Travel tidbits

We often get asked how far to Jackman from wherever or how many miles by quad or snowmobile. SO below are some mileage and travel time information for you. These are not exact but should give you a good idea.

Travel time to Jackman by Car:
Boston MA: 5 hours
Providence RI: 6.5 hours
Hartford CT: 7 hours
NY, NY: 9 hours +

Mileage by ATV from Jackman
Forks ➡ 40 miles
Rockwood ➡ 40 miles
Greenville ➡ 100 miles
Pittston Farm ➡ 60 miles
Canadian Border ➡ 25 miles

Mileage by Snowmobile from Jackman
Rockwood:arrow: 42 miles
Canadian Border ➡ 22 miles
Forks ➡ 45 miles
Kokajo ➡ 66-75 miles
Eustis ➡ 76 miles

ATV to Pittston Farm

The Border Riders Club and Pittston Farm have been working on a trail system to connect and were waiting for the state to move the toll booth/gate. FINALLY, it is moved.

They are signing the trail today and are planning to have this trail open by Friday. SO now, another place for ATVers to travel to (food and fuel) 😀

Winter guests love summer here

Mark and Laurie have been coming to Jackman in the winter to snowmobile. This year, they chose to try a summer trip and had a great time. Besides enjoying the 4th with us, they played on their jet skis and rented ATVs to explore the region when it was green instead of white. “What a blast”


See you guys in February ❗

ATV Trails in Jackman

Reports are coming in from our guests who have been out on the trails in the region. There are some wet areas north past the Border Riders Club but most people enjoy that as otherwise, the trails are very dry. You know, some like to get muddy too 🙂
The trails to the south of town are a bit more bumpy then some liked. And going east, most said they are great.

All in all, people are having a great time riding and the trails will only get better.

They are revamping the access trail that we use to access the trails from here so our guests have permission to ride up Spruce street until this is completed. A reminder though to everyone using this route: you must go slow and stay to the right. Please respect those residents on the street.
Happy riding

Jackman 2009 ATV season coming soon!

Kevin, owner of Maxx-s ATV Rentals in town, went out to explore the ATV trails last weekend to assess what needs to be done for the season. He said they are looking to be in great shape so far and if spring is not too wet, they should be good to go by Memorial weekend. ANother thought to consider that even if the trail system in the region is not open yet, you could contact a land management company here in town and get a permit to ride. There are some great fishing spots out there!

Of course, there is always things to do to get the trails ready so if you are interested in helping the club prepare for the summer 2009 season, contact Maxx-s ATV Rentals or the Border Riders Club.

So get out your ATV and give us a call to reserve your cabin this summer. Do a little riding then take a swim in the lake then sit by a campfire and enjoy your family and friends 😀 Now that sounds fun!

ATV Rentals a big success!

Last week we had a family here who one day, rented ATVs at Maxx-s ATV Rentals in town. Harry had much to say about this including what a great time they had riding in the area. “We have 2 quads of our own but I don-t think I could ride every day and to have that option to rent them was great. It was well worth the money. To rent them here saved us gas money plus the hassle of towing our own from NY and registration fees. I think if we knew we would be riding even 3-4 days during our week stay, maybe having our own would have been worth it but to only go out twice this week, the rental option is fantastic. Kevin has so many ideas for ATVing in the area. We wish him the best of luck”

We have heard this before from guests who either do not own quads or simply did not bring their own because they were only going to be here 2 days. Others who rented had never ridden before and it was a great opportunity to try it plus see the incredible scenery that you cannot see with only 2 wheels.

So if in Jackman, call Kevin at Maxx-s Rentals and give ATV riding a try. If you are a guest at Cozy Cove Cabins, ask him about exclusive discounts offered to our guests.

Don-t forget, this weekend is the ATV Rodeo sponsored by the Border Riders Club and ATV rentals will be available at the event.


The Border Riders Sportsman Club has an ATV RODEO planned for August 16th at the clubhouse. Activities and contests are planned for the whole day.

So load up your quad nd come join in the fun. Don-t forget, if you do not have a quad of your own, you can rent them in town ❗

ATV TRAIL REPORT for July 2008

ATV trails in Jackman are still providing our guests with hours of fun. Last weekend, Celie and Kevin rented ATV from Maxx-s in town and rode for the first time. They had a great time although Kevin learned that to wear goggles would have made it even better.

Dana and friends who left today also said that they had a great time riding the trails in the region. They rode about 100 miles yesterday over to Rockwood. The trails toward Rockwood though are “very rough, many steep climbs and a lot of rocks and water”. ” I think next time, we-ll stay on the Jackman trails”

The Border Riders Club has 3 ATV events coming up so be sure and visit there site for more information ❗

June 2008 ATV trail report

“The ATV trails in this region are fantastic. Even the bad spots are better than what we are used to riding” said Keith & Kim from Hollis. They had a group that came up for the weekend to ride. And even though the second day they went out was the day it POURED and even hailed here in Jackman, they were out all day then came back home and made a campfire. Warms my heart to see people enjoy the trails and the outdoors no matter what Mother Nature throws at them.