awesome photos as the colors change, check out our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/cozycovecabins


Fall colors have begun

Driving back from Skowhegan today I notice the change in fall colors are really starting to begin

Our red maple in front of Zakopane cabin started to turn about a week ago so I knew it was coming but when you drive up 201 to Jackman, you notice the changes more.

.There is very little color in SKowhegan, but just past the Forks, I started to see the reds pop, then as I hit Parlin the orange and yellow colors started.

YAY!   Looking forward to Autumn.

Fall colors at their peak

Had to add in another one from our peak colors this year.


A little bit of rain and some really cold nights made the colors of Fall pop this weekend. 😀 A really windy cold day today but soon, the leaves will fall. Hurry if you want to see some great Fall colors!