FUN Fundraiser Saturday

This Saturday, August 17th, we have a couple fundraisers in town that should be fun and rewarding.

One is a fundraiser for the Border Riders Club sponsored by 201 Powersports. This event is open to the public stop on by and grab a burger and take a chance on winning some fabulous raffles! Morning ride leaving 201 Powersports at 9am. Burgers and dogs On the grill from 12-2 Afternoon ride leaves at 130 pm. Raffles and 50/50 all proceeds and donations go to The border Riders Sportsman Club.

The second fundraiser is to support the ambulance and 24 hour acute care in Jackman. It is sponsored by the CHAT and JRCA at the town park from 10-5.  There will be information booths, safety demonstrations, health checks, food wagon, horse rides, scenic plane rides plus raffles, silent auctions and a 50/50 raffle.

Both events should be tons of fun, good food, and much needed fundraisers.

Then in the evening, stop by the Northland for some country and classic rock entertainment. The plan is for the band to be outside from 9p-12:30.

Have a great weekend.

ATV trails in Jackman

Finally, all trails in our region are open.  Pittston Farm areas are still too wet but we will post when we know more. Still plenty of areas to ride from here to the Forks, over to Rockwood, and up to the border.

We have had a very wet spring with all the colder temps and snow melt and rain. Now that the temperatures are finally over 60, the land has had a chance to dry out. Land owners opened some areas last week but we still had to re-route a new trail south due to logging.

It would be nice to have set trails and not depend on land owners but without them, we would not have anything to ride. So thank you.  Please respect their land as we all do.

Happy Memorial Day weekend.

What a beautiful day today. The lake water is finally receding and we almost have a lawn agajn. We are still not able to put out the dock but soon.

Our quests this weekend are boating and fishing (one caught a nice 17 inch trout last night) and since our trails opened yesterday, many are out enjoying the ATV trails.

Of course, we are also remembering those lost while serving our country. God bless.


March Madness 2016

I should write Winter madness 2016 as this has been one odd winter 😕 It will snow 2-4 inches and then 2 days later rain; temperatures at a minus 20 then back to 30 the next day; and even odder is when it was 38 one day, it snowed then down to 10 degrees and it rained. Shall I continue with the oddities or do you get the point:?: One crazy winter.

Last week, we got about 4 inches of snow in town with reports of about 10 inches northeast of us. Then of course, everyone wanted to come and ride. I think town was beyond full this weekend. Today, we did get about 2 more inches of that white fluffy goodness. Then we heard some rain on Tuesday but more snow on Friday ❓

Throughout this crazy weather, we have kept an excellent base so any added snow has offered decent riding all winter. Nothing like our usual but for those who want to ride, we had the opportunities.

We wonder what the rest of March will bring. Forecasters are saying temperatures up to the 40s, some rain and some snow. HMMMM that sounds familiar. 😮

SO hopefully, this El Nino will go away and we will get back to having those awful winter seasons we love in 2017 😀

Enjoy the sunshine!


We have had so much rain this past week but today, it is 75, the skies are clear and the sun is shining. 😀 WHAHOO ❗ As you can see though, the lake is till really high. I am glad I did not put our little solar lights out too far yet.

ATV trail update from our riders this weekend… Mark said that there are so many little creeks and babbling waters out there that he has never seen before that it made it worth the ride. Some areas were muddy but they found some great areas to ride. He also found an area just south of here where Mom and baby Moose were having some fun in a bog. Hopefully this sunshine will help dry out the trails and lower our lakes!


Riding in Jackman is always a lot of fun. Sometimes you come home covered in DUST and wishing you did not forget your goggles (when it has not rained) and sometimes you come home covered in Mud, wishing you wore rain gear (after a rain).
Wonder which is better ❓


ATV Trails to open early 2010

Good news for ATV riders ❗ The ATV trails in Jackman will be opening early this year. Instead of Memorial Weekend, they will be ready to ride on May 15th…that is this weekend. 🙂 YAHOO ❗ ❗ SO come on up. Don-t forget,you do not have to trailer out when you stay at here at Cozy Cove Cabins. You can access the trail system from your cabin 😀

First time ATV to Pittston

Mark and Laurie have been snowmobiling in Jackman for years and always make the ride up to Pittston Farm. This year, they discovered Jackman in July and are hooked on all the other fun things to do in the region when there is no snow. The ATV trail opened to Pittston Farm in late July so they had to come back a second time this summer. They wanted to see Pittston Farm without the snow and of course, have lunch on the porch. “What a difference”