Potluck Picnic

We had our first “”ANNUAL”” POTLUCK PICNIC yesterday with our guests ❗

Last week, we decided to try to have a potluck picnic with our guests. We planned it for July 1st …a kind of pre-4th of July picnic. We sent out invitations to those guests registered and everyone participated.

What a variety of foods too…hot dogs, chicken tenders, meatballs, cole slaw, baked beans, pasta salad, “”stuffies”” from Rhode Island, grilled veggies, an amazing garlic dip and beer bread, plus about 4 or 5 pies and of course, the all time campfire favorite, smores!

It was pretty chilly last evening but everyone put on the coats and sat by the campfire. Even after the sun went down, those who could lasted, enjoyed a few fireworks.

Good time and perhaps we will plan this again…at least for next year 😉

Deck complete for INDIO!


YEAH ❗ We finished another deck 😀

Slowly but surely we are getting the work done.

We finished the deck a few weeks ago but then we wanted something different for the railings instead of just sticks. After much thought, we came up with this design. Of course, it was not real easy to do the cutouts; it is rare that Tami finds the easy road to take 😆 But we are happy with the end result.

Indio was named based on some great pictures we have of Bali and Nepal, so we wanted the railings to reflect that a bit. Plus it holds us true to 0ur word that “”each cabin is different both in size and style ❗


We, Steve and Tami, want to wish you all a very Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year in 2007 ❗

It looks like 2007 is going to start out snowy and cold. ..at least that is what is being reported.

It snowed most of yesterday and this am…about 2-4 inches here in town but hopefully, more in the mountains and north. A few guest trailered out up into Bald Mountain and said there was a little more snow there and at least they were able to ride today! Although, I think they are just enjoying being here for New Years, good riding or not!

Weather reports…it is hard to believe them because it snowed today with accumulation and yet reports say we should not have any accumulation so I guess we all just need to wait and see what mother nature brings us.

The lake seems to continue to freeze. Steve went out about 200 yards off our shore and said it was just under 2 inches thick. I do not know if this is “”safe”” to go out on yet, so if you do go out, please use extreme caution.

Again, Have a great New Year Holiday ❗